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Secret: Of Amber Eyes – First Meeting Between Morgan and Rowan by DK David ~ Deck the Halls with Books Holiday Extravaganza #Giveaway @DKDavisBooks

Secret: Of Amber Eyes – First Meeting Between Morgan and Rowan

Hi DK Davis here, author of Secret: Of Amber Eyes, with the story-stars of the newest Secret series book, released in November 2018, Morgan Redding and Rowan Marcus.

I’ve accessed a whole new world out there than anything I’d imagined since reading this book. I mean it, real-life shifters? Cougars in Michigan? Different strains of blood? An organized crime syndicate led by a shifter?

Come on, really?

That was my thought prior to learning and writing your story…

I’m excited to hear more about what it feels like to be “unique” and live in this world. Let’s get started with the questions…

DK – I understand the two of you met time at the Connor’s Wildlife Refuge and Preserve in Northern Michigan. Tell us about the first moments of that meeting.
Morgan – *she glances at Rowan, their gazes connect and hold, both inhale and close their eyes, then open and refocus, turning toward me*

The first time I saw Rowan, he paused outside my aunt and uncle’s barn. I saw him through a second-story window. Something about him held me captive, like an instinctive draw. Then, he turned and looked up, his eyes glowed amber, but it happened so fast, and my heart pounded so hard, I questioned what I’d seen.

Except, what happened inside of me, the fire-storm of currants and exploding sparks, there was no question I’d experienced something impactful.

*she rolls her eyes and leans back, which appears an unusual response considering the enamored state of being she’d just described*

Rowan – *he chuckles at Morgan, and she punches his bicep, he attempts to stop laughing by pressing his lips tight*

DK – Same question to you Rowan. Do you consider what Morgan described as your first meeting?

Rowan – What Morgan describes happened, but I’m not sure I would consider that our first real meeting.

*He winks at Morgan and grasps her hand. She rolls her eyes again but keeps his hand*

That same day, we ate lunch together. Becka and Charlie introduced Morgan to me. She stared at me all through the meal.

*He chuckles*

All of my senses went on high-alert as I attempted to ignore her. An overwhelming urge to protect Morgan ruled the cougar inside me. That’s when I realized Morgan meant more in my life than merely an attractive girl. She’d tapped into my soul. In other words, we were mates for life.

DK – Morgan, now that you understand the ways of the cougar do you feel the same way as Rowan?

Morgan – Let’s just say, my world opened when Rowan and I meant. I became accepted for who I am, even though at that first meeting I hadn’t realized my full potential. 

Rowan – Think about if you’d never visited your aunt and uncle’s place. Then, realize, I would still know about you, and I would not settle until I’d found you.

*They leaned toward each other and kissed as if they had no audience, gentle, yet, spirited*

Secret: Of Amber Eyes
Secret Series
Book Three 
DK Davis

Genre: YA Paranormal, Romance

Publisher: BWL Publishing Inc.         

Date of Publication:  November 2018 Release

Kindle 978-0-2286-0621-5
Amazon Print 978-0-2286-0623-9

Number of pages: 197
Word Count:  58,500

Cover Artist:  Michelle Lee

Tagline: Instinct draws Morgan and Rowan together, a human and a shifter, until a wildcard wildcat threatens Morgan’s life, changing her forever.

About the Book:

Morgan Redding, a seventeen-year-old high school graduate, gets sent to her aunt and uncle’s wildlife rescue and preserve, a therapeutic place for not only nature.

Rowan Marcus, an eighteen-year-old cougar shifter, helps at the wildlife refuge. He’s part of a secret society of shifters guarding the preserve lands.

Instinct draws Morgan and Rowan together.

Then one wildcard wildcat within the shifter community kills for the needy, but the killing escalates and threatens Morgan’s life, changing her forever…

Each Secrets book has a different story star and a different secret. Each book is a stand-alone.

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Excerpt: Morgan’s point of view

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Becka appeared to want me around. I twisted around toward the car. Mom had piled my bags on the ground near the porch steps. She stood next to the open driver’s side door, no smile, displaying all the signs of being in a hurry to leave. Her cell phone rang inside the car. 
“Gotta’ run honey,” she said over the glass sunroof of the Cadillac. “Our flight leaves in four hours, and I still have a few things left to pack.”
I immobilized as Mom dove into the car to retrieve her phone. She tapped the screen and started the car.
I didn’t wave as she shifted into gear and drove off with her cell phone stuck to her ear. 
She never even glanced my way. 
From my peripheral, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Becka looked at each other. They weren’t smiling anymore. Mom had never said a word to either of them. She didn’t say goodbye to me, either, unless I counted the trail of dust marking her exit.
Good riddance. Oh, and have a happy life with Jack.
My stomach fluttered, and the inside of my throat tightened like it might collapse in on itself. A load of moisture gathered, blurring my vision. Some trickled alongside my nose. I’m not crying. Extra baggage doesn’t cry; instead, I go to prison.
My body relaxed as if a heavy weight shifted and slipped off. Why not make the best of this crappy situation? I was on the back burner, but not being dumped down the garbage disposal. I wiped away the water littering my face and picked up my two duffle bags. Aunt Becka scooped up my backpack; her thick long blond braid slid over her shoulder.
“This way, dear. You’ve come at a good time with the weather. We’ve got a warm streak going. It isn’t normally nice warm temperatures until much later in the summer.” Aunt Becka led the way into the house. She wore faded denim shorts with a baggy sky-blue T-shirt, short white socks, and high-top hiking boots. She and Uncle Charlie were sun-browned and looked the same age as Mom. The muscles in Aunt Becka’s calves stood out as she climbed the circular stairway.
She continued, “It’s still pretty cool in the mornings and later in the evenings, which makes for great sleeping weather.”
At the top of the stairs, I walked across the open loft to the wall-sized window, dropping my bags mid-way.
Two bright red barns stood off to one side. I recognized the green T-shirt and dark blue baseball cap Uncle Charlie wore. He pushed a wheel-barrow into one of the barns. Another guy walked behind with a huge bag of something balanced on his shoulder. The muscles in his arm bulged. He stopped in mid-step and swung around to look upward, at the window, and then at me.
My stomach suddenly churned into warm pudding as our gazes collided. Rowan’s eyes glowed, amber, a trick of the sun I was sure. My breath sucked in.
Aunt Becka stepped beside me and glanced out. “Oh, that’s Rowan Marcus. He’s here pretty much every day helping with chores and with the other kids that aid us at the refuge.”
Rowan swung around and followed Uncle Charlie into the barn. A tremor slid through me, and then I exhaled, realizing I’d completely stopped my lungs from working. What the heck? Amber eyes?

Meet the Author:

DK Davis writes YA and NA sci-fi, supernatural, and paranormal romance that includes diverse and mature subject matter.

When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, spending time with grandchildren or her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

She also writes mainstream supernatural, suspense-thriller romance as S. Peters-Davis.

DK Davis - BWL Publishing Inc. Author Page:

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