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Book Review: Timeless Vision (Knight Traveler, Book #1) by Regan Black

Timeless Vision (Knight Traveler #1)Timeless Vision by Regan Black
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

About the Book:

In the 6th century Sir Gawain volunteered without hesitation when King Arthur asked him to track down a sorceress building influence through a terrible power. Now, his quest has pitched him through time into 21st century New York City and he must fulfill his original pledge to his king to stop an evil cult bent on enslaving humanity. Tara O'Malley has recently assumed responsibility for her family pub in Brooklyn, the family finances, and the safety of a medieval dagger that has been handed down for generations. When the dagger is stolen, she soon discovers her best hope to recover it rests on the broad shoulders of a golden stranger who seems to have stepped right out of a Renaissance fair. Together Gawain and Tara must overcome the myths and curses of the past to safeguard humanity and any chance they might have for a future

My Review:

Timeless Vision is a time travel novel that takes a warrior from the days of King Arthur and casts him through time into the 21st century. Sir Gawain is a member of the Knights Round Table and will do what it takes to stop the spread of a vicious evil into future generations. The novel is a good versus evil story and without Sir Gawain’s heroics, the world and humanity may be forever destroyed. As he awakens in modern day New York City he knows that the evil transcended his time period and he must continue his quest to vanquish the sorceress.

Tara O’Malley has just assumed total responsibility for her family’s centuries old pub. With that total assumption of responsibility comes the protection and security of a dagger passed down from generation to generation since the times of King Arthur. The subsequent theft of the dagger reveals the danger now facing the modern world and it seems her only hope at recovering the dagger rests in very capable hands of a newcomer to this century.

Timeless Vision is a wonderful book full of action, romance, magic, and fantasy. The author expertly crafted a story that is engaging, exciting, and will draw in readers. The character development was done well and we see how strong of hero Gawain/Wayne is in both his native century and his new century and how strong and feisty Tara is as a business owner and the first female to watch over the bar and dagger. The author’s world building allowed me to visualize the book as I read along. I enjoyed the story, the characters, and the character interactions. Timeless Vision is fantastic and I highly recommend it to lovers of time travel, romance, and the paranormal.

I was given a paperback copy of the book to read.

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