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Book Spotlight & #Excerpt ~ The Jinx (Memphis M.O. Book 1) by Ernest Lancaster ~ #Suspense #Action ~ @ErnestLancast

The Jinx 
Series: Memphis M.O. Book 1 
Fiery Seas Publishing 
July 24, 2018 
Suspense / Action

About the Book:

Disaster strikes and innocents die as police sniper Rick Munro is plagued by a first-call jinx. As his career takes off, he must overcome his rookie mistakes, and keep his team members safe.

When Munro returns to TACT as a newly promoted lieutenant, the jinx torments him still. He must contend with team members’ rival agendas around every turn. Munro finds himself in a battle he can’t escape as corruption and death unfold around him.

Who can he trust? Will Munro break the streak or will it destroy everything he believes in?

Read an Excerpt:

THE JINX by Ernest Lancaster
EXCERPT: Chapter Twelve

Catfish opened his door, climbed out of the van, and hurried over to Munro’s car. He leaned in the window. “I’ve been wanting to talk.”
Munro backed off a bit. “About what?”
“Buzz Kill. I think he’s crazy.”
Munro’s new badge weighed on him like a lode of fool’s gold. Of course Kozart was crazy. But had he crossed a line?
Munro had just overseen the chief’s son’s foolishness, which had led to his indictment. He couldn’t fish for much more trouble before he gained a hated reputation as one looking to send officers to prison.
“If being a little odd violated regulations,” he said, “we wouldn’t have anybody to man our cars.”
“I’m not kidding,” Catfish insisted. “He told me he likes to hunt humans. It’s his religion. The silver religion.”
“Who does he think he is?” Munro murmured, “Harry Bosch?”
“Harry who?”
“He’s a fictional detective who brings his creed to the job. This is America. Leave religion out of it. Serve and protect; enforce the law.” He leaned his forehead into a cupped hand. “And obey it.”
Catfish didn’t try to hide his disappointment that Munro wouldn’t champion his cause. “Well, I don’t like it. Hunting people has to be the Devil’s religion. Every time a hot call goes out, he hears divine messengers calling because he believes he might get to shoot someone. He believes he’s an avenging angel.”
Munro took a breath. “Buzz Kill has killed three people. That’s three more than most cops. But they were savage thugs about to murder innocents.”
“No telling how many he killed in Iraq.”
“That was war.”
Catfish thinned his lips. “Just the same, he’s tasted blood. I’m afraid he likes it.”
Multi-colored fluorescents at the rear of the Zebra Lounge caught Munro’s gaze. “We can’t judge cops by what’s in their hearts. Someone bigger than you and me will take care of that. We can only judge their actions. If Buzz Kill follows the law, and policy and procedures, then there’s nothing to be done. If he doesn’t, he’ll be held accountable. Have you talked to Benedict about this?”
“No. They think too much alike.”
“That’s wild, Catfish. He’s just yanking your chain. But if you swear by it, you need to report it to Lieutenant Benedict.”
Munro didn’t know how much of what he’d said he really believed. Cops walked a fine line between neutralizing deadly threats and murder.

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About the Author:

Ernest Lancaster retired from the Memphis Police Department as a captain after serving as a cop for thirty-three years.

In the early seventies Lancaster spent two years walking a night beat in downtown Memphis, when The Peabody and Beale Street lay boarded up and crumbling and the center city became a dystopian ghost town after dark. He patrolled in ward cars, trooped for three days through a sea of pilgrims to Elvis’s funeral, edited the Memphis Police Association’s newspaper and acted as the association’s vice-president. For twenty-six years he held positions on the TACT Squad. 

Lancaster now resides with his wife and Yorkie in the Smoky Mountains, where they love to hike and camp. 

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