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Halloween Celebration & #Giveaway ~ Malevolent (A Kendra Spark Novel, Book Two) by S. Peters-Davis ~ Haunted Halloween Spooktacular ~ Spooktacular Excerpt ~ Supernatural, Suspense-thriller, Romance @spdavis788

A Kendra Spark Novel
Book Two
S. Peters-Davis

Genre: Supernatural, Suspense-thriller, Romance

Publisher: BWL Publisher

Date of Publication: August 10, 2018


Number of pages: E-book length: 150  
Number of pages: Print length: 195
Word Count: 57,500

Cover Artist:  Michelle Lee

Tagline: Trafficked girls marked to lose their souls by a malevolent supernatural entity require someone with explicit abilities for their rescue. Will Kendra be able to save them?

About the Book:

Kendra Spark, suspense-mystery writer and communicator with the dead, signs on to the next FBI Special Task Force case, trafficked girls that are marked to lose their souls.

Jenna Powers, ghostified criminal analyst, sticks close to the case as she and Kendra are also marked by the same malevolent supernatural force.

Derek Knight, lead FBI Agent on this case, learns of the malevolent entity and the deeper paranormal realm of danger.

Kendra’s unfiltered feelings for Derek struggle to take a backseat, and as the menacing threat grows more intense, so does her passion for Derek.

Derek faces uncertainties he’s never dealt with in his past, like malicious entities and the loss of his heart to love. How can he protect Kendra against forces he can’t see?    

As boundless supernatural danger intertwines with the future reality of the trafficked teens, Kendra and Jenna realize only they can shoulder the rescue by calling in a voodoo priestess…

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Excerpt 2:  637 word/count – Kendra Spark’s point of view

I awakened as the plane touched down in D.C. Guess I could fall asleep beside Derek after all.
His fingers intertwined mine and squeezed. “We’re here.” His gaze searched mine. “We should stop at the morgue if you feel up to it.”
I nodded, and then realized I hadn’t made any hotel reservations. “Oh, shoot. I need to call the hotel. I totally forgot to make a reservation.” As the plane rolled along the runway I pulled my hand from Derek’s to shuffle through my purse, looking for my cell phone.
“Don’t you think about calling a hotel, I’ve got the best suite around.” His dimpled smile struck my heart like an arrow. He tilted his head and raised a brow as though he waited for my response.
Was I supposed to guess what he meant? “Not sure what you’re talking about. Where did you make reservations?” My heart thrummed a snappy beat at the thought he’d taken initiative in reserving a place for me to stay.
He grabbed my hand and lifted it to his lips, gently kissing my palm. “The cottage behind my home is open to you. I had someone come in over the weekend to clean and stock it with a few groceries. I’d actually offer you a room in my home, but I figured you’d turn me down flat.” He kissed my inner wrist and my mouth dropped open in response.
Fireworks shot through all parts of my body from his gentle passion. Then I thought of the cottage, a writer’s dream retreat. I’d adored the building the moment I first saw it nestled in the woods. Part of me liked the idea of being so close to Derek, but the other part of me wondered about the speed of my growing attraction to him. Would I be able to keep from compromising our professional relationship? The kiss at my place had sent me into a dizzying tailspin of wanton feelings and emotions. Derek came across as honorable and caring, but I barely knew him. Other than our short conversation on the way to the airport and what Jenna kept telling me…that he was head over heels for me. Right. For all I knew he could be a womanizer, and all his boyish charms were part of his allure to snag a quick tryst.
What did Jenna actually know about him, only what she saw at the office? She’d never worked one-on-one with him in the past. Plus, he had three brothers, and if they looked anything like he did I could only imagine the kind of competitions they all had when it came to women.
The tip of his tongue slid across the skin of my wrist, his smoldering gaze promised more.
His overall assertiveness gave me the impression our so-called professional relationship might have surpassed into a deeper personal level or was he reeling me in for a good night’s romp? Unsure, I closed my mouth and licked my lips. A little pant escaped. The plane stopped moving. The eight agents seated around us stood to depart. Some of them stared at me, and my face blazed with a flash of heat, but I didn’t pull my hand away from Derek.
He was bent over as if retrieving something from below his seat. His hand clung to mine. He flattened his tongue against my wrist and slid it to the middle of my palm. Bolts of electric charges raced up my arm and shot straight down my center. What the heck is this man doing to me? This was a totally new-to-me side of Derek, perhaps his dark side.
The other agents had collected their overhead stuff and departed off the plane. All I wanted to do was flip my seat back and pant like a love-struck teenager. Good grief.

About the Author:

S. Peters-Davis writes multi-genre stories, but loves penning a good page-turning suspense-thriller, especially when it’s a ghost story and a romance. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, playing with grandchildren, or enjoying time with her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

She also writes YA paranormal, supernatural novels as DK Davis.

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