Review Policy

I love almost every genre so please feel free to contact me at with your review request.  Please see policy below before sending me a message.

I prefer pdf, mobi, or Kindle gifted copies of books.

I will NOT review self-help, inspirational, religious, or erotica on this blog.

I WILL review erotica but the reviews will only be posted on Goodreads and Amazon.  Nothing too steamy will be posted on this blog.

My Review Policy:

1) Email me at with "Review Request" in the subject line.

2) Provide your name, the name of the book, the genre, a blurb, and the cover.

3) Please understand that I've been a blogger since 2011 and have many, many books to review.  Please don't expect an instant turnaround.  I will add it to my review list and get to it when I can.

My Rating Policy:

I only give honest reviews.

5 stars - I loved it!

4 stars - I liked it!

3 stars - I thought the book was okay!

2 stars - Not my cup of tea

1 star - I didn't like it and won't read anything else in the series (if applicable).  I may still read more by the author but the series is out.

Please note:  I don't often give 1 or 2 star ratings.  Typically if I don't get into the book or don't like it I will just DNF (did not finish) the book and not post a review of any type, at all. There is no reason to possibly dissuade someone else who may actually enjoy the book.

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