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Guns & Smoke: The Fool's Adventure Series, Book 1 by Lauren Sevier & A. Smith @LaurenSevier @abbiewritesx ~ #Giveaway


Guns & Smoke
The Fool's Adventure Series Book 1
by Lauren Sevier & A. Smith

Genre: Dystopian Western Romance

In a world where safety is a luxury and honor is found only among outlaws, two people attempt to outrun dangers lurking around each corner and the tragedies that define them.

Bonnie is an outlaw on the run. Beautiful but dangerous; her dark past stalks her like the crater beasts that roam the desert. As the notoriously cruel outlaw Jones sends his henchmen to track her down and retrieve the gun she stole from him, Bonnie hopes she can stay one step ahead. Because if he catches her, a fate worse than death awaits.

Jesse always dreamed of leaving the farm to explore the ruins of the big cities he’d heard about his whole life. He just never imagined he’d be forced to flee after strange men burned down his rural mountain town and murdered everyone he loved. Responsible for his kid brother and searching for an uncle he’s never met before, he isn’t sure he can navigate the perils of life among con artists and thieves long enough to find him.

Their two paths collide as they find themselves thrown together on the adventure of a lifetime.
Together, they may just discover that life is about more than just surviving.

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains depictions of graphic violence, language, sexual violence, attempted rape, depictions of child abuse, and depictions of human trafficking.

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Lauren Sevier & A. Smith are long time friends and co-authors from southern Louisiana. Guns & Smoke, their first joint publication, began as a “short” story after having too much wine on girl’s night. Nine years later it is now the first novel in a Dystopian/Western Romance series. The duo has plans to publish several series together in the future. A. Smith spends her time with her two rescue dogs and rescue cat surrounding herself with books and Labyrinth paraphernalia. Lauren Sevier collects antique tea cups and tries to stay sane, though as the mother of a toddler she fails brilliantly most days. She also has a growing collection of crowns and tiaras and likes to act silly on Tiktok. Look for more thrilling novels from The Fools Adventure series in the future!

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Blood and Honor Series by Joanna Rose ~ #Giveaway ~ Mafia Romance


Blood and Honor Series
by Joanna Rose

Genre: Mafia Romance

Ruthless Champion
Blood and Honor Book 1

When your college pal gives you a job lead that lands you in the middle of a Mafia turf war and knee-deep in a family of hot-blooded, gorgeous mobsters...

Caitlin needed something to change in her life. College hadn’t worked out, to put it mildly. Her family life was nothing to write home about (if she had a home to begin with). And she had no job prospects, despite being a computer genius. So when her handsome college classmate Enzo Parisi suggested she look into a computer coding job with his family in New York, she decided she had nothing to lose. But she did have something to lose.

She had no idea how much.

Valerio Parisi knew his place in the family. He was the muscle and nobody seemed to expect much more from him. But Valerio wasn’t satisfied with a minor role in his powerful family’s criminal empire. He wanted more. When his Ivy league brother sends a brilliant but quirky woman his way to help with an online betting ring, Valerio figured things would change.

He had no idea how much. 

** Ruthless Champion is the 1st book in the Blood and Honor Mafia Romance series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

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Dark Genius
Blood and Honor Book 2

If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen...unless you’re the chef facing off with a sexy, dangerous mobster who says he’s “only there to help”

Michelle Moretti was struggling to keep her family’s Italian restaurant afloat after her father’s stroke. As a chef, Michelle kicked ass. As a businesswoman... not so much, and the powerful, brutal crime family looking for its cut wasn’t helping matters. She knew if something didn’t change soon, she would be responsible for the failure of her family’s legacy.

Would the arrival of Lorenzo Parisi, who was known as “the smart one” of the organized crime family's Parisi brothers, be the change the restaurant needed? Would Lorenzo be the change Michelle needed? 

Sparks and bullets alike fly in this suspenseful romance, filled with steamy encounters and plot twists. Dark Genius will leave you breathless.

** Dark Genius is the 2nd book in the Blood and Honor Mafia Romance series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

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Prodigal Son
Blood and Honor Book 3


I Swore I Would Never Take Him Back…

Franco Parisi, with those ocean blue eyes, sexy stubble and bewitching smile, is Italian but he wasn’t born here. Not like me, a true Italian who has spent her life in breathtaking Italy. When Franco arrived in my small town to hide out from a dangerous Mafia family problem in the States, I should have stayed away from him.
I didn’t.
I couldn’t.
The nights of delirious passion and promises of forever were all destroyed the second he returned when his family beckoned him back to America. 
Now, he’s back.
I am determined to resist his charms this time around
Unfortunately for me, Franco is just as determined to have me back in his arms … and his bed.

PRODIGAL SON is the third book in the BLOOD AND HONOR series by Bestselling Author Joanna Rose. This Second Chance Mafia Romance is a standalone suspense novel, complete with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers.

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Untamed Capo
Blood and Honor Book 4

Young Virgin Bride + Older Mafia Crime Boss = One Hot AF Romance

Adamo Parisi, with steel blue eyes and the gravitas befitting a Mafia capo in his forties, was known for being tough. 
As in take no prisoners tough.
But when beautiful, young Fiorella arrives from Italy to take her place as his arranged bride, sight unseen, Adamo finds himself struggling to reconcile his old-world notions of marriage with the fiery, sexy and opinionated woman before him.
Fiorella is understandably nervous upon her arrival in America. She has never even set eyes on her husband-to-be and their first meeting is ... less than successful. But Adamo awakens something in her-something wild and all-consuming. 
All of the odds are against them: his rigid expectations, her inexperience, their age gap and a dangerous clash over mob turf rumbling around them.
Will the electric sexual tension between the two be enough to overcome the odds? Or is this arranged marriage experiment doomed from the start?

UNTAMED CAPO is the fourth book in the BLOOD AND HONOR series by Bestselling Author Joanna Rose. This Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance is a standalone suspense novel, complete with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers.


★★★★★ "I read this through without stopping. I got so wrapped up in their romance. Add a little mystery and danger to the story and you have Only If."
★★★★★ "Joanna Rose is becoming a one click author and no disappointments!"
★★★★★ "There are so many twists and turns to this story will keep you riveted until the very last page and leave you begging for more."
★★★★★ "Joanna Rose is becoming an author I do not want to miss.”

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Amazon Bestseller author Joanna Rose has always been a voracious reader so it is no surprise that writing has been one of her passions since the young age of 11. She's come a long way since then...
Today, her sexy alpha heroes include billionaires, military studs and bad boys. These men are takers: they take charge and always, always take care of their women. These ladies leave satisfied, just like Joanna's readers.

Joanna's stories have just the right steaminess level, exciting plots and a guaranteed HEA. What could be better?

When she's not reading or writing, Joanna loves to spend time with her family, travel, and learn about food and wine. Her experiences, creativity and naughty imagination guarantee a never-ending supply of new material for her readers.

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Release Day Blitz ~ Ascension: Part One by B.C. Burgess ~ The Mystic Series, Book 9 ~ #PNR #Fantasy ~ Paranormal Romance

Ascension: Part One 
The Mystic Series 
Book 9
B.C. Burgess 

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance 
Publisher: Bandit Publishing 
Date of Publication: June 24, 2021 
ISBN: 978-1-946793-27-0
Number of pages: 302
Word Count: 98,594
Cover Artist: Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations 

Tagline: Ever wish there were more sexy times in Twilight? Then you need to read the Mystic series!

About the Book: 


While chaos consumes Maganthia, deep below the city in the Dark Vault, terror consumes Layla. Ava's servants meet tonight, and the enemy has taken Quin, forcing Layla to choose. Will she find the strength to follow her fated path and protect the servants? Or will she follow the love of her life and let the world burn? 


Quin never took his eyes off Layla as he stood on the balcony of Heavens Hall, not until a hand came down on his head and his world went black. Now, everything he cares about is in jeopardy as Layla races the clock, but Quin remains at the mercy of the enemy, unconscious, useless and dying. 

The Enemy

For thousands of years, the Dark Guild strove to reclaim the realm of humanity for the Lord of the Underworld. Now their dedication has paid off. They've sabotaged the angel, procured the coordinates to the servants' meeting, collected the power in Ava's blood, and discovered the key to enter her tomb. Tonight, they raise hell.

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Read an Excerpt:

Right or wrong, Layla held their verdict on the edge of the executioner’s sword, and everyone who’d invaded the island would suffer the same fate. She didn’t have time to weigh their crimes – the murderers, voyeurs and brainwashed. Whatever part they’d played in the tragedies unfolding, they stood guilty on the brink of humanity’s destruction, and so they’d face her retribution. But before swinging the blade, Layla scanned the civilians for children, relieved to find none.

Not a shimmer of evidence exposed her as she planted her feet on the ancient cobblestone walkway. Then she raised her invisible palms and summoned her wall. She knew the magic worked as soon as she heard the outer guards’ shouts, which turned to screams the moment her deadly cloud caught up with its prey. They didn’t scream for long. The jet stream grew stronger as it contracted around the mountaintop like a savage rubber band, scorching people and plants alike.

Meet the Author:

B.C. Burgess is a small-town girl who was born and raised in Oklahoma. She has always dreamed big and tended to let her imagination run wild. She’s addicted to coffee and writing, and the combination is her idea of heaven.  

Book Blitz ~ Unscheduled Murder Trip by Elaine L. Orr @ElaineOrr55 ~ @RABTBookTours #RABTBookTours #UnscheduledMurderTrip #ElaineLOrr #Mystery


Unscheduled Murder Trip by Elaine L. Orr
Family History Mystery Series, Book 2


Published: January 2021

Publisher: Lifelong Dreams Publishing

On Sale for $.99 – For a Limited Time!

About the Book:

Bodies turn up in the strangest places.

Digger found her late, now reinvigorated, Uncle Benjamin sitting on her kitchen table. His spirit is free to roam his former home, the Ancestral Sanctuary, and go where Digger goes. It's complicated. Still, with the new graphic design firm she and her friend Holly started, things are looking up. But life throws her a curve when she trips over a body while she and her friend Marty are taking photos at an abandoned train depot. As she tries to piece things together, Digger begins to think the body she found is linked to a long-ago disappearance. Uncle Benjamin has a lot to say about all of it, but will Digger listen to his advice? Interesting times in the Western Maryland mountains.

Other Books in the Family History Mystery Series

Least Trodden Ground

Family History Mystery Series, Book 1

Published: October 2020

Least Trodden Ground. Digger Browning looked forward to spending time with Uncle Benjamin after damaged pipes put her kitchen ceiling on the floor. She didn't expect to find his body at his Western Maryland home, the Ancestral Sanctuary. Who would kill the parsimonious octogenarian? Sure, some people were mad about him pushing the historical society to find a new abode, but they got over it, right? And then she finds out he had a new 'foxy lady,' and she's not his usual type. Antsy before the funeral, Digger delves into family history, but makes an unexpected find. Between trying to figure out who keeps breaking into the Ancestral Sanctuary, avoiding an ex-boyfriend, putting up with cranky relatives, figuring out who busted her pipes, and losing her job, it's a rough week. If she doesn't watch out, Digger could end up next to Uncle Benjamin in the family plot. Spooky times in the Western Maryland mountains.


Mountain Rails of Old

Family History Mystery Series, Book 3

Release Date: June 30, 2021

Digger’s mountain hides some aspects of its past. Rumor says it hosted a stop on the Underground Railroad, and it boasts remains of the first schoolhouse west of Cumberland. She never paid much attention to the abandoned cottage and its long-gone occupants until she accompanied her friend Marty, who wanted to photograph it for a potential news story. Everything changed when Uncle Benjamin made a huge discovery nearby. What really happened to Samantha and her ten-year old daughter fifteen years ago? If it hadn’t been for a growling raccoon, Digger might not have tried to find out.

Her friend Holly doesn’t like the ancestors Digger found for her, and Marty thinks she’s distanced herself rather than level with him about how she feels. She doesn’t realize that her search for the waystation for escaping slaves will cross paths with efforts to bring Samantha home. And that path doesn’t lead to a safe haven.

Join Digger, Marty, and Uncle Benjamin as they sometimes operate at cross-purposes to solve old mysteries and unlock the mountain’s secrets. Western Maryland at its elusive best.


About the Author:

Elaine writes four mystery series, plays, novellas, and whatever strikes her fancy. Her books take readers to the Jersey shore, Iowa river towns, an Illinois college town, and the Western Maryland mountains. She has also written family and local history books, including "Monett," a pictorial history of a town in Southwest Missouri.

'Behind the Walls" was shortlisted for the 2014 Chanticleer Mystery and Mayhem Awards and "Demise of a Devious Neighbor" was shortlisted for the same award in 2017. Her favorite book (of hers) is Falling into Place, a story of a family handling difficult times with humor and grace.

Elaine conducts presentations and classes on writing and publishing and other writing-related topics. Nonfiction includes "Writing When Time is Scarce – and Getting the Work Published." Elaine grew up in Maryland and moved to the Midwest in the mid-1990s. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and the Indiana Writer's Center.

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Book Feature ~ Death Opens a Window by Mikel J. Wilson @mikeljwilson @RABTBookTours ~ Mourning Dove Mysteries, Book 2 ~ Mystery, Crime Fiction, LGBTQ ~ #rabtbooktours #DeathOpensAWindow #MikelJWilson #Mystery


Mourning Dove Mysteries, Book 2

Mystery, Crime Fiction, LGBTQ

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

Date Published: Oct 19, 2019

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BEST COVER OVERALL - New Apple Book Awards

 The Mourning Dove Mysteries series includes:



3. A LIGHT TO KILL BY (coming August 3)

 Emory Rome is back in DEATH OPENS A WINDOW, Book 2 of the Mourning Dove Mysteries and the follow-up to the international bestseller MURDER ON THE LAKE OF FIRE.

 About the Book:

As he struggles with the consequences of his last case, Emory must unravel the inexplicable death of a federal employee in a Knoxville high-rise. But while the reticent investigator is mired in a deep pool of suspects – from an old mountain witch to the powerful Tennessee Valley Authority – he misses a greater danger creeping from the shadows. The man in the ski mask returns to reveal himself, and the shocking crime of someone close is unearthed.


About the Author:

Award-winning mystery author Mikel J. Wilson draws on his Southern roots for the international bestselling Mourning Dove Mysteries, a series of novels featuring bizarre murders in the Smoky Mountains region of Tennessee. Wilson adheres to a “no guns or knives” policy for the instigating murders in the series.

About the Author:





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Release Blitz ~ Margaritas at the Beach House Hotel by Judith Keim @judithkeim ~ @RABTBookTours #RABTBookTours #MargaritasattheBeachHouseHotel #JudithKeim #Romance #WomensFiction


Margaritas at the Beach House Hotel  by Judith Keim

The Beach House Hotel Series, Book Five

Contemporary Romantic Women's Fiction

Release Date: June 24, 2021

Publisher: Wild Quail Publishing

About the Book:

An upscale hotel like The Beach House Hotel sometimes attracts surprise guests….

Ann and Rhonda continue overseeing their Beach House Hotel along the Gulf Coast of Florida and providing guests with a lovely experience of good eating, relaxation, and the privacy many of them require. When Vice President of the United States, Amelia Swanson, asks them for a favor, Ann and Rhonda agree without realizing it means protecting Amelia’s sister from an abusive husband and a nosy public, including their nemesis, Brock Goodwin, who hopes to gain something from the knowledge. But once they’ve said yes, there’s no going back.

Life continues at a busy pace with their families growing baby by baby. Nell, Vaughn’s daughter, has a baby girl; Rhonda’s daughter, Angela, has her second baby, a girl; and Liz, Ann’s daughter, is desperately trying to get pregnant. With all the tension and activity taking place at home and at the hotel, Ann and Rhonda meet in the afternoon when they can for margaritas and private talk. Rhonda, especially, needs Ann’s guidance in how to handle Katherine Smythe, Angela’s mother-in-law, and one of the most irritating people they know.

After they have what Rhonda calls a “near-death experience,” they come to realize how lucky they are. And when another wedding takes place at the hotel due to what Rhonda believes is her matchmaking skills, they celebrate life and margaritas at The Beach House Hotel in a whole different way.

This is a light-hearted, fun beach read with characters readers love. Be sure and read all the other books in this series: Breakfast at The Beach House Hotel, Lunch at The Beach House Hotel, Dinner at The Beach House Hotel, Christmas at The Beach House Hotel, and the upcoming Dessert at The Beach House Hotel.

Other Books in the The Beach House Hotel Series:

Breakfast at The Beach House Hotel

ISBN: 978-0996435017


Lunch at The Beach House Hotel

ISBN: 978-0996863766


Dinner at The Beach House Hotel

ISBN: 978-0996863780


Christmas at The Beach House Hotel

ISBN: 978-0998282459


Purchase the Series on Amazon:

Read an Excerpt:

Ready?” asked my business partner, Rhonda DelMonte Grayson, on this early April morning on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

I stopped typing on the computer and turned to her with a grin. “As ready as I ever will be.”

Wearing a yellow caftan that went with her hair, Rhonda waved me up and out of my chair with a grin that lit her face and had her dark eyes sparkling. “Then let’s get this show on the road! It’s not every day a vice president visits The Beach House Hotel.”

I rose and looped my arm through Rhonda’s, and we headed out to the front lobby to greet the latest VIP to come to our upscale hotel.

As we stepped outside to wait for our guest, the spring day greeted us with a kiss of sunny warmth. A soft breeze bobbed the colorful blossoms on the hibiscus bushes that lined the front of the hotel, softening the edges of the pink-stucco, two-story building that stood like royalty at the water’s sandy edge.

Seems like old times, huh?” said Rhonda, grinning at me as we approached the entrance.

I’ll say.” Five years ago, when we’d first opened the hotel, Rhonda and I had greeted our guests like this at the front steps of the hotel, welcoming them personally as much as possible. Hospitality, discretion, and service were the three things we still relied upon to maintain the hotel’s fine reputation. A warm welcome to the property was a must.

I studied her. When I’d first met Rhonda, I’d thought the large, colorful, bossy woman, who said exactly what was on her mind and had no sense of private space, was completely overwhelming. I’d thought I’d never make it through my first visit to her seaside estate—a visit made to please my daughter, Liz, who roomed at college with Rhonda’s daughter, Angela.

Now, even though my strict upbringing with my grandmother in Boston sometimes made me shudder at what came out of Rhonda’s mouth, I loved her like the sister I never had. And I’d learned her heart was as big as her irrepressible spirit.

Rhonda nudged me. “Here she comes!”

I ran a hand through my shoulder-length dark hair, flicked a speck of dust off my bright-blue suit jacket that matched my eyes, and drew a deep breath.

We headed down the front stairs of the hotel as a black limousine followed a large, black SUV through the gates of the hotel and drew up to the front circle.

As soon as the limousine came to a stop, three different people, two men and a woman, Secret Service agents, I presumed, jumped out of the SUV and assessed their surroundings before the woman went over to the limousine and stood outside the back door. One of the men faced out to the road while the other climbed the stairs to the hotel and stood guard there. Then a somber-looking man stepped out of the front of the limo and stood a moment, scanning the area. Satisfied, he stood by as the female agent outside the limo opened the back door, and Vice President Amelia Swanson prepared to climb out of the car.

A tall, striking woman in her late 40s with chestnut brown hair and blue eyes noted for missing nothing, Amelia Swanson stepped out of the limousine and smiled as she walked forward to meet us.

Welcome to The Beach House Hotel, Madame Vice President,” I said, holding out my hand. “I’m Ann Sanders, one of the hotel’s owners.”

Strong fingers gripped my hand. “Very glad to meet you and to be here.” She turned to Rhonda. “And you must be Ms. Grayson.”

Yes. We’re honored to have you stay with us,” said Rhonda, looking as if she didn’t know whether to curtsey or not.

Let’s go inside where we can talk privately,” Amelia said.

Please, come in.” I took her elbow and led her up the steps. The security agent who’d stood by the door headed indoors while another followed at our heels.

Behind me, I noticed the female guard pacing outside the limousine and wondered who or what she was protecting.

We entered the hotel.

Come this way,” said Rhonda.

She led us to the small, private dining room we used for confidential gatherings. Sound-proofed, it had housed many private discussions that never left the room.

The vice president waited for one of the agents to finish his visual sweep of the interior, and then she motioned both men to stay back before closing the door, leaving the three of us alone in the room.

Would you like a seat?” I asked, a little confused by all that was happening.

No, thank you,” she said, smiling. “I’ve been sitting for a while and need to stretch my legs.” She studied Rhonda and turned to me. “What I’m about to tell you can go no further. Understand?”

Rhonda and I glanced at each other and spoke together. “Yes. We do.”

I won’t be staying here but will instead be secretly traveling to Central America to try and rescue a woman from a revolutionary group that’s been holding her prisoner. I made the reservation here at the hotel because you’re known for being discreet. Tina Marks, that fabulous actress, credits the two of you with saving her life. So, if newspaper reporters ask about my staying here, it won’t seem out of the ordinary for you to decline to give out any information. A woman running from domestic abuse will be using my reservation in my place.”

I see …” I began, but she held up her hand to stop me.

This woman is my sister and the wife of the president’s brother.”

About the Author:

Judith Keim enjoyed her childhood and young-adult years in Elmira, New York, and now makes her home in Boise, Idaho, with her husband and their two dachshunds, Winston and Wally, and other members of her family.

While growing up, she was drawn to the idea of writing stories from a young age. Books were always present, being read, ready to go back to the library, or about to be discovered. All in her family shared information from the books in general conversation, giving them a wealth of knowledge and vivid imaginations.

A hybrid author who both has a publisher and self-publishes, Ms. Keim writes heart-warming novels about women who face unexpected challenges, meet them with strength, and find love and happiness along the way. Her best-selling books are based, in part, on many of the places she's lived or visited and on the interesting people she's met, creating believable characters and realistic settings her many loyal readers love. Ms. Keim loves to hear from her readers and appreciates their enthusiasm for her stories.

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