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Book #Review ~ A Tale of Two Kitties (Magical Cats Mystery, Book 9) by Sofie Kelly

A Tale of Two Kitties (Magical Cats)
by Sofie Kelly

A Tale of Two Kitties
Magical Cats Mystery, Book 9
Cozy Mystery
9th in Series – First in Hardcover
A Berkley Prime Crime Mystery 
September 5, 2017
An Imprint of Penguin Random House LLC
Hardcover: 336 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0399584572

About the Book:

In this charming mystery from the bestselling author of Paws and Effect, two magical cats have powers of detection that prove indispensable to librarian Kathleen Paulson…

With a well-placed paw on a keyboard or a pointed stare, Kathleen’s two cats, Hercules and Owen, have helped her to solve cases in the past—so she has learned to trust their instincts. But she will need to rely on them more than ever when a twenty-year-old scandal leads to murder…

The arrival of the Janes brothers has the little town of Mayville Heights buzzing. Everyone of a certain age remembers when Victor had an affair with Leo’s wife, who then died in a car accident.

Now it seems the brothers are trying to reconcile, until Kathleen finds Leo dead. The police set their sights on Leo’s son and Kathleen’s good friend Simon, who doesn’t have much of an alibi. To prove her friend innocent, Kathleen will have to dig deep into the town’s history—and into her sardine cracker supply, because Owen and Hercules don’t work for free…

A Tale of Two Kitties a story that melds the past with the present in Mayville Heights.  Simon Janes' family history is wrought with pain, heartache, and betrayal.  His family is embroiled in a feud and everyone is surprised when Simon's father and uncle show up in Mayville Heights.  It seems that the two want to put the past behind them and move forward as a family.  All is going well-ish until Leo is found dead - murdered, and the police have their sights set on Simon.  Kathleen knows that Simon isn't to blame but she seems to be the only one.  Now it's up to Kathleen and her two magical kitties to solve the crime.

A Tale of Two Kitties is another great book in Sofie Kelly's Magical Cats Mystery series. The pacing is steady and the entire novel is easy to read and understand. Multiple suspects keep the reader guessing and keep Kathleen and Marcus on their toes. I really enjoy the Magical Cats Mystery series even if newcomers to the town are the ones that are murdered. I don’t like it when authors kill off main characters or characters that are important to the Hero/Heroine. The continued world building and character development of Kathleen, her magical kitties, and Marcus, along with the secondary characters, is fresh and original with each installment. 

The books in Sofie Kelly's Magical Cats Mysteries are descriptive without going overboard. I feel like I'm in every scene of the story. The books also have the right amount of suspense to keep the reader engaged all the way to the end. The romance included isn't over the top and doesn't overshadow the mystery solving. It's a nice addition to give the story and characters realism. 

The Magical Cats Mystery series is one of my favorites. I enjoy the lowkey nature of cozy mysteries. They keep me entertained with their quirky main characters.  I recommend the series to all cozy mystery lovers.

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