Friday, May 25, 2018

Book Review: When a Vamp Falls (War of Blood and Bonds, Book 1) by A.M. Griffin ~ Paranormal

When A Vamp Falls

War of Blood and Bonds

Book One

A.M. Griffin

Genre: Paranormal 

Publisher: Evernight Publishing 

Date of Publication: 15-MAR-2018 


Number of pages: 250 

Word Count: 72k 

About the Book:

Danya Evans’s normal everyday life is turned upside down when one good deed lands her on the opposite end of fangs. The fangs happen to be attached to the sexiest man she’s ever seen. 

She knows that she should stay away from the vampire who almost kills her, but everything about Ramsey calls out to her heart and soul. 

Ramsey Moreau, a Vampire who has walked Earth for thousands of years has two regrets. The first is underestimating the two new vampires who’ve found their way into New Orleans and the second is stealing blood from the trusting human he can't get off his mind. His world is mundane to say the least, but when Danya is around he finds a reason to live and love again. 

He'll stop at nothing to keep her safe from harm—even go to war to protect the one he loves. 

Ramsey Moreau is one of the powerful Original vampires. When he's viciously attacked in his home town of New Orleans by newbies wielding a non-standard weapon he thinks his several thousand years of living has finally come to an end. He wasn't expecting her to walk down the alley to him.

Danya is only wandering New Orleans because her sister, Bride, planned a girls weekend. She has too many things to do and staying out all night isn't on the to-do list. After a long night of dancing, Danya is too wound up to sleep. Pulling out her laptop to do some work, she decides to make coffee and is need of supplies. After all, there's no harm in running from the hotel in the middle of the night to the local convenience store, right?! When she finds that she has to go a couple blocks further to find a store open, Danya almost loses her life.

The weak voice of a man calls to her from back in the alley and she soon finds herself on the business end of a pair of fangs. Fangs that are draining her life force right out of her and there isn't anything she can do about it. Eventually the man stops and takes care to make sure she receives help. And as twisted as everything is, both Ramsey and Danya are forever changed by that fateful night when soulmates collide in love and almost in death.

When a Vamp Falls is an interesting vampire novel that brings together a vampire who has walked the earth for centuries and a human woman still trying to carve her own path. Their pull is instant even after Ramsey almost kills Danya. She should be horrified, terrified, and want to stay as far away from Ramsey as possible, but Danya can't stop thinking about him, desiring him, wanting to be with him. The chemistry is electric and believable.

I enjoyed the character interactions, even when a blast from Ramsey's past comes a calling. Ramsey's love and affection for Marcos, his far removed grandson, and Nadine, a voluntary blood donor, is evident and a nice addition to the storyline. The book has action, suspense, and romance. The author does a wonderful job with character develop and world building. I was able to visualize the story in my head as I read along.  I was engaged in this vampire tale from start to finish. I can't wait to see what happens in Book 2.

I was given a copy of When a Vamp Falls to read.

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