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Book #Review ~ Class Reunions Are Murder (A Poppy McAllister Mystery, Book #1) by Libby Klein ~ @LibbyKleinBooks

Class Reunions Are Murder (A Poppy McAllister Mystery #1)Class Reunions Are Murder by Libby Klein
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Class Reunions are Murder is a fantastic first book in the new Poppy McAllister Mystery series by Libby Klein. Poppy’s character is newly widowed, her husband having passed a few months prior. She is under the oppressive thumb of her mother-in-law. Through her husband’s death and issues with her mother-in-law, Poppy’s main friend has been a dreaded four letter word – Food. So, when she receives an invitation to attend her high school reunion, Poppy has absolutely no intention on attending. Enter Poppy’s friend Sawyer. Her character manages to persuade Poppy to pack up her life and head back to New Jersey for a weekend of catching up and seeing old classmates. When one her little group’s rivals, however, is found dead in the high school hallway in front of Poppy’s old locker, the game changes.

Poppy is considered a suspect and is not allowed to leave New Jersey. Poppy isn’t the only suspect, except, she doesn’t really think that the police are looking in the right directions. It doesn’t help that one of the police officers has it in for Poppy. Now Poppy has to stay in New Jersey, try to clear her name, and find exactly what it is that she did to the police office back in school that causes her to hold a grudge to this day. Who knew that class reunions could be murder!

I cannot believe how delightful this first book is in the series. The author put a lot of thought and research into this book concerning both Poppy’s life but the life of her Aunt Ginny. Poppy is a wonderful main character. She’s not perfect, not supermodel thin, yet has a personality that is awesome. I would totally be her friend. She’s real, sarcastic, kind of a pushover when it comes to her mother-in-law, and funny. This book is full of wit, snark, and humor. Poppy’s Aunt Ginny is a such a quirky character, too. I loved her antics.

The side story concerning Aunt Ginny takes the story on a completely separate storyline but it fits so well in the book. The situation facing Aunt Ginny is, unfortunately, not uncommon. I really liked how the author wrote about this type of thing in her book. I’m deliberately being vague because I don’t want to give away that part of the story.

There is strong character development and world building in Class Reunions are Murder. Even in just the first book I saw Poppy change a little bit. Being accused of murder would most likely do that to someone but she stays strong and despite her own troubles she’s there for her aunt. Poppy and Aunt Ginny face Ginny’s situation head-on, handling it like she’s done it before. The book is written with realism that I could feel.

This book is fun and a must read for all cozy mystery enthusiasts.

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*I was provided a copy of this book to read.

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