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Behind the Scenes… Cupid’s Schemes Volumes 1 & 2 Two Collections of Sweet Romances by Kelli A. Wilkins ~ @KWilkinsauthor #SweetRomance #Romance #CupidSchemes #ValentinesDay #Anthology

Behind the Scenes… Cupid’s Schemes Volumes 1 & 2
Two Collections of Sweet Romances

By Kelli A. Wilkins

Hi everyone!

I know we’re in the middle of winter, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. (In fact, I saw Valentine’s Day candy and cards for sale the day after Christmas!) Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and romance, so why not get in the mood now?

If you love sweet “first meet” romances, you don’t want to miss my romance anthology, Cupid’s Schemes. Cupid’s Schemes is a two-volume collection of contemporary mini-romances. Both volumes contain a dozen or more sweet romances where the characters meet under unusual circumstances and develop an intense connection.

Most of the stories originally appeared in print in the supermarket newspaper the Sun. In fact, my first professional sale was with the Sun, and I credit them for getting me started in writing romances.

I submitted my first story (Catch of the Day – a fisherman-meets-mermaid tale) to the Sun on a whim, just to see what would happen. I was thrilled when they accepted it and asked for more stories. (I also began writing sci-fi stories for the Sun and eventually combined them into an anthology called Extraterrestrial Encounters. Read more about it here:

The stories in Cupid’s Schemes are very diverse and have unique characters, including reporters, cowboys, a Medieval knight, and even a vampire. I grouped the stories by season (starting with winter), so as you read through each book, you’ll be following the calendar year. Several stories are holiday-themed tales (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving).

I enjoyed creating the different characters and unusual settings, and welcomed the challenge of telling a new story each week. And believe it or not, some of these settings and “first meets” were inspired by true stories people have told me over the years.

When I wrote the stories, I deliberately left them open-ended so readers can use their imaginations about where the story and the characters go from here. I wanted to show how two people meet, feel a spark of romance, and then leave the rest of the story up to the reader. What happens next is up to you. I end each story with the characters in good places, with the potential to have a happy-ever-after ending with their new love interest.

These feel-good stories are perfect for a boost of romance whenever or wherever you need it. And they’re ideal for reading on electronic devices.

Here are the book summaries and links:

Cupid’s Schemes: Volume 1 - A Collection of Sweet Romances

In these 16 flash fiction vignettes, Cupid’s arrow hits the mark and ignites a spark between two strangers—whether or not they’re looking for romance. Their unusual meetings lead to new beginnings and new chances at love.

Sweet stories of couples falling under Cupid’s spell include:

* a Medieval knight courting a pretty lady
* two neighbors discover that romance can happen when you least expect it
* a mermaid rescued by a handsome stranger

Order Cupid’s Schemes: Volume 1 here:

Order your copy here:

And don’t miss Cupid’s Schemes: Volume 2 - Another Collection of Sweet Romances

In these 12 mini-romances…

* a photographer falls for a sexy cowboy in an abandoned ghost town
* two friends discover romance in a spooky setting
* a long-lost love returns from out of the blue

Order Cupid’s Schemes: Volume 2 here:

All other platforms:

These lighthearted mini-romances are perfect reads for a quick lunchtime escape or an after-work indulgence.

I hope you enjoy these collections of sweet romances. I welcome comments and questions from readers and other authors. Contact me via my site, blog, or social media pages.

Happy Reading!

Kelli A. Wilkins

Meet the Author:

Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 100 short stories, 20+ romance novels, 7 non-fiction books, and 5 horror ebooks. Her romances span many genres and settings, and she likes to scare readers with her horror stories.

Her latest novel, In Another World, was published in early 2022. This contemporary mystery/romance is set in the world of the paranormal.

She released two horror shorts, More Than I Bargained For and Silent Sentinel in 2021.

Like to write? Check out Journaling Every Week: 52 Topics to Get You Writing. This fun and innovative guide to journaling is filled with hundreds of thought-provoking prompts designed to get you writing about your feelings and emotions.

Follow Kelli on her Facebook author page: and visit her website/blog for a full title list and social media links.

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