Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Book Spotlight ~ Resisting Evil: Magik Saga, Book 1 by Ashira Datya ~ #PNR

Resisting Evil 
Magik Saga
Book 1
Ashira Datya

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Fae Corps Publishing
Date of Publication: May 31. 2021
ISBN: 9781666273229
Number of pages: 228
Word Count: 48,123
Cover Artist: JAshB Designs

Tagline: A species existing in secret, a vendetta and a curse, a clan bound by magik bound together by love. 

About the Book: 

A single kiss leads to passion. 

A single look to destiny. 

Were shifters meet their fated match in a world where magic, lust and evil collide. 

Resisting Evil- Book One of the Magik Saga takes readers on a journey through tragedy and ecstasy into true love.

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Read an Excerpt:

She shivered in the cooling evening air, her hands sliding up and down her arms, in an attempt to bring warmth to her bare skin. She wished she had brought a jacket or at least worn a long sleeve shirt, instead of the hunter green, silk sleeveless blouse. Green eyes scanned the parking lot, anticipation bubbling in her belly as she waited for her date.

Glittering eyes locked on his approaching frame and she smiled. He was so tall he looked like a Titan, and his skin was bronzed like a Spartan. "Hi, Cole," she greeted with a smile.

 "Hi, Beth," Cole returned, smiling at her. "Shall we?" He motioned towards the door of Glitz and Glam, the only night club in town. It wasn't a night club in the same sense as one would be in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, it was more of a pub with a dance floor and a DJ. The lights, antique bronze sconces were kept low, just bright enough for people to see where they were going, and to read their menus. The walls were covered in glittery gold and silver striped wallpaper, with matching Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling to give the club a bit of a whimsical atmosphere.

Beth nodded and followed him inside where the music was playing loudly.

"You look beautiful," Cole said into her ear before pressing a kiss to her cheek.

"Thanks," Beth murmured, smiling at him. Her gaze locked with his brown eyes and his stare made her shiver with anticipation for what was to come.

There was an air of danger that surrounded Cole, a sense of that which was forbidden that she couldn't wait to taste. She didn't know if it was his dark profile, or if it was something else. He'd never been anything other than a gentleman, but something just below the surface simmered, hidden and secret. 

Meet the Author:

Ashira Dayta lives in tranquil Michigan with her handsome husband, and two children. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading books of all kinds and watching the sunset over the picturesque lake she lives on. Just hours away from the lake her and her husband grew up on opposite shores of. 

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