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Book Spotlight ~ Dating Rules (Serendipity Series, Book Two) by Keeley Holmes

Dating Rules

Serendipity Series

Book Two

Keeley Holmes

Genre: Sexy romantic comedy

Publisher: KH Novels

Date of Publication: 29th May 2018

ISBN: 9781986752664

Number of pages: 289
Word Count: 51k

Cover Artist: Keeley Holmes

Book Description:

Losing control is not an option for Izzy Shaw, something past experience has taught her. When you’re not in control, bad things happen. So when Parker Cole comes bustling into her life with his carefree manner, no full time job and his terrible Hawaiian shirts, she knows she should stay away.

For Parker, seeing Izzy at Penelope’s wedding stirred something in him. Izzy intrigues him. She’s attracted to him but she holds back and she doesn’t realise he sees this as a challenge. Usually when he wants something, he goes for it.

For Izzy, being attracted to a man and allowing herself to act upon it is defined by her rules. She lives by her rules, they protect her...

Parker is a rule breaker.

Over the course of 10 dates Parker has to persuade Izzy that he’s worth the risk, he has to persuade her that sometimes life doesn’t have to be all about rules, sometimes you have to walk on the edge to really appreciate living...

He will prove this to her, one date at a time.

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Read Excerpt 1:

Light appeared gradually from the bar but even that was dimmed. I was aware of my own rapid rate of breathing, aware of the bodies that were too close to me.  A guitar strummed. A voice started to sing, the guitar complementing the soft melodic tone. It was seductive and husky, the tone of it reminded me of an early Bryan Adams. I looked at the stage, but it was so dark I couldn’t see the person standing there but the voice began seducing the crowd before the lights came on, and then they lifted, highlighting him.
    My heart punched several times in my chest as shock forced the breath to leave my lungs in one big rush.
    He was here. On the f 'ing stage. His golden hair shimmered under the lights as his eyes remained closed. He was wearing black and I noticed that the shirt he wore really hugged his chest.
     A quick flashback jolted my system. The car. Sex. Amazing sex.
     That shirt highlighted all the right areas. He was a walking advertisement for serious arm porn. The muscles that quivered as he strummed the guitar made me a little breathless. I’d felt those arms around me.
     And then he opened his eyes.  Deep, intense blue eyes instantly latched onto mine.
     I noticed the jerk in his body. He hadn’t known I would be here. I looked back at Daniel who propped up the bar and was smirking at Parker.   
    Cocky bastard.
    My eyes latched back onto Parker, and I hated to admit it, but I was transfixed. He could sing.  Like Jon Bon Jovi could sing. And that was a massive turn on.  As was the hair... the eyes... and again, the arm porn. The words didn’t register with me, just his voice. He grabbed the microphone from its holder and then he moved and walked across the stage. He no longer even played the guitar, he just carried it along. His voice was more than enough.
     I’d never seen a crowd so still before.  They were enthralled. Completely silent, except for the girls who edged their way towards him, instantly falling in love.
     I couldn’t blame them.
     Parker stepped onto the dance floor and the crowd parted as he walked...towards me. What the f* was he doing? He wouldn’t. Would he? Not here? What the hell did he want?  He was singing for Christ’s sake, why would he interrupt his own song?
    My heart pounded harder as sweat pinged on my hands. I stepped back but my escape was blocked by Lacey and Hope.
    He strolled casually towards me, like we were just in a park and not in a club surrounded by hundreds of people. He stopped right in front of me, his lips twitched as he continued to sing the last of the lyrics.
    Heat bloomed in places I couldn’t control, my body betrayed me. I couldn’t breathe. Fuck, I was actually panting. And I needed a drink. Where was Jake? Parker handed his guitar to Hope and then slid his arms around my waist, pulling me into a body I remembered well, even though I’d tried to burn it from my memory.
    He murmured the final words of the song, holding the last note. I held my breath.  The crowd held their applause. They watched us. They waited. His lips were on mine, and the breath I held blew out of me. My head spun as the applause started.

Meet the Author:

Keeley Holmes is the author of sexy romantic comedies and NA books. She loved writing so much that whilst her friends were off doing work experience in schools and child care placements, she was doing hers in a publishing house. That was when she wrote her first book at 15, it was set in America and it was about a murdering woman with a glass eye... Number one bestseller...

After working full time and gaining her English Literature and Language degree, she changed her mind about becoming a teacher, when would she write books if she had to mark them? Instead she wrote her second book in 2007. From that moment, she's written books as a side hobby and now she wants the world to read and love them! She's a sucker for a romance books, with a little bit (a lot!) of kink in them!

She lives in beautiful Yorkshire, when sometimes she leaves the house and appreciates that beauty, before crawling back into her cave to write.

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