2024 Craving for Cozies Challenge #CravingCozies


I’m part of the 2023 Craving for Cozies Challenge hosted here:


I've chosen the following level:

Starving – 76-100 Cozy Mysteries

1. A Bean to Die For by Tara Lush

2. Deadly to the Core by Joyce Tremel

3. Silenced in Salem by Cat Green

4. The Witch Club by Felicity Green

5. Spooked in Switzerland by Cat Green

7. Pall in the Family by Dawn Eastman

8. Whispers in the Attic by Sabine Frisch

9. April Fool's Alibi by Tonya Kappes

11. Stitches and Witches by Nancy Warren 

12. Crochet and Cauldrons by Nancy Warren

14. A Twinkle of Trouble by Daryl Wood Gerber

15. Potions and the Pleasantly Poisoned by Eloise Everhart

16. Duck Duck Danger by Max Parrott

17. Bonfires, Backpacks, & Brawls by Tonya Kappes

18. Muffalettas and Murder by Jann Franklin

19. A Lethal Lake Effect by Lorraine Bartlett

20. Battered and Buried by Lena Gregory

21. Fireworks, Freedom & Felonies by Tonya Kappes

22. Cooking Up a Witch by Felicity Green

23. A Witch Through Time by Felicity Green

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