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Book #Review ~ Whispers in the Wood by Clarissa Johal @ClarissaJohal

Whispers in the WoodWhispers in the Wood by Clarissa Johal
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

About the Book:

It all began with an acorn.

There are some places you shouldn’t disturb, places where history lingers. When Rowan travels to England, she finds a remote village, hidden in the shadow of an ancient forest. Vague warnings from the local people aren’t enough to stop her from venturing into the trees, or from picking up a single acorn. It seemed a simple action. But when a stranger emerges from the forest claiming the acorn belongs to him, Rowan finds herself pulled into something both centuries old and deadly.

My Review:

Whispers in the Wood has easily become a new favorite paranormal novel. Written with wonderfully descriptive text, it is easy to visualize everything the author packed into this novel. The story takes place primarily in Sheep’s Crossing, a small village in England. For such a small town, this village is filled with large secrets, a mysterious forest, and mischievous children. Rowan gets pulled into the secrecy, not by her own accord, but the townsfolk are reluctant to disclose anything to her. She’s a stranger and the faster she blew through town the better.

Rowan is a strong, independent character that isn’t in the best place in her life in San Francisco, CA. While backpacking through Europe, she faces a couple unfortunate incidents that lead her to backpack blindly through the English countryside. It is then that Rowan finds herself on the doorstep of Sheep’s Crossing. Her trip to Sheep’s Crossing will forever change her.

The twists, turns, and psychological suspense in the book are phenomenal. The long running ancient elements of the novel give the book a tinge of horror. The book will pull you in and demand that you read the book from start to finish in one setting. I did not give in to the book’s demands, however, as I did have to adult during the timeframe I read the book. This is one of those books that calls to you when you are unable to read. It reminds you that the story is left unfinished. I read Whispers in the Wood at all available times. I usually read 2-3 books at a time. I didn’t with this novel. There was no room in my schedule for anything but Whispers in the Wood.

I enjoyed this book from start to finish and HIGHLY recommend it to lovers of paranormal, psychological suspense, and mild horror. The author did a wonderful job with the story, the characters, and the cover.

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