Thursday, March 11, 2021

Dog Band by Regan W.H. Macaulay is Available for Pre-Order ~ @ReganWHMacaulay #ChildrensBook


To all my friends who are parents, guardians, and teachers…an author I know is about to launch a picture book about a group of dogs who decide to form a band, but don’t know what kind of music they should play. There are many different music genres discussed by many interesting different kinds of pets and the illustrations are BEAUTIFUL! 

Pre-orders available NOW on Amazon, Iguana Books’ online store, and the author’s website—get your copy early:

“Dog Band” is Available for Pre-Order!

Find it HERE:

My site: 

Iguana Books: 

Amazon (Canada): 

Amazon (US):

Alfie, Tubby, Ollie, and Raxl have created a band - Dog Band! But what kind of music should Dog Band play? Their assortment of animal friends help them figure it out.

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