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Anthology Feature & #Giveaway ~ Fall Into Fantasy: 2021 Edition #Fantasy


Fall Into Fantasy: 2021 Edition

Genre: Mixed Fantasy Anthology

Includes Stories by:

Shane Porteous

Barend Nieuwstraten III

Alex Minns

Andrew P. McGregor

Joanne Blondin

James Pyles

Anstice Brown

J.C. Pillard 

Linda M. Crate

Matthew McKiernan

Jabe Stafford

Clarissa Gosling

R.A. Clarke 

R.A. Meenan 

Marsheila Rockwell

Fall Into Fantasy returns with 15 tales spanning the breadth of fantasy. From captive dragons to a magical war, Demons and circus performers, fairies and ghosts, dwarves and genies, even a typical day in the life of an earthworm. Don’t miss a single entertaining, exciting tale.

Presenting the Following Stories:

Shane Porteous “Gathering Genocide”
Barend Nieuwstraten III “Hearthshare”
Alex Minns “The Concealed Witness”
Andrew P. McGregor “Demon Dave: Dinner Time”
Joanne Blondin “Astounding Performances”
James Pyles “Theo Klaggorn, Private Detective”
Anstice Brown “Beneath The Roots”
J. C. Pillard “Three Drops In The Snow”
Linda M. Crate “Flight Of The Fae”
Matthew McKiernan “The Each-Uisge”
Jabe Stafford “Dead Next Door”
Clarissa Gosling “The Genie Of The Ring”
R. A. Clarke “The Brightening”
R. A. Meenan “Some Things Remain”
Marsheila Rockwell “Play It Again, Sem”

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Release Blitz & #Giveaway ~ Curse of the Gods by R.L. McIntyre ~ @RABTBookTours #RABTBookTours #CurseoftheGods #RLMcIntyre #YAFantasy


Curse of the Gods by R.L. McIntyre

YA Historical Fantasy

Date Published: 09-21-2021

About the Book:

Dare to defy the Gods?

The Gods demand absolutes, absolute devotion to a prophecy Seanait wishes wasn't real. Ever since her riastrad awoke she has trained for her seventeenth birthday and the beginning of her destiny. With only a few months left, she is ready to return home to Ulster but when Romans invade Caledonia she can't leave the land defenseless. Taking up arms next to her best friend Eion she is ready to defy the Gods and save lives. A chance encounter with the seventh fae prince of Amanthia, Cillian, awakens a dream that could change everything.

Cillian has spent nearly a year running from the trials for the crown of Amanthia. He wants nothing to do with the faelands who see him as a monster because of his Primal magic. He's determined to never return but when Gods meddle in the fates of fae and humans alike everything will not go to plan. In order to survive the war with the Romans and their own destinies, Seanait and Cillian must depend on the one thing pulling them closer, their uncertain hearts.

This is YA historical fantasy series based on the Irish myth of Cu Chulainn.

About the Author:

I am a new author who started my self-publishing journey this year in 2021. Curse of the Gods will be my fourth book this year but not my last. I live in the Philadelphia area with a house full of crazy cats you can see on my Instagram or website. I'm a long-time reader and fantasy fan. Anything with strong female protagonists pulls me in.

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TikTok: Tiktok @r.l.mcintyre

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Book Blitz ~ Murder on the Golden Arrow by Magda Alexander @MagdaAlexander ~ @RABTBookTours #RABTBookTours #MurderontheGoldenArrow #MagdaAlexander #CozyMystery Historical Mystery, Cozy Historical Mystery ~ The Kitty Worthington Mysteries, Book 1


Murder on the Golden Arrow by Magda Alexander
The Kitty Worthington Mysteries, Book 1

Historical Mystery, Cozy Historical Mystery

Date Published: September 21, 2021

About the Book:

What’s a bright young woman to do when her brother becomes the main suspect in a murder? Why, solve the case of course.

England. 1923. After a year away at finishing school where she learned etiquette, deportment, and the difference between a salad fork and a fish one, Kitty Worthington is eager to return home. But minutes after she and her brother Ned board the Golden Arrow, the unthinkable happens. A woman with a mysterious connection to her brother is poisoned, and the murderer can only be someone aboard the train.

When Scotland Yard hones in on Ned as the main suspect, Kitty sets out to investigate. Not an easy thing to do while juggling the demands of her debut season and a mother intent on finding a suitable, aristocratic husband for her.

With the aid of her maid, two noble beaus, and a flatulent Basset Hound named Sir Winston, Kitty treads a fearless path through the glamorous world of high society and London’s dark underbelly alike to find the murderer. For if she fails, the insufferable Inspector Crawford will most surely hang a noose around her brother’s neck.

A frolicking historical cozy mystery filled with dodgy suspects, a dastardly villain, and an intrepid heroine sure to win your heart, Murder on the Golden Arrow is the first book in The Kitty Worthington Mysteries. For lovers of Agatha Christie and Downton Abbey alike.

Other Books in the The Kitty Worthington Mysteries Series

Murder at Westminster

The Kitty Worthington Mysteries, Book 2

Publisher: Hearts Afire Publishing

Release Date: June 3, 2022

About the Book:

Amateur sleuth Kitty Worthington once more jumps into the fray to catch the wily murderer of a high-ranking member of the nobility.

London. 1923. Much to her consternation, Kitty Worthington's debut season is a resounding success, prompting marriage proposals from rogues, scoundrels, and ne'er do wells. Even as she dodges them, a new intrigue arises, and at Westminster, no less. A high-ranking member of the nobility is murdered, and her sister's beau has been framed to take the fall.

With her beloved sister's happiness at stake, Kitty once more sets out to investigate, ably aided by her faithful maid, two noble lords, a titled lady, and Sir Winston, her still flatulent Basset Hound. As they dash about London from pillar to post, from tenements to glittering ballrooms in search of the wily killer, can she convince the maddening, yet ever so handsome, Inspector Crawford to join the hunt? For if she fails, her sister’s beau may very well hang from the wrong end of a rope.

Murder at Westminster, the second book in The Kitty Worthington Mysteries, is another frolicking, historical cozy mystery filled with dodgy suspects, a wily villain, and an intrepid heroine sure to win your heart.

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About the Author:

Magda Alexander is the USA Today bestselling author of several books, including the popular STORM DAMAGES series. She's equally at home writing historical mysteries and sexy contemporary romances. When she's not glued to her laptop writing her next book, Magda loves to bake delicious goodies and try out new recipes in her Instant Pot. A lifelong learner, Magda earned her degree from the University of Maryland and now resides in a city whose history dates back to colonial times.

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Release Day Review ~ Faking It with #41 (Hockey Hotties, Book #3) by Piper Rayne #SportsRomance #Romance

Release Date: September 21

About the Book:


Being the heir to Jacobs Enterprises, I’ve been around fake people my entire life. I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t change for anyone. Which is the only reason I’m a professional hockey player who lives on the beach and does as he pleases without answering to anyone—except my father.

And now, my daughter.

Being a single dad wasn’t in the plan but after a one-night stand who took off after the baby was born, this is my reality.

My dad’s been harping on me to quit hockey and join the company for years and now that I’m a father, he’s only intensified his efforts. Until he makes me a deal I can’t refuse.

Insert Lena Boyd, the Jacobs’ family PR rep. She’s beautiful and intelligent and not at all the woman for me—ask anyone.

My dad needs us to act happily engaged and sell the idea that we’re in love. If we’re successful I won’t have to join the family legacy—ever. Of course, I agree.

That’s when things get complicated. I thought I had her all figured out until I found out there was more underneath her judgmental sneers and eye rolls. It feels like everything is coming together for the future I really want—with Lena—until my past ruins everything.

My Review:

Faking It With #41 is a wonderful hockey romance complete with a baby and her hot single father, and a fake relationship. Ford just became a father and shortly thereafter becomes a single father after his baby's mother abandons her on Ford's doorstep. Ford's character is sarcastic, stubborn, and egotistical. Lena is quiet, focused, and very much in need of money, especially if Ford's dad retires. The Jacobs' family will no longer have a need for Lena's PR services. Enter one great big deal that neither Ford nor Lena can turn down.

There is a lot of turmoil, sass, and emotion between Lena and Ford. The authors created a wonderful fake romance between two unlikely characters. Navigating a fake engagement is difficult for Lena and Ford on so many levels. I love how Lena and Ford grow throughout this book and we see sides of them that most people don't get to see. Lena's passion, kind heart, and uncertainty make her likable, realistic and endearing. Ford's protective nature, sense of humor, snark, and how he is misunderstood and underestimated by him family allow his character to really shine. Their chemistry jumps off the pages of of the books.

Faking It With #41 is another fantastic book by Piper Rayne. I love the realism, likable characters, and hot chemistry between the hero and heroine. This book as all the feels and I loved everything about the story, the characters, the setting, and romance. I was engaged in the story from the start. The writing and the story took my breath away. I couldn't put the book down.

I was provided a copy of the book to read.

My Rating:

Grab Your Copy Here:

Meet Piper Rayne:

Piper Rayne is a USA Today Bestselling Author duo who write “heartwarming humor with a side of sizzle” about families, whether that be blood or found.

They both have e-readers full of one-clickable books, they're married to husbands who drive them to drink, and they're both chauffeurs to their kids.

Most of all, they love hot heroes and quirky heroines who make them laugh, and they hope you do, too! 

Connect with Piper Rayne

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Mirror World Monday Presented by Sapphyria's Books ~ Black Lightning by K.S. Jones @KSJones2011 ~ Middle Grade #SciFi #Fantasy @MirrorWorldPub

About Black Lightning:

Life moves on — no matter what...

Following his father’s puzzling disappearance and his mother’s death, ten-year-old Samuel Baker goes through the motions of living in a world turned upside down. He wears an Apache talisman, a long ago gift from his father, in hopes its promise of strength and guidance is true. But what he truly wants is the power to bring his parents back. 

Heartless Aunt Janis is elated at the prospect of becoming Samuel’s legal guardian. She is sure an orphan boy will elicit such an outpouring of public sympathy that her husband will win his Senate bid by a landslide. But when Grandpa Tate arrives, things don’t go as expected, especially when black lightning strikes!

From the award-winning author of Shadow of the Hawk

Title: Black Lightning

Author Name: K.S. Jones

Genre(s): Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Length: Approx. 132 pages

Release Date: May 17, 2016

Publisher:  Mirror World Publishing (

Purchase Links:
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September Book Release ~ Death of a Red-Hot Rancher (Love Is Murder #1) by Mimi Granger #CozyMystery @BerkleyMystery


Love meets murder in this new cozy mystery series set in a quirky romance bookstore, with a heroine to die for.

Lizzie Hale may be the lucky owner of a successful romance bookshop, Love Under the Covers, but she's decidedly un-lucky in love. Though she's read almost every famous romance novelist, from Jane Austen to Nora Roberts, none have helped her figure out how to get—and keep—a man.

But Lizzie has bigger problems to worry about. Like murder.

When Brody Pierce, swoon-worthy ranch owner and resident bachelor, is found stabbed through the chest, hearts were heard breaking all over idyllic Tinker's Creek. But when Lizzie's aunt is implicated in the murder, she's determined to clear her name. Lizzie quickly realizes that Brody was a hunk with many hidden secrets, and she's soon leafing through a stack of suspects longer than Brody's list of lovers.

With the killer still on the loose, Lizzie will have to find the truth before this act of passion ignites a fire she can't put out.

Publisher: ‎ Berkley
Publication Date: ‎ September 14, 2021
Print Length: ‎ 286 pages

Book Spotlight ~ Tales from The Foxes of Foxham: ZANI’s Tales Trilogy by Matteo Sedazzari ~ Light Fantasy, Humour, Young Adult #YA

Tales from The Foxes of Foxham 
ZANI’s Tales Trilogy
Matteo Sedazzari

Genre: Light Fantasy, Humour, Young Adult. 
Publisher: ZANI 
ISBN: 13-978-1838462420
Number of pages:207 
Word Count: 60428 

Tagline: A magical adventure story, packed with colourful characters and exciting situations, in a battle of good versus evil. Set in 1950’s Naples and Norfolk.

Book Description:

It is the late fifties and the Witches of Benevento are determined to plunge the world into darkness by kidnapping and sacrificing the jolly and young Neapolitan fox, Alberto Bandito, in a sinister ritual.

Yet, fortunately for Alberto, he is rescued, then guarded, by his loving mother Silvia and mob boss father Mario with his troops, a good witch Carlotta with an uncanny resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, the Bears of Campania, the boxing wolves’ brothers Francesco and Leonardo, and other good folks of Naples and beyond.

However, their protection is not enough, for Alberto has been cursed. So, the young fox, along with his family, has to travel to the village of Foxham in Norfolk, the spiritual home of foxes across the world, to rid himself of this spell. The ritual has to be performed by a good fox witch, Trudi Milanese, but there is a problem, Trudi doesn’t know she is a witch….

Tales from The Foxes of Foxham is a magical adventure story, packed with colourful characters and exciting situations, in a battle of good versus evil.

Purchase Links:

Amazon UK     Amazon     Blackwells    Hive

Read Excerpt 3 :
‘Soon, my wicked friends, very soon, we will sacrifice that ugly fat fox…’ announces Enoch in a noble manner, as he stands on a makeshift timber platform in the middle of Hickling Broad marsh, with Ettore on his right-hand side, and Diana, Monica, Caterina, Andriana and Benedetta just standing behind the dark lord and the black cat in a bowler hat.

As Enoch exclaims the words ‘ugly fat fox’, the sinful crowd erupts into euphoria, bellowing at full volume with voices from the world of nightmares, ‘Kill the fat fox! Kill the fat fox! Kill the fat fox.’

About the Author:

Matteo Sedazzari developed the zest for writing when he produced a fanzine entitled Positive Energy of Madness during the height of Acid House in 1989.  

Positive Energy of Madness dissolved as a fanzine in 1994 and resurfaced as an ezine 2003 which became ZANI, the ezine for counter and pop culture in 2009,  promoting online optimism, along with articles, reviews and interviews with the likes of crime author Martina Cole, former pop star and actor Luke Goss, soul legend Bobby Womack, Clem Burke of Blondie, Chas Smash of Madness, Shaun Ryder of Black Grape/Happy Mondays and many more.

After producing and writing for his own publication, Matteo’s next step was to pen a novel, A Crafty Cigarette – Tales of a Teenage Mod.

Matteo is influenced by Hunter S Thompson, Harlan Ellison, Kenneth Grahame, Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, Irvine Welsh, DH Lawrence, Alan Sillitoe, Frank Norman, Joyce Carol Oates, Mario Puzo, Iceberg Slim, Patricia Highsmith, Joe R. Lansdale, Daphne du Maurier, Robert Bloch, George Orwell, Harry Grey and many more.  American comics like Batman, Superman and Spiderman, along with Herge’s Tintin, also provide Matteo with inspiration.

Matteo also finds stimulus from many films like Twelve Angry Men, A Kind of Loving, Blackboard Jungle, Z, Babylon, This Sporting Life, Kes, Midnight Cowboy, Scum, Wild Tales, The Boys, Midnight Express, La CommareSecca, Dr Terror’s House of Horrors, so on and so forth.

As for music, anything that is passionate, vibrant and with heart is always on Matteo’s playlist.

Matteo Sedazzari resides in Surrey, which he explores fanatically on his mountain bike. Matteo supports Juventus, travels to Italy and Spain, eats and dresses well, as he enjoys life in the process.

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Book Spotlight & #Giveaway ~ A Calculated Whisk (A Vintage Kitchen Mystery) by Victoria Hamilton @MysteryVictoria #CozyMystery


Calculated Whisk (A Vintage Kitchen Mystery) by Victoria Hamilton

About A Calculated Whisk:


A Calculated Whisk (A Vintage Kitchen Mystery)

Cozy Mystery

10th in Series

Publisher: ‎ Beyond the Page 

Publish Date: September 21, 2021

Paperback 212 Pages

ISBN-10: ‎ 1954717504

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1954717503

Digital ASIN: ‎ B09CV579FJ

In the new Vintage Kitchen Mystery from the author of Cast Iron Alibi, Jaymie Leighton is confronted with two murders and the threat of danger far too close to home . . . 

When a woman living under a cloud of suspicion for her husband’s death comes to vintage kitchen collector Jaymie Leighton with a mysterious request, she’s not sure whether, or how much, to get involved. The police believe they have new evidence of foul play in what was initially ruled an accidental death, and the woman’s terrified they’ll try to pin the crime on her. Before Jaymie can decide whether to help her, though, the woman’s found murdered in the woods near Jaymie’s cabin. 

Still unsure whether the woman was truly innocent in her husband’s death, Jaymie decides to get to the bottom of both murders. But as she digs deeper into the couple’s past and discovers a tangled array of long-buried wounds and family secrets, Jaymie begins to sense that danger is still lurking in the woods near her home. With a killer on the loose and her family in danger, Jaymie must uncover the culprit before she loses all she holds dear, including her own life . . . 

Includes a vintage recipe!

Meet Victoria Hamilton:

Victoria Hamilton is the bestselling author of several mystery series including the national bestselling Vintage Kitchen Mysteries and Merry Muffin Mysteries. She does, indeed, collect vintage kitchenware and bake muffins. She also writes the Lady Anne Addison Historical Mysteries. She drinks tea and coffee on writing days, and wine other times. She crochets (a little), paints (a little) and reads (a lot). A solitary being, she can be coaxed out of her writing cave for brownies and cat videos.

She started her writing life as Donna Lea Simpson, bestselling author of Regency Romances, paranormal historicals and historical mysteries, and still has a soft spot for the Regency period. 

You can find her online at: 

Website: (Sign up for her newsletter for all the latest!)

Purchase Links:


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September Book Release ~ Hooked on a Feline by Sofie Kelly @BerkleyMystery


Librarian Kathleen Paulson and her inquisitive cats find themselves in a jam when a musician turns up dead, in the newest installment of this New York Times bestselling series.

It’s summer in Mayville Heights, and Kathleen Paulson and her detective boyfriend Marcus, are eager to attend the closing concert of the local music festival. The concert is a success, but then one of the band members is discovered dead shortly after it. At first it’s assumed the death is a robbery gone wrong, but Kathleen suspects foul play—and she’s certain that she, along with her trusty side-cats, Owen and Hercules, can help solve the murder.

Before his death, Kathleen had noticed the victim in the library researching his genealogy, and when she and Marcus take a closer look at the man's family tree, they begin to think a previous death of one of his relatives now seems suspicious. The more Kathleen thinks about it, the more this murder feels like it could be an encore performance. Kathleen and her cats will need to act fast and be very careful if they want to stay off of a killer's hit list.

ASIN: ‎ B08PY29WV1
Publisher: ‎ Berkley
Publication Date: ‎ September 7, 2021
Print Length: ‎ 283 pages



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September Book Release ~ The Chuckling Fingers by Mabel Seeley #Mystery @BerkleyMystery

Rediscover one of the great mystery authors of the twentieth century in this Depression-era tale of a wealthy family's dark secrets turned deadly on their secluded lakeside estate.

An urgent note from a friend spurs Ann Gay to visit her recently married cousin, Jacqueline Heaton. Upon her arrival at Fiddler's Fingers, a remote, pine-grown estate on Lake Superior, Ann immediately senses her cousin's fear—someone has been playing increasingly malicious tricks on the Heatons, a proud family of Minnesota lumber tycoons, and worse yet, they seem determined to frame Jacqueline.

Ann quickly resolves to take Jacqueline and her young daughter, Toby, away from the danger. But what began as seemingly trivial pranks—ruined clothes, a burnt bed, a smashed boat—escalates to direct attacks and ultimately murder. Dangerous waters crash against the finger-like rocks on the lakeshore, making a sound like a guttural chuckle, one that seems to mock the murder that took place there—but no one is laughing when everyone on the estate becomes a suspect. Potential motives are revealed as Ann learns more about the Heaton family, and with no chance of anyone leaving Fiddler's Fingers until the killer is caught, Ann realizes that the only way to prove her cousin's innocence is by snaring the murderer herself.

The trap is set; with herself as bait, Ann's door creaks open in the night as a cloaked figure moves silently toward her bed....

Publisher: ‎ Berkley
Publication Date: ‎ September 7, 2021
Print Length: ‎ 331 pages




Book Blitz ~ Death in Smoke by Barbara Elle @barbaraelleauth @RABTBookTours #RABTBookTours #DeathinSmoke #Mystery #Thriller #BarbaraElle


 Death in Smoke by Barbara Elle
The Cape Mysteries, Book 2

Mystery, Thriller

Only $.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

About the Book:

A bloodied body buried on Cape Cod. A cold case in Kansas.

Can Leila track down a savage killer?

After a blinding snowstorm, artist and amateur sleuth Leila Goodfriend wakes early in the morning for a walk in the woods to think, to escape. When she stumbles on the bloodied body of a woman buried in a snow bank, Leila digs desperately, her fingers bleed, shaking with fear, she knows who it is.

It’s Susie, the ex-girlfriend of Steve, a failed photographer she dumped months before.

Leila was at a creative retreat with her eccentric group of Red Barn artist friends, on a remote island off Cape Cod. On the rebound from her relationship, Leila finds herself attracted to Detective John Grace, a partner in both romance and crime investigation.

However, when the police arrive on the crime scene, Detective Grace warns her not to investigate a murder case, again. But Leila trusts her instincts and resolves to prove Steve’s innocence, at least of murder.

As an artist, Leila is convinced that bodies have a story to tell. Unauthorized, Leila observes Susie’s autopsy—and the body reveals an enigmatic clue:

Susie died on a bed of long-stemmed roses.

Steve begs Leila to help him—swearing he has evidence that Susie’s killer is a suspect in a cold case in Kansas. Leila confronts the suspect, stealing a possible clue—an arrowhead.

Tracking the trail of blood and revenge from Cape Cod to a Native American casino in Kansas, a ritualistic murder reveals a cold case killer—and a deadly secret from Leila’s past.

If you're a fan of Lisa Gardner and Karin Slaughter, you’ll love Death In Smoke.

Other Books in The Cape Mysteries series:

Death In Vermilion

The Cape Mysteries, Book 1

A psychological mystery about art and obsession...

Leila Goodfriend is laying down the bones of a painting. When interrupted by Iris, the noisy, unlikeable artist in the studio upstairs, Leila is distracted and annoyed.

When she discovers the racket was actually Iris' dead body hitting the floor, Leila becomes obsessed: Who murdered Iris?

The other Red Barn Cooperative artists—competitive, jealous and hypocritical—are prime suspects. They all hated Iris. “An artist owes his life to his art,”Iris said.

Iris was good for a laugh. But no one is laughing now.

In this gripping mystery, new author Barbara Elle paints a clever and twisted picture of women and sisters, whose lives are entwined by a brutal murder in a charming Cape Cod town.

Alibis fall apart. Plot twists multiply. And Leila comes to a dangerous conclusion.


Death In Cerulean - The Cape Mysteries, Book 3

Coming 2022

About the Author:

In her stunning debut thriller, Death In Vermilion (The Cape Mysteries Book 1), acclaimed author Barbara Elle paints a clever and twisted picture of women and sisters, whose lives are entwined by a brutal murder in a Cape Cod town. Who can you trust?

Now, Death In Smoke (The Cape Mysteries Book 2) asks what's the connection between a bloodied body buried in a snow bank on a remote island off the Cape and a cold case in Kansas? Can artist and amateur sleuth Leila Goodfriend solve this new mystery?

Barbara Elle fell in love with books and writing at a young age, honing her writing chops as a copywriter at major publishers and as a freelance journalist.

She grew up in Boston, moving to New York, but her writing draws on people and places from her childhood.

Barbara Elle continues collecting characters and plots, often traveling the world with her touring musician husband, the musical director for rock and roll icon Cyndi Lauper. In her travels, Barbara has explored Buddhist temples in Beijing, crypts in Vienna and Kabuki Theater in Tokyo.

Death in Cerulean, Book 3 in The Cape Mysteries, is scheduled for publication in 2022.

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