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Promo Blitz ~ Blood and Roses by Jordan Petrarca ~ Organized Crime Fantasy ~ @jpetr62381 @RABTBookTours

Blood and Roses

Jordan Petrarca

Organized Crime Fantasy

Date Published: June 2017

About the Book:

Seven organized crime Families, known as the Seven Blessed Families, rule the World of Exodus and its people with the use of their mysterious magical artifacts, called Relics. Relics give powers to the Blessed members of the Families, and they use those powers for corruption and control of everything in Exodus.

Maretto Rose, the patriarch of the Rose Family, celebrates his 50th birthday by attending a performance at the Grand Theater with three of his four sons. The theater is attacked by the heir of the Cicello Family, Zasso Cicello. His mission is to abduct Maretto, but it fails when Maretto's son, Georgiano, fights Zasso to protect his father and family. Georgiano is ultimately slain and Zasso flees and goes into hiding. Now, the Rose Family must find where Zasso is hiding. They want answers. Who gave him the order for the attack, and what do they want with Maretto Rose? And most of all, they want revenge...But who could it be? A leader of a rival Family? Or someone or something else more powerful than they could imagine?

Meanwhile, Maretto's youngest son, Ric, must battle his demons and addictions in order to become a Blessed member of the Family and become the man he was destined to be, before he ends up being another dead junky on the street.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride, because in Exodus, gangsters make the world go round.

Praise for Blood and Roses:

"When I first started reading I thought this was going to be a typical gangster story, and in a lot of ways it was. However, the addition of magical relics, giving the family members magical powers, gives a wonderful twist to the story. The use of modern day technology, including flying cars, adds even more to the unexpected quality of the story. I especially love the scenes where they use magic for a variety of attacks and defences.

The plot, which at first, seemed to be very straight forward, was twisted out of shape by the inclusion of not just one, but several different players. This kept me guessing to the very end of the story about what was happening. Even at the end there are questions left unanswered, leading nicely to the next novel in the series, which I'm dying to read." -Emie Cuevas,

Read an Excerpt:

So far, it had been the perfect birthday for Don Maretto Rose. Well, maybe not perfect. His youngest son was not present for the celebration, and it hurt the powerful man very much on the inside. But it was still as close as it was going to get to being perfect.

But sometimes, when you least expect it, the unexpected happens...And everything goes to hell.

Outside the Grand Theater, two black extended SUVs came flying from around a nearby skyscraper and hovered towards the ground. They landed on the street directly in front of the red-carpeted entranceway. As soon as they were grounded, the doors on each SUV flew open, and gangsters came pouring out like water from a spout. One of the Rose Family guards and two theater security went into immediate action to stop the unwanted guests from entering the theater. An array of other guards and security lined the stairs and main entrance.

Now, a lot of the gangsters spilling out of the cars looked pretty much the same, dressed in regular black suits and fedoras, but there were two in particular that were dressed a little nicer and a little weirder. They both took their good ole time striding towards the main guard as the other gangsters filed behind them. The one in front was tall and lanky, wearing a royal blue suit with a matching necktie and white dress shirt. He bore a blue fedora over his silvery black hair that hung down to his cheeks. His eyes matched his hair, and his face was thin like his body. He was draped in gold jewelry around his neck and had gemmed rings on almost every finger. The pride in his walk signified that he was a man of importance. And he was. The man was none other than Zasso Cicello, son of Don Xanose Cicello.

Walking closely behind, was a shorter man dressed in a shiny silver suit and black dress shirt. His face was round but came to a point at his chin, and he bore a pair of sunglasses that could be mistaken for a couple of round mirrors. His long and thin hair was shoulder length and was black with a bluish tint. He, also, had a certain pride to his walk. And that’s because he was Zasso’s personal protector and assassin, Razo Malvagio.

As Zasso and Razo approached the main guard, he put up a hand to signal them to stop and said, “I’m sorry gentlemen, but this is a private viewing and you need to show credentials to enter the theater.”

In the blink of an eye, Razo came whirling around Zasso, holding a pistol-gripped sawed-off shotgun. It was pointed directly at the guard, and Razo didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. There was a loud burst, and then the guard’s hand exploded clean off his arm, along with half of his face. His limp body collapsed on the red carpet. A puddle of blood formed underneath the other half of his face.

“There are my credentials,” Zasso said to the corpse.

The two theater security guards reached for their firearms, but Zasso was too quick for them. Like a gunslinger, he drew a small pistol from his waist and fired multiple shots. Blood burst out of their chests, and they perished before they even touched their guns. Zasso and Razo continued on, with their entourage following behind.

The Rose Family guards and theater security wasted no time opening fire at the oncoming murderers. They fired numerous times whether it was with a handgun or semiautomatic rifle. But it was to no success. Upon the masquerade of bullet-fire, Zasso raised a hand and magically constructed a transparent yellow force field that deflected the bullets. Then, all hell broke loose.

Zasso’s gangsters came storming around him and returned fire upon the guards and security. Zasso and Razo went on the offensive as well with their short-arm weapons. Blood started spilling, and bodies were falling everywhere. When Zasso reached the bottom of the stairs, he extended his left hand and bolts of electricity spewed from his fingertips in the direction of his targets. And at the same time, he kept on firing shots out of his pistol with his right hand. His targets were electrocuted and blown away by bullets at the same time. Zasso was Blessedwith magical powers by his Family’s Relic, which made him a very dangerous killer.

While a few of his men were taken down, Zasso and Razo came away from the chaotic scene unscathed. The Rose Family guards and theater security were all dead. It was now time for them to enter the premises of the theater and accomplish what they came here to do.

Meet the Author:

Jordan Petrarca lives in Erie, Pennsylvania with his wife and twin girls. "Blood and Roses" was inspired by his love for fantasy and organized crime stories.

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Book Review: The Runaway Rock Star (Rock Star Kisses, Book 1) by Veronica Blade

Book Information:

Print Length: 288 pages
Publisher: Crush Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: May 11, 2017

About the Book:

An infamous bad-boy rocker falls for a small-town girl who has no idea who he is. Considering his reputation, that’s probably a good thing. 

After his latest escapade splashes across the tabloids, Grammy-winning bad-boy Liam Blackwell questions his own choices. He alters his appearance, hits the road and drives until hunger forces him to stop at The Wagon Wheel. Mesmerized by the pretty bartender, he lingers and, with each passing moment, staying becomes easier to imagine. But he doesn’t do relationships and Emma isn’t a one-night kind of girl. And when this small-town girl learns all about his big city life, wouldn’t she dump him anyway? 

When a stranger walks into The Wagon Wheel wearing leather and a sexy grin, Emma Taylor is instantly drawn to him. But raising a child alone is hard enough at twenty-one without adding his kind of trouble into the mix. Though Emma sees more in Liam beyond the bruised knuckles and tattoos, she can’t risk temptation again or allow herself to hope for love, because when he inevitably blows out of town, he’ll just be another guy who broke her heart. 

NOTE: As with all Veronica Blade books, this is a sweet, semi-clean romance. 

The Runaway Rock Star is a well written romance between an undercover rock star and a small town girl working hard to make ends meet while raising a child on her own.

I really enjoyed the dynamics between Emma and Liam throughout the book. The author developed their characters really well. The world building was good and I felt like I was in the story, too. Some of my favorite new adult and contemporary romances are ones that bring together unlikely couples in magical ways. Liam and Emma would never have met if he wasn't trying to escape from his latest tabloid capers. Emma doesn't recognize him even though his band is one of her favorites (weird, but it works for the story). He is able to get involved in a wonderful relationship with a person who has no idea who he is or what he does. Emma falls for him - the man behind the rock star. He will never feel like she's only with him because of who he is or what he does. 

The entire story is engaging and I couldn't put the book down. I was captivated by Emma and Liam individually and as a potential couple. Both characters are realistic and, even though Liam is a rock star, he and Emma are easy to relate to and understand. The plot was solid and the pacing was fast enough to keep the reader interested but not so fast that things were missing, skimmed over, or undermined.

I highly recommend this book to romance lovers who enjoy a nice, solid story and delightful happily-ever-after.

I was given a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

Sign Up is Now Open for Fey Spy by Tiffany Shand #PNR #UF @TiffanyShand

About Fey Spy:

A fey,

A world that’s against her,

A mission to save her people,

And a lost love.

Serafina Valeon fights to save her people by working in the resistance as a spy, in a world where she could be killed for being a fey. Only a scared artifact, the keystone, can help bring freedom to the fey. Sera must risk her life to recover the stone and venture into the mage city of Elmira.

Once there she stumbles across her childhood sweetheart, Bastian, who now works for the very people that hunt her race. Sera must find a way to work with Bastian, despite their differences and the forbidden desire between them. Will she be able to recover the artifact without revealing who and what she really is? Will Bastian be able to accept her, or will their love be the doom of her?

168 pages

Genres: Adult Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

This book does not contain any sexual content.

Fill out the form below or up at this link:

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Book Spotlight & #Giveaway ~ Never Fear the Reaper (Never Fear the Reaper Series, Book One) by Ashley Pagano ~ Paranormal Romance / YA Fiction

In a world filled with darkness… can true love spark just enough light to save it?

Never Fear the Reaper
Never Fear the Reaper Series
Book One
Ashley Pagano

Genre: Paranormal Romance / YA Fiction

Publisher: Inkspell Publishing

Date of Publication: April 23rd, 2017

ISBN: 978-1-945910-13-5

Number of pages: 176
Word Count: 44,853

Cover Artist: Najla Qamber

About the Book:

She’s been to the other side and back again . . . But she’s never met anyone like him.

He can see things no one else can . . . But he only sees her.

From the moment he witnesses her do the impossible . . . he is obsessed.

When Chase hires the mysterious ghost exterminator, Ryder, to cleanse his house from a pesky poltergeist he gets way more than he’s paying her for… There’s just something about Ryder that has him mesmerized.

Is it the fact that he’s witnessed her do the unexplainable? Or the fact that she’s absolutely breathtaking? Or perhaps it’s that eerie familiar feeling that they’ve met before, perhaps in another lifetime.

Chase desperately tags along with Ryder on a whirlwind of life threatening adventures in exchange for a few precious moments of alone time with her. With the Grimm Reaper’s Scythe as their defense, Chase developing some supernatural gifts of his own, and an intense crush developing between them what crazy supernatural force will target them next?

Purchase Links: Amazon BN Kobo iTunes

Read an Excerpt:

Suddenly, from behind me, a calm, raspy voice breaks the silence. “Are you Chase? I’m Ryder,” she asks rather firmly, extending her long fingers for a professional handshake.

Oh God, please don’t be her, please don’t be her, please don’t be her, I repeat over and over again to myself. This girl is too young and far too beautiful to be a ghost hunter. Inconveniently, she is literally my definition of perfection, dressed all in black. Long, dark brown hair, perfect bronze skin, bright green eyes that are surrounded by the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen, a gorgeous pearl-white smile, and a slim yet slightly muscular build. I can’t help but let her catch me looking her up and down. Her appearance makes me even more uncomfortable with my situation. I even notice a colorful, feathery angel-wing tattoo that creeps down her left arm, which is ironic, given her profession. Come on, this girl cannot be doing a job like this.

She smirks in response before I can conjure up an excuse for my gawking.

“Not at all what you expected, huh,” she says, while gesturing to the hostess with two of her fingers.

“Honestly, no you’re not…not really.” I figure it’s better to be honest with her right now. Finally, I build up enough courage to return her handshake. I’m embarrassed when my clammy palm touches her soft, cool skin.

As we follow the hostess to a booth at the far end of the dining area, she responds, “Don’t worry, no one ever does. They expect some older, more spiritual looking woman who’s all decked out in crucifixes.”

About the Author:

Ashley Pagano has always dreamed of being an artist both figuratively and literally. Her love of art was instilled by her mother who always inspired her to be creative either with a paintbrush or with a pen and paper. As far back as she can remember her life was always centered around introspection, storytelling, and imagination. Because she is so artistic, she took to the idea of creative writing very passionately. Her ability to describe a scene, person, or place, she compares to painting a picture, where she can describe every detail vividly in order to make the reader feel like they’re truly living in the story. Her works of writing usually center around a powerhouse female protagonist (which reflect her own personality), who progresses through many wild and extreme obstacles. Ashley loves to write stories that end with a cliffhanger, that leave the reader begging for more and questioning what happens next. Her most recent novel sets the stage for the paranormal romance of the century and includes ghosts, poltergeists, and demons who just love to get in the way of true love. Ashley has won awards for her design, art, and writing.

Ashley doesn’t believe in down time whatsoever and actually loves having a full “To-Do”list. Ashley is a wife to her wonderful husband, Eric and a mother to a beautiful little baby girl named Dakota. She is also a Graphic Designer and a health and fitness coach. Her husband and daughter inspire her to be the best person she can be and encourage her to pursue any of her dreams (no matter how extravagant they may be).

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Promo Blitz ~ King Daniel: Gasparilla King of the Pirates by Susan Wolf Johnson ~ Historical Fiction ~ @RABTBookTours

King Daniel
Gasparilla King of the Pirates
Susan Wolf Johnson

Historical Fiction
Date Published: July 2016

Publisher: BalboaPress

About the Book:

On a summer's evening in 1972, while the band plays amid the sizzling heat at the Tampa Yacht Club,Gasparilla pirates and their ladies eagerly await the arrival of their newly crowned king, Daniel Westcott. But to their dismay, Daniel never shows up.

By the wee hours of the next morning, the townspeople are scratching their heads as members of the Westcott family deliberate whether or not to call the police. As the story unfolds, King Daniel has disappeared without a trace.

Praise for King Daniel:

"Nautical twists abound as King Daniel excites with its page-turning thrills and familial revelations...." - Foreword Reviews, 5 Stars

"The disappearance of a Tampa Bay blue blood rattles the skeletons in his family's closet....A gripping tale of a missing patriarch in 1970's Florida; an auspicious debut." - Kirkus Reviews

"In this thriller, Susan Wolf Johnson delivers an ambitious, sprawling melodrama about the bitter end of a Southern patriarch and the damage a family can inflict on itself for generations." - BlueInk Review

"This intriguing novel centers on the disappearance of Daniel,the newly anointed ceremonial king of Gasparilla, a series of pirate-themed festivities similar to Mardi Gras but held in Tampa. The author does a great job with character development for Daniel's family: his distraught and distracted wife, Natalie; his mentally-challenged daughter, Julia; and his pregnant, unwed granddaughter, Becca. The story unfolds slowly, with a huge array of characters and a narrator who speaks directly to the reader rather than fading into the background. The mystery surrounding what happened to Daniel takes a back seat to the internal strife each of the characters battles." - Booklife

About the Author:

Susan Wolf Johnson earned her MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has taught creative writing and composition at the University of South Florida for fifteen years. Her short stories and book reviews have appeared in the Mississippi Review, the Dallas Review, the Florida Review, The Sun, New Letters, and the Charlotte Poetry Review. She lives in Tampa, Florida with her family. King Daniel is her first novel.

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Book Spotlight & #Giveaway ~ The Silent Games by Alex Gray ~ #Mystery @Alexincrimeland

The Silent Games

by Alex Gray

is on Tour with Partners in Crime Tours March 12 - April 14, 2018

About the Book:

The Silent Games by Alex Gray

Alex Gray's stunning new Lorimer novel, set against the backdrop of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, brings the vibrant city to life in a race to stop the greatest threat the city has ever known.

2014: The Commonwealth Games are coming to Glasgow and security is extra tight, particularly after a mysterious bomb explodes in nearby rural Stirlingshire. As the opening ceremony for the Games draws ever closer, the police desperately seek the culprits. But Detective Superintendent Lorimer has other concerns on his mind. One is a beautiful red-haired woman from his past whose husband dies suddenly on his watch. Then there is the body of a young woman found dumped in countryside just south of the city who is proving impossible to identify. Elsewhere in Glasgow people prepare for the events in their own way, whether for financial gain or to welcome home visitors from overseas. And, hiding behind false identities, are those who pose a terrible threat not just to the Games but to the very fabric of society.

Critical Praise:

“An excellent procedural in which Gray ... does for Glasgow what Ian Rankin did for Edinburgh in the annals of crime fiction.” — Kirkus Reviews on The Silent Games

“Gray has no equal when it comes to unmasking killers and she has excelled herself here . . . Gray is the new master of Scottish crime writing.” — Scottish Daily Express

“Brings Glasgow to life in the same way Ian Rankin evokes Edinburgh.” — Daily Mail (UK)

Book Information:

Genre: Mystery
Published by: Witness Impulse
Publication Date: March 13th 2018
Number of Pages: 368
ISBN: 9780062659262
Series: A DCI Lorimer Novel, #11 (Stand Alone)

Get Your Copy of The Silent Games from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & HarperCollins. Make sure to add it to your Goodreads shelf!!

Read an Excerpt:

From Chapter 2
It was worse than he could ever have imagined.
Even from the roadside, where a line of police cars was parked, Lorimer could see the devastation. Plumes of smoke and flames still rose from the heaps of broken trees, and as he emerged from the Lexus, his skin was immediately touched by flakes of ash drifting in the air. The smell of burning wood was overpowering, and he could hear the occasional crackle and hiss of fire beneath the whooshing sound from the firemen’s hoses as arcs of water were trained into the heart of the inferno. His eyes took in the gap in the hedge where the fire engines had broken through to reach the narrow walkers’ path, and the tyre marks on the verge. It would be replanted, no doubt, but the burning trees would leave a scar that would take far longer to heal.
‘Detective Superintendent Lorimer? Martin Pinder.’ The uniformed chief inspector was suddenly at his side, hand outstretched. Lorimer took it, feeling the firm once up and down as the officer motioned them to turn away from the direction of the cinders. ‘Sorry to call you out, but as I said, we needed someone to front this. And your name came up.’
‘But isn’t this a local matter?’ Lorimer asked. ‘We’re in the district of Stirling, surely?’
Pinder shook his head. ‘It’s bigger than you might imagine,’ he began. Walking Lorimer a few paces away from the line of cars, he dropped his voice. ‘And there is intelligence to suggest that it may have a much wider remit.’
‘Oh?’ Lorimer was suddenly curious. The telephone call had mentioned an explosion, the immediate need for a senior officer from Police Scotland and a request to keep the lid on things, but nothing more.
‘You said intelligence.’ He frowned. ‘You mean Special Branch?’
Pinder nodded. ‘I’ve been charged with giving you this information, sir. And doubtless your counter terrorism unit will already be involved.’ He licked his lips, hesitating, and Lorimer could see the anxiety in the man’s grey eyes.
‘We are given to believe that this is just a trial run.’ Pinder motioned to the fire behind them.
‘A trial run,’ Lorimer said slowly. ‘A trial run for what?’
Pinder gave a sigh and raised his eyebrows.
‘The Glasgow Commonwealth Games.’
Lorimer looked at the man in disbelief, but Pinder’s face was all seriousness.
‘That’s almost a year away. Why do they think. . .?’
‘Haven’t been told that. Someone further up the chain of command will know.’ Pinder shrugged. Perhaps you’ll be told once you liaise with Counter Terrorism.’
Lorimer turned to take in the scene of the explosion once more, seeing for the first time the enormous area of burning countryside and trying to transfer it in his mind’s eye to the newly built village and arenas in Glasgow’s East End. He blinked suddenly at the very notion of carnage on such a vast scale.
‘We can’t let it happen,’ Pinder said quietly, watching the tall man’s face.
Lorimer gazed across the fields to the line of rounded hills that were the Campsies. Glasgow lay beyond, snug in the Clyde valley; on this Sunday morning its citizens remained oblivious to the danger posed by whatever fanatic had ruined this bit of tranquil landscape. He had asked why the local cops hadn’t taken this one on, and now he understood: the threat to next year’s Commonwealth Games was something too big for that. And since the various police forces in Scotland had merged into one national force, Detective Superintendent William Lorimer might be called to any part of the country.
‘The press will want statements,’ Pinder said, breaking into Lorimer’s thoughts. ‘It’s still an ongoing investigation. Don’t we just love that phrase!’ He gave a short, hard laugh. ‘And there is no loss of life, so we can try for a positive slant on that, at least.’
‘They’ll speculate,’ Lorimer told him. ‘You know that’s what they do.’
Pinder touched the detective superintendent’s arm, nodding towards the figures milling around on the fringes of the fire. ‘Apart from you and me, there is not a single person here who has been told about the background to this event. So unless the press leap to that conclusion by dint of their own imagination, any leak can only come from us.’
When Lorimer turned to face him, the uniformed officer was struck by the taller man’s penetrating blue gaze. Fora long moment they stared at one another, until Pinder looked away, feeling a sense of discomfort mixed with the certainty that he would follow this man wherever he might lead.
Wouldn’t like to be across the table from him in an interview room, he was to tell his wife later that day. But there on that lonely stretch of country road, Martin Pinder had an inkling why it was that the powers on high had called on Detective Superintendent William Lorimer to oversee this particular incident.
Excerpt from The Silent Games by Alex Gray. Copyright © 2018 by Alex Gray. Reprinted by permission of Witness Impulse, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved.

Meet the Author:

Alex Gray
Alex Gray was born and educated in Glasgow. After studying English and Philosophy at the University of Strathclyde, she worked as a visiting officer for the Department of Health, a time she looks upon as postgraduate education since it proved a rich source of character studies. She then trained as a secondary school teacher of English. Alex began writing professionally in 1993 and had immediate success with short stories, articles, and commissions for BBC radio programs. She has been awarded the Scottish Association of Writers' Constable and Pitlochry trophies for her crime writing. A regular on the Scottish bestseller lists, she is the author of thirteen DCI Lorimer novels. She is the co-founder of the international Scottish crime writing festival, Bloody Scotland, which had its inaugural year in 2012.

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This is a rafflecopter giveaway hosted by Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours for Alex Gray and Witness Impulse. There will be 3 winners of one (1) Print copy of Alex Gray’s THE SWEDISH GIRL. The giveaway begins on March 12, 2018 and runs through April 15, 2018. Open to U.S. addresses only. Void where prohibited.
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Cover Reveal ~ Beyond Circumstances by Gloria Joynt-Lang

 Welcome to the Cover Reveal for Beyond Circumstances by Gloria Joynt-Lang

Series: Out of the Darkness

Contemporary Romance

Fiery Seas Everlasting

June 12, 2018

About the Book:

Dr. Lexie Draden didn’t want to leave her successful career as a surgeon in Chicago, but she didn’t have a choice. Her family needed to heal, and as long as she was around, it wasn’t going to happen. While adapting to her new community, she meets Zak Tifour, a man as intriguing as he is handsome.

Most of the small-town residents view Zak as a man who likes his privacy, but to a select few, something doesn’t seem right. Long-time resident Cicily McQuay believes she has the key to the man’s odd behavior – a link to terrorism. After all, he just isn’t the type of man who belongs in her community. But to belong, you need to be welcomed; something Cicily has never extended to Zak.

Zak knows plenty of terrorists and has even lived amongst them, but not like Cicily suspects. Escaping from a lifetime of bloodshed and regrets, he attempts to distant himself from the quirky townsfolk; people unable to comprehend boundaries. It appears to be working until he encounters the town’s new attractive doctor. Even though his secrets run deep, she ends up trusting him with her heart. But trust is fragile, and when Zak gets drawn back to his old life, Lexie must decide whether he’s a dangerous man or a broken hero.

About the Author:

Gloria Joynt-Lang was born in Ars-Laquenexy, France and spent her childhood experiencing the vast landscapes of Canada. A graduate of the University of Alberta with a degree in Criminology, she devoted her career to working in the criminal justice system. She now splits her time living in rural Alberta, Canada as well as Southern California with her husband and their two dogs, a Maltese named YaHoo and Yorkie named Smookie Bijoux. Why the Yorkie has a stripper name shall remain a tight guarded secret. A lifelong nerd, she is most comfortable with a book or laptop close by except when she transforms to cool biker chick, hopping on her motorcycle for a speed limit abiding ride to the nearest bookstore.

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Promo Blitz ~ Survival by Rachel Watts ~ YA Speculative Fiction ~ @Watts_Writes ~ @RABTBookTours

Rachel Watts

YA Speculative Fiction

Date Published: March 2018

About the Book:

Ignorance is cheap. And then it costs you everything.

Perth author Rachel Watts' latest release delivers a devastating vision of a post-climate change world in which governments have collapsed and corporations rule with an iron fist. In this world two young women from different backgrounds find themselves unexpectedly aligned in their pursuit for the truth.

The world has suffered economic collapse and multiple environmental crises. In a flooded city, Ava Murasaki is searching for her activist sister Sophia. Meanwhile, Valerie Newlin lives in the secure complex of the Scylla Corporation, the world's only remaining multinational. There, she finds evidence of something horrifying in the Corporation medical research data. Set in a searingly real near-future, Survival is a story of what people will face for those they love.

Survival is accompanied by four of Watts' previously published dystopian and post-apocalyptic stories.

About the Author:

Rachel Watts is an award-winning journalist and a writer of literary and speculative fiction. She holds a Master's Degree in Media and Communication and teaches creative writing to adults and teenagers. Her short stories and non-fiction have been published by Westerly, Island, Kill Your Darlings, Tincture and more.

Rachel Watts lives in Perth, Western Australia.

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Release Blitz & #Giveaway ~ Bump & Grind by Jessica Martyn ~ Contemporary Romance @LDMorris @RABTBookTours

Bump & Grind

Jessica Martyn

Contemporary Romance

Date Published: March 27, 2018

About the Book:

Henry Stanton, newly arrived in the small beach town of Spoonbill Point, Florida, has a five-year plan to establish his business and achieve the security and prosperity he grew up lacking. Daisy Bishop is a sassy single mom with a dream of making her part-time job of dancing in throwback burlesque shows her full-time career. Their first meeting, at one of Daisy’s shows, is a disaster when she winds up fracturing her ankle. The encounter is captured on video by a friend of Henry’s and goes viral online. The unwelcome notoriety causes Daisy to be fired from her day job and brings Henry and her together once again. She and Henry have an undeniable attraction, but his past, her son, and her meddling, crazy ex complicate matters. First in the “Viral Videos” series.

Read an Excerpt:

He stood as she wrapped the towel around the ice and applied it to her ankle. "Ahh, sweet Lord. God, that hurts." She squeezed her eyes shut. This pain in her ankle was starting to feel expensive.

He must have read her mind. "I think you need to go to the hospital."

"No thanks." She couldn't afford it, although she be damned if she told him that.

"It'll be my treat."

She opened one eye and stared at him from underneath her false eyelash. His lips crooked in a half-smile. "You sure know how to show a girl a good time, but no thanks." She shot Jonathan a look. "Can you make sure Henry here gets home okay? He's been drinking too much to drive, and I don't think his buddy's much better off."

"Sure." Jonathan waved at Henry. "Come on. I'll get you a Lyft." He turned and then shot a glance back over his shoulder. "You can wait out in the lobby."

It was a dismissal, and Henry had to know it. He looked at her, reluctant to go. "Here." He scrounged around on a nearby table until he found a piece of paper and a stub of a pencil. He wrote something and handed her the paper. "If you need anything, anything at all, give me a call."

She looked at the paper. Henry Stanton. 555-3022. She stuck it in her cleavage, momentarily forgetting her pain when a flush swept over Henry's face. "What? It's not like I have a pocket in this get-up."

About the Author:

Jessica Martyn is the pen name for Amazon bestselling romance writer Linda Morris. Unlike her down-to-earth alter ego, Jessica can eat all the carbs she wants without gaining weight and is best known perhaps for her dazzling sense of style and her witty repartee at cocktail parties.

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Book Spotlight & #Giveaway ~ SCRIBES (The Scribe Cycle, Book #1) by James Wolanyk ~ #DarkFantasy ~ @JPWolanyk


The Scribe Cycle #1

James Wolanyk

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Pawns in an endless war, scribes are feared and worshipped, valued and exploited, prized and hunted. But there is only one whose powers can determine the fate of the world . . .

Born into the ruins of Rzolka’s brutal civil unrest, Anna has never known peace. Here, in her remote village—a wasteland smoldering in the shadows of outlying foreign armies—being imbued with the magic of the scribes has made her future all the more uncertain.

Through intricate carvings of the flesh, scribes can grant temporary invulnerability against enemies to those seeking protection. In an embattled world where child scribes are sold and traded to corrupt leaders, Anna is invaluable. Her scars never fade. The immunity she grants lasts forever.

Taken to a desert metropolis, Anna is promised a life of reverence, wealth, and fame—in exchange for her gifts. She believes she is helping to restore her homeland, creating gods and kings for an immortal army—until she witnesses the hordes slaughtering without reproach, sacking cities, and threatening everything she holds dear. Now, with the help of an enigmatic assassin, Anna must reclaim the power of her scars—before she becomes the unwitting architect of an apocalyptic war.

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James Wolanyk is the author of the Scribe Cycle and a teacher from Boston. He holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Massachusetts, where his writing has appeared in its quarterly publication and The Electric Pulp. After studying fiction, he pursued educational work in the Czech Republic, Taiwan, and Latvia. Outside of writing, he enjoys history, philosophy, and boxing. His post-apocalyptic novel, Grid, was released in 2015. He currently resides in Riga, Latvia as an English teacher. 

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Jinxed (Jinxed Trilogy, Book One) by Thommy Hutson #YA #Horror #Thriller @ThommyHutson

High school can be a real killer

Jinxed Jinxed Trilogy
Book One
Thommy Hutson

Genre: YA Horror/Thriller

Publisher: Vesuvian Books

Date of Publication: 3.13.2018

ISBN: 978-1944109127

Number of pages: 243
Word Count: 66k

Cover Artist: Sam Shearon

About the Book:

Break a mirror
Walk under a ladder
Step on a crack 

Innocent childhood superstitions…

But someone at the Trask Academy of Performing Arts is taking things one deadly step further when the campus is rocked with the deaths of some of its star students.

Layna Curtis, a talented, popular senior, soon realizes that the seemingly random, accidental deaths of her friends aren't random—or accidents—at all. Someone has taken the childhood games too far, using the idea of superstitions to dispose of their classmates. As Layna tries to convince people of her theory, she uncovers the terrifying notion that each escalating, gruesome murder leads closer to its final victim: her.

Will Layna's opening night also be her final bow?

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Read an Excerpt from Jinxed:

Daniel stopped talking, and Parker stopped listening, as they brushed past a nearby photographer. The young woman, also from security but not a resident on campus, was snapping photos. A lot of photos all bound to end up locked away with all of the school’s other secrets, Parker thought.

“I’d like copies of those when you have them,” Parker said in her direction. She stopped and looked up, but not at Parker. Daniel nodded, and she continued.

“We’ll get them to you,” Daniel offered.

“What about the students?” Parker asked.

“Most have already made it to the mainland,” Daniel said. “The rest took the late run and should be docking soon. I have to confirm who, but there are only a handful of students staying on campus.”

Parker rubbed the back of his neck with a cool hand. “I never thought I’d say it, but thank God for spring break.”

The flash of more pictures made Parker squint. Fully inside the room, he could see it didn’t reveal much. A teenager’s messy enclave and an open window. He noticed a framed photo of Sydney on an oak desk.

“So young. So pretty,” Parker said, mostly to himself, as he made his way to the window. He looked out and down to the shattered glass dome of the conservatory. Sydney’s body, the blood, and the glass were already gone. Parker shook his head, lamenting the speed with which things were cleaned.

“Seven years bad luck, huh?” Daniel said, pointing to the open umbrella next to the bed.

“That’s breaking a mirror,” Parker corrected. He looked around the room and sighed.

“Are we boring you, detective?” a man’s voice asked from the doorway.

Parker turned, and the silhouette of a tall, thin man entered the room.

Daniel stepped forward. “Dean McKenna, we were just wrapping up.”

Parker cautiously regarded the sixty-six-year-old Dean of Students. He knew that the man had no plans to retire anytime soon, or at all, if it were up to him. The board was happy with his ability to keep students in line, deliver results to parents, and keep the money on the far side of the black. His motto was to lean on the rod because every child is spoiled, for he was one of the spoiled children a long, long time ago. His family was old money.

“Detective, may we speak outside?” McKenna asked, not offering a hand or stepping any farther into the room. Daniel looked at Parker as if he had better listen to the dean. Parker did so, not because he respected the man, but out of professional courtesy.

McKenna stepped into the hall, and Parker followed. McKenna eyed the door. Parker took the cue and shut it.

“Alfred Parker. The one in charge,” McKenna stated with a smirk.

Parker answered with a closed-mouth smile. The dean could really be an ass when he wanted to be.

“Dean, thank you for coming here. I know it isn’t usual—”

McKenna waved a pale, veiny hand. “This is not an alumni luncheon,” he uttered. “How much longer do you need to be here? The faster we put this poor girl’s tragedy behind us, all the better.”

Parker replied, coolly, “It would’ve been more helpful had I been given more time to look things over and—”

“Figure out why this happened?” the dean finished. “These young adults are under far more pressure than most. From the school, but also from home.”

“Something for the brochure,” Parker said.

“Alfred—” the dean started.

“Detective,” Parker said, pleased to do his own interrupting.

McKenna blanched for the slightest of moments, but recovered and continued more tersely. “There are a few hundred students on this campus, each one here to be judged, not just to be good, but to be the best. The competition never ends. It will cause cracks in even the most sturdy. Coupled with adolescence, what can one expect? You see it as tragic. Others claim it is the price of chasing fame and, for the lucky few, fortune.”

Parker was visibly agitated. “Well then, it sounds like you have it all figured out. Kids so stressed they party themselves to death?”

“Exams are done. Spring break is here. Perhaps in their excitement some pushed a tad too far,” McKenna said. “There is nothing malicious in that.”

“I’m told a few students did not leave the island,” Parker clarified.

“Seniors,” McKenna said with an odd sense of pride. “Allowed to stay if they wish and prepare for the showcase. It is a rather big event for us here. People, important people, come in from all over.”

Parker pressed on. “What about faculty?”

McKenna seemed to be getting bored. “Just myself and Lillian D’Arcangelo. She teaches drama and acts as a counselor, and the students love her. We live here on campus. And you have met Daniel. He watches over us all. I know you are terribly busy, but I must ask again, when are you leaving?”

“I’ll be done when I’m done. And now, if you’ll excuse me, Harlan.”

Parker opened the door to Sydney’s room and entered. He closed it behind him, leaving Harlan McKenna to stare at the star shimmering with the name of his dead student.

Meet the Author:

Thommy Hutson is an award-winning screenwriter, producer, and author who is considered the foremost authority on A Nightmare on Elm Street. A graduate of UCLA, Thommy also wrote and produced critically acclaimed genre projects such as Scream: The Inside Story, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, More Brains! A Return of the Living Dead, His Name was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th, and Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th.

Thommy was born and raised in New York but now resides in Southern California with his husband and their cat.

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