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Release Day Review ~ Faking It with #41 (Hockey Hotties, Book #3) by Piper Rayne #SportsRomance #Romance

Release Date: September 21

About the Book:


Being the heir to Jacobs Enterprises, I’ve been around fake people my entire life. I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t change for anyone. Which is the only reason I’m a professional hockey player who lives on the beach and does as he pleases without answering to anyone—except my father.

And now, my daughter.

Being a single dad wasn’t in the plan but after a one-night stand who took off after the baby was born, this is my reality.

My dad’s been harping on me to quit hockey and join the company for years and now that I’m a father, he’s only intensified his efforts. Until he makes me a deal I can’t refuse.

Insert Lena Boyd, the Jacobs’ family PR rep. She’s beautiful and intelligent and not at all the woman for me—ask anyone.

My dad needs us to act happily engaged and sell the idea that we’re in love. If we’re successful I won’t have to join the family legacy—ever. Of course, I agree.

That’s when things get complicated. I thought I had her all figured out until I found out there was more underneath her judgmental sneers and eye rolls. It feels like everything is coming together for the future I really want—with Lena—until my past ruins everything.

My Review:

Faking It With #41 is a wonderful hockey romance complete with a baby and her hot single father, and a fake relationship. Ford just became a father and shortly thereafter becomes a single father after his baby's mother abandons her on Ford's doorstep. Ford's character is sarcastic, stubborn, and egotistical. Lena is quiet, focused, and very much in need of money, especially if Ford's dad retires. The Jacobs' family will no longer have a need for Lena's PR services. Enter one great big deal that neither Ford nor Lena can turn down.

There is a lot of turmoil, sass, and emotion between Lena and Ford. The authors created a wonderful fake romance between two unlikely characters. Navigating a fake engagement is difficult for Lena and Ford on so many levels. I love how Lena and Ford grow throughout this book and we see sides of them that most people don't get to see. Lena's passion, kind heart, and uncertainty make her likable, realistic and endearing. Ford's protective nature, sense of humor, snark, and how he is misunderstood and underestimated by his family allow his character to really shine. Their chemistry jumps off the pages of of the books.

Faking It With #41 is another fantastic book by Piper Rayne. I love the realism, likable characters, and hot chemistry between the hero and heroine. This book as all the feels and I loved everything about the story, the characters, the setting, and romance. I was engaged in the story from the start. The writing and the story took my breath away. I couldn't put the book down.

I was provided a copy of the book to read.

My Rating:

Grab Your Copy Here: https://amzn.to/3EMjl0m

Meet Piper Rayne:

Piper Rayne is a USA Today Bestselling Author duo who write “heartwarming humor with a side of sizzle” about families, whether that be blood or found.

They both have e-readers full of one-clickable books, they're married to husbands who drive them to drink, and they're both chauffeurs to their kids.

Most of all, they love hot heroes and quirky heroines who make them laugh, and they hope you do, too! 

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