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Book Review ~ Spells & Stitches (Sugar Maple, Book 4) by Barbara Bretton

Spells & Stitches (Sugar Maple, #4)Spells & Stitches by Barbara Bretton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

About the Book:

In the latest novel from the USA Today bestselling author, raising a baby is hard, but raising one with magical powers is even harder...

Sugar Maple, Vermont, knitting store owner Chloe Hobbs couldn't be happier about her pregnancy. But with the arrival of the town's newest resident, things are about to get a lot more magical.

Baby Laria is six pounds, eleven ounces of perfect, and Chloe and Luke are over the moon. But when they learn that Laria takes after her mom in the sorcery department, it becomes clear that their baby might have more power than even a pro like Chloe can handle...

My Review:

Spells & Stitches is the fourth book in the Sugar Maple series and it’s just as great as the previous books. Chloe is pregnant and due anytime when she’s surprised in the knit shop she owns by Luke’s mother. Chloe’s not the only one who is surprised though. Luke had not yet told his family that they were expecting. Now that the cat is out of the bag, things in the quiet, magical creature filled town are about to go haywire. Between Chloe’s pregnancy and stress upon meeting Luke’s family for the first time, her magical powers are becoming quite unpredictable. Also, when baby Laria is born with powers that look to far surpass Chloe’s, stress all the way around ratchets up a few more notches. Chloe and Luke also have a paranormal babysitter by the name of Elspeth who, while being an important character in this story, also causes stress levels to climb. And, if things weren’t bad enough, there is an air of trouble that snakes its way through the story.

I enjoyed a story filled with parenthood. Chloe’s pregnancy is not only wonderful but also a must in keeping Sugar Maple’s true nature and identities of its residents a secret. As will all stories in the Sugar Maple series, there are complications, generally involving the magical folks. This story, however, has complications involving both the magical beings but also the human beings. This story was fun to read and had a very suspenseful and emotional ending.

This book is extremely well written. The plot is smooth and flows evenly and there is humor and conflict. The characters are well developed and enjoyable. I highly recommend the series and that you start from book 1. There is enough backstory provided throughout the book, but everything would make more sense to the reader if they started from the beginning. Lovers of the paranormal will enjoy this unique story and setting.

I own both the paperback on the ebook.

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