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Book Blitz ~ Mariposa Mysteries Trilogy by Valerie Anne Hudson ~ @RABTBookTours #RABTBookTours #MariposaMysteriesTrilogy #ValerieAnneHudson ~ Middle Grade Fantasy


Middle Grade Fantasy

Date Published: March 2021

About the Book:

A trilogy of fast-paced coming-of-age adventure stories, full of magic and strange paranormal events. With unforgettable scenes, inspired characters, and fun story lines, here’s a wonderfully entertaining fantasy read for kids of all ages!

Book One: Watch What You Wish For

Book Two: Magic and Mischief in Mariposa

Book Three: The Wizard Wannabe

Read an Excerpt:

(From Book One: Watch What You Wish For)

I gazed in disbelief at the desolation. The town looked forlorn, forbidding, forsaken. Graffiti everywhere. Store windows looking like they hadn’t been washed in years. Signs leaning crookedly into the wind; the occasional beer can clattering along the gutters. Not a single patch of grass to be seen; not a flower or a tree to relieve the monotony. What few passers-by there were hurried along with their heads down, deliberately avoiding eye contact. They looked miserable, angry, and most decidedly unfriendly.

It was hard to believe that our once-thriving town had undergone such a transformation in just a couple of hours. Only this morning, the tree-lined main street had bustled with locals and tourists. Even though it was October and the weather was getting cooler with the approach of winter, colourful hanging baskets adorned the streets and people gossiped cheerfully as they sipped coffee on the patios. Store fronts gleamed, while not a single piece of garbage littered the street. And even if it had, you can guarantee some concerned citizen would have immediately whisked it up and deposited it in the nearest garbage can.

But that’s Mariposa for you – everyone being so neighbourly and helpful.

Until now, that is. On a normal day, you wouldn’t be able to walk a block before being greeted with enough ‘good mornings’ and ‘how’re you doings’ to last you a lifetime. Being from the city, it’s something I could never get used to. But now I think I’ve changed my mind about that.

Besides the condition of the town, my seventh grade teacher, Ms. Nightingale, had vanished off the face of the earth. Along with our poor old neighbour Mrs. Clutterbuck. Not only were they both missing, apparently they had never even existed!

And the worst part of all? This was ALL my fault!

About the Author:

After teaching middle school for 25 years, Val is now retired but still stuck in that mindset, particularly when it comes to storytelling in the fantasy genre. Stories of evil spirits, wizards and ghosts are constantly running around in her head, which can be somewhat of an interference when she’s working at her other job: serious copywriting gigs for grownups. Based in Ontario, Canada, Val is a truly awful cook and a voracious reader. Find out more at

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