Monday, December 24, 2018

Book Spotlight ~ Alpaca My Bags: Dying to Leave the Oasis (A Desert Oasis Cozy Mystery, Book 1) by Violet Patton

Alpaca My Bags: Dying to Leave the Oasis (A Desert Oasis Cozy Mystery Book 1) by Violet Patton

Cozy Mystery 
First in Series 
December 1st, 2018
231 pages 
Digital ASIN: B07JX5WHB5

About the Book:

  Murder? Romance? Intrigue? The Desert Oasis runs rampant with gossip and secrets. 

Sweetie Bastard told Hunny Bunny—pack your bags we’re moving to lovely Tucson, Arizona. She didn’t have a choice. He sold her house and bought a park model online sight unseen in the Desert Oasis 55 plus community. The park was more asphalt than oasis—hot—dry—terrible. The trailer was a wreck. No air-conditioning. No beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay. There’s an Arizona room to build. A golf cart to buy. Dances, crafts and funerals to attend. Bunny agrees to take water aerobics. She hates water. First lesson—the park’s ladies’ man athletic director was found weighed down and dead at the bottom of the swimming pool. Who killed philandering Dan? And why? The last tenant in their new home, Wanda, left behind her clothes, knickknacks and dishes. The place gives her the willies. Bunny can’t stand an unsolved mystery, and she’ll dig deep and wide to solve Wanda’s case.

Will Bunny agree to live happily ever after in the Oasis, or will she make Sweetie Bastard move to posh Scottsdale?

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The Desert Oasis series: Alpaca My Bags Wool Over Your Eyes.

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About the Author:

I grew up in Arkansas, just a few miles from Louisiana. Violet Patton was a grandmother. I took her name as a pen name in her honor. She didn't read much and when she did it was True Confessions magazine. She married a man twice her age at 18 and she did not have romance in her life, but she longed for it. She was tough, picking cotton, milking cows and tending a garden to keep her family alive. Behind her toughness was a sweet tenderness which showed through her beautiful blue eyes.

Now as I age, I miss her more and more. Her photograph graces my desk, and I often ask for her advice or read my stories aloud to her. I can hear her laugh as I read my stories and I remember that spirit she never lost despite her adversities. Thank you for giving me everything you had.

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