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Book #Review: Something to Howl About (Alphaville, Book 0.5) by Christine Warren @StMartinsPress @ChrstineWarren

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Something to Howl About
Alphaville, Book 0.5
Christine Warren
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Print Length: 86 pages
Publisher: Swerve
Publication Date: January 2, 2018
Sold by: Macmillan

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About the Book:

WELCOME TO ALPHAVILLE, where the she-wolves and alpha-males play. . .for keeps, in a brand-new paranormal romance series from New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren.

Dr. Annie Cryer has been called many things: Genius. Child prodigy. Scientific wonder.

Wolf Shifter.

Banished from her pack years ago, Annie’s lone wolf wandering has brought her to Alpha, Washington, home to all shifters who don't quite fit in in the "normal" shifter word. Now Annie has the chance to go back home...if only she can make good on a favor her alpha owes the mayor of “Alphaville.” But it's not much of a favor when you're helping the hottest shifter in town...

Grizzly shifter Jonas Browning has a clan in trouble. They haven't had a child born in over a hundred years...and their clan faces going completely extinct. Genetic scientist Annie Cryer has been sent to help save them. But what Jonas doesn't count on is being irresistibly drawn to the small wolf shifter, and his bear isn't about to let her go...

Dr. Annie Cryer was ousted from her pack in New York and forced to wander. She moves from place to place never staying long enough to put down roots. Home is New York and she desperately wants to go back. When her former alpha requests her assistance with another pack in Washington state. When her former alpha indicates that doing this favor will put her back into her own packs favor, she jumps at the chance. She is requested to find out why the brown bear clan is not procreating, in an effort to keep them from dying out.

Annie was not expecting her inner wolf to become a hussy in the presence of one Jonas Browning, delectable bear shifter...and member of the clan currently requesting her help. She cannot, morally or ethically, become involved with any patients or research subjects - even when she connects with him on more than a professional level. The attraction doesn't appear to be a problem, though, when Jonas denies the one thing that has drawn them together so fiercely and with explosive passion.

Jonas Browning doesn't believe in the mate bond. He's thought his entire life that brown bears don't have the same mating instincts as other shifters. That is, until Dr. Cryer walks into the mayor's office for a meeting concerning Jonas's clan. Sure there's inexplicable chemistry but the mate bond? Definitely not....

Something to Howl About is a great introduction to Christine Warren's new Alphaville series. The novella is short and sweet, yet packs a gripping and emotional punch. Jonas is truly worried that his clan is going to die out because no one is producing children and haven't been for many years. Desperate, the town mayor calls upon the pack alpha of a banished, but brilliant geneticist, requesting her help. Their chemistry cracks the instant she walks into the mayor's office. Her wolf and his bear are smitten even though it takes their human sides a bit of time to come together. 

I've had paperbacks of some of Christine Warren's The Others series on my to-be-read bookshelf (yes, I really have a bookshelf, or a few, dedicated solely to tangible books that I had to have and still have to read) and after reading Something to Howl About, I think it's time to make her a priority. She infuses humor, wit, and sarcasm into her characters at just the right times and in the perfect amounts (not too much or too little). The dialogue between the characters, even when its heated or prior to slipping between the sheets, is conversational, smooth, and easy to read. I became immersed in the book, engaged from start to finish, and enjoyed everything about the book. I hope to see more of these two in future installments - not as main characters but as secondaries so we can see how they've progressed. 

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