Saturday, February 17, 2018

Short Story Review ~ Escape Club: Sabotage by Regan Black @ReganBlack

About the Short Story:

Escape Club: Sabotage is a fast-paced, short adventure featuring characters from the Escape Club Heroes romantic suspense series.

Though running a nightclub is Grant Sullivan's second career, he can't shake the instincts that made him an excellent cop or the ingrained need to help the Philadelphia, PA community he calls home. When a band arrives at the Escape Club plagued by a multitude of small troubles, Grant and his team must determine if it's just a run of bad luck or deliberate sabotage.

Short Story Details:

Print Length: 47 pages
Publisher: Getaway Reads, LLC
Publication Date: September 28, 2017

Grant Sullivan's second career is running a night club with a segment that also helps those in community with problems they can't solve themselves and don't or can't necessarily involve local authorities. People come to him for help, knowing the former cop will assist them. Others who don't know they need help eventually find their way to him, as well.

Sabotage is about a band who comes to play at Escape Club. Small but potentially dangerous events keep happening around and to the band members. Jason, a firefighter by day, tends bar at night. He can't help be drawn to the band's lead singer, Lucy Benson. His instincts kick in when something happens as the band is setting up. The band either has some serious bad luck  or someone is out to sabotage the band.

Regan Black has written a wonderful short story set in the world of the Escape Club Heroes series. The characters are interesting and likable. The development of the problem surrounding the band is well written. I really like how Regan's creativity is expressed in the way Grand and his group are able to think-outside-the-box as they delve into the problems plaguing the band. I'm excited to continue with Escape Club: Justice. I have added the books in the Escape Club Heroes series to my TBR.


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