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Book #Review: Evil's Unlikely Assassin (An Alexis Black Novel, Book One) by Jenn Windrow

Evil's Unlikely Assassin
An Alexis Black Novel
Book One
Jenn Windrow

Release: June 6, 2017

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Muse It Up Publishing

ISBN: 1771279222

Number of pages: 290
Word Count: 80K

Cover Artist: Erica Petlit Designs
Tagline: Sometimes it takes evil to kill evil

About the Book:

Vampire Alexis Black is on a mission - to rejoin the human race.

Coerced into signing an ironclad contract by an Angel-with-attitude, Alexis must hunt down and assassinate at least one vampire, werewolf, or creepy crawly every night for fifty years to become human again. Too bad the contract didn’t mention the badass vampire who now rides shotgun in her brain, insatiable bloodlust, or her new I-hate-everything-with-fangs sidekick. If she can fulfill her end of the bargain, her humanity is restored, if not she will be destroyed.

But when a revenge-seeking bloodsucker threatens her city, Alexis must risk everything to ensure there’s a humanity to return to. Since her vampire nature is her greatest weapon to defeat the monsters that threaten her friends and future, Alexis must choose to accept her inner beast or watch those she loves die.

Evil's Unlikely Assassin has solidified its place in my top favorite urban fantasy novels. I devoured this book in one day and want more! Alexis Black has her entire life stripped from her by a sadistic vampire. In one fell swoop he killed her family and kidnapped her and her twin brother. She lost contact with her brother so she doesn't know if he's alive or dead. In an effort to get her human soul restored, Alexis made a deal with....an angel. The terms of her contract to obtain her soul back include assassinating one supernatural creature per night for 50 years. Oh, and the angel also planted the spirit of a very strong vampire "helper" in her mind she has affectionately named Eddie and saddled her with an uptight vampire-hater named Reaper.

When danger comes to town and turns a bunch of newbies and lets them reek havoc, Alexis, Reaper, and Eddie have to figure out what the ultimate goal is before too many more people end up dead. Along the way Alexis picks up additional reinforcements that include a ghost and shifter, rounding out her motley crew team as they charge their way in to stop a madman.

Alexis is a kick-ass heroine that, despite her vampire nature, still has much of her humanity. She cares about those around her including her brooding partner that would rather poke himself in the eye than be friendly to her. Reacher plays the troubled partner to Alexis. He's complicated and closed off. He has a hard time trying to rectify his partnership with a vampire. 

The author does a wonderful job world building. I was able to visualize the scenes in my head because they were descriptive without going overboard. I really enjoyed the story and the plot. The character development is great and I felt like I was able to get to know Alexis, Reaper, Eddie, and the rest of the characters. 

The book is fast-paced, action-packed, and suspenseful. There are twists and turns around every corner. I appreciate the uniqueness and originality of Evils Unlikely Assassin and can't wait to see what happens next.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of Evil's Unlikely Assassin provided by the author.

My Rating:

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Additional Praise:

"Evil's Unlikely Assassin is a promising urban fantasy debut that features all that's great about the genre--action, attitude, and ass-kicking." -Jaye Wells, USA Today bestselling author of The Sabina Kane and Prospero's War series

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