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Book Review ~ Kentucky's Haunted Mansions by Jacob & Jenny Floyd ~ @AuthorJAFloyd @TCMPublicity

Book Details:

Print Length: 150 pages
Publisher: Seventh Star Press
Publication Date: November 17, 2017

About Kentucky's Haunted Mansions:

Kentucky’s Haunted Mansions, from paranormal authors Jacob and Jenny Floyd, will take you into the homes of the dignitaries and luminaries that made Kentucky industrious through business, bureaucracy, and bloodshed. Beyond the rich, sweeping history that these men wrote, there lies the spiritual energy their lives left behind. Some of these mansions are alleged to be haunted, and many ghostly reports have come out of them. Read about phantoms such as the angry young girl at Griffin Gate to the vanishing cat of the Loudon House. Explore the accounts of the Aging Lady on the stairs at Elmwood and the Creature of the Cross Breeze at Wickland Estate Discover several of the most elegant and haunted homes across the commonwealth. But rest assured, foolish mortals, there are no hitchhiking ghosts here—that we know of!

Kentucky's Haunted Mansions by Jacob & Jenny is a great collection of stories relating to some of the state's oldest buildings. I really enjoyed the fascinating background and history of each mansion. The authors provide information about previous and current owners along with historical facts and hearsay. Each mansion features information related to various paranormal activities and events. The authors don't overexaggerate or speak of the paranormal activity as proven fact. They present the material objectively, allowing the reader to decide for themselves.

Whether a believer or a skeptic, the mansions, their histories, and the facts presented about each home will engage the reader. I was engrossed in every detail about the mansions throughout Kentucky. I love historical buildings and this books was near perfect in feeding my interest.

I really wish there were more pictures in Kentucky's Haunted Mansions. The book only contained pictures of some of the mansions. Not only do I love to learn about historic buildings, I love to see the exterior and interiors of them, as well. I do realize it may not have been possible to photograph privately owned homes. I just find old homes interesting and photographs help me put all of the details together. 

I have read a bunch of paranormal books about homes and buildings with paranormal hauntings that are  Michigan-based (where I have lived my entire life) and enjoy reading about subject based in other states. Kentucky's Haunted Mansion is a must-read for anyone who loves history and/or paranormal events. I'm glad I was given the chance to read the book.

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