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Book #Review ~ Bear Witness to Murder (A Shamelessly Adorable Teddy Bear Mystery, Book 2) by Meg Macy #CozyMystery @megmims

Bear Witness to Murder (A Teddy Bear Mystery) by Meg Macy

Bear Witness to Murder

A Teddy Bear Mystery, Book 2


May 29, 2018

Paperback: 288 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1496709653
Digital ASIN: B075C38DMD

About the Book:

As autumn air settles into the quaint small town of Silver Hollow, there’s nothing more popular than Sasha’s teddy bears—and murder in cold blood . . .

Silver Bear Shop and Factory manager Sasha Silverman is cozying up to the fall season by hosting Silver Hollow’s Cranbeary Tea Party, the opening event of the village’s Oktobear Fest—a too-cute celebration themed around teddy bears. She barely has a moment to agonize over the return of her former high school rival, Holly Parker, whose new toy and bookstore in town could spell big trouble for the Silver Bear Shop and her cousin’s small bookstore . . .

But when Sasha discovers Holly’s shop assistant dead with a knife plunged in her body, the unpleasant woman suddenly looks like a real backstabber. So does Sasha’s ex-husband, rumored to have rekindled the fiery extramarital affair he once had with the victim. Now, before a gruesome homicide case takes the fun out of both the Fest and her personal life, Sasha must identify the true culprit from a daunting suspect list—or risk becoming as lifeless as one of her stuffed bears . . .

Bear Witness to Murder is the second book in Meg Mims' Shamelessly Adorable Teddy Bear Mystery series. Set in the Fall, Bear Witness to Murder takes place just prior to the Octobear Fest. The whole town is preparing for the festival including a fiberglass bear decorating contest. The bears will be unveiled a few at a time each night during the festivities. Sasha's sister Maddie, Maddie's new boyfriend Kip, and, a mutual friend Jay all have bears being created and unveiled during the festival. 

The only problem is the return of Sasha's high school nemesis, Holly. She is making things extremely difficult for Sasha and her family's bear factory, including extended family, who own a bookstore. Holly is intent on shutting the bear factory and bookstore down - by any means possible it seems. Then Sasha stumbles across the dead body of Holly's assistant, who also just happens to be the on-again off-again girlfriend of Sasha's ex-husband, Flynn. 

A clever who-done-it, Bear Witness to Murder kept me entertained and engaged in the story. Meg Macy delivered a well-written story with a unique setting in a fictional small town in southeast Michigan. As a lifelong Michigander I enjoy a good story, in any genre, that is based in my state. 

I enjoyed the personalities of each character introduced to us in the book. Sasha's mother certainly is a character and we get a healthy dose of her in this book. The book was descriptive and well developed, allowing me to visualize the elements of the story, characters, and locations. The characters and situations were believable and the pacing of the story was steady. Bear Witness to Murder also includes a wonderful twist that changes the entire murder mystery.

I enjoyed Bear Witness to Murder and found the mystery interesting, the characters likable, and the story's pacing to be on target. The author provided an assortment of potential suspects and I incorrectly guessed who committed the murder. The author did a great job masking who did it from the reader.  I look forward to book 3 in the series.

I was given a copy of this book to read.

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful review!! So glad you enjoyed Bear Witness.