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Book #Review ~ Shadow Walker (Shadow Walker Trilogy, Book 1) by Tiffany Shand @TiffanyShand

Shadow Walker
Shadow Walker Trilogy, Book 1
Tiffany Shand

About Shadow Walker:

After her enforcer teammates are killed in a bust gone wrong, Denai witch Charlie McCray struggles to carry on working the job without them. Using her gift of communicating with the dead, she's determined to get justice and find those responsible no matter what. But her only clue to go on is a mysterious orb with a deadly reputation that everyone wants to get their hands on.

The only one who may be able to help her figure out their deaths, and the connection to the orb is the dark and sexy demon from her past. Convinced she's his life mate, to her denial, Charlie isn't happy to see him again. Can they really work together as partners to track down the truth whilst ignoring the ever-growing attraction between them?

Genres: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Length: 111 pgs.

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Shadow Walker is the first book in Tiffany Shand's new Shadow Walker trilogy.  After her team is killed, Charlie McCray abandons her dream and moves in a different direction. When the opportunity to find out of a notorious group called the Tears is involved, Charlie jumps at the chance - even though it means working along side the delectable demon, Drake, who thinks they are mates. As the story unfolds, secrets are revealed and danger lurks around every corner. Charlie must see it through in order finally have peace in her life after blaming herself for the deaths of everyone on her team.

Shadow Walker is a fast-paced urban fantasy that takes you on a rollercoaster ride and not just concerning the search for her team's murderer. Charlie also has a boyfriend that is decidedly not Drake. While not overshadowing of the plot, there is the triangle that Charlie must traverse while working on her case. One man is distracting enough but when feelings she tried to block for Drake begin to squeeze through the cracks in the wall around her heart where he is concerned, Charlie finds herself distracted by two as she tries to navigate through the crime she's trying hard to solve.

I really enjoyed Shadow Walker. Charlie is a likable protagonist who cares very much for the team she lost. She's conflicted between Scott and Drake, both of whom she she cares for even if she denies the pull the Drake. The only issue I have with the triangle is the treatment of Scott by Charlie after Drake waltzes back into her life. Charlie was a bit high schoolish instead of acting like an adult. In the end, I think Charlie will get her romantic life sorted out, but until then we'll probably see more denial regarding Drake while trying to truly figure out who and what she really wants. And that's okay. Relationships are tough, especially when you have two suitors.

Tiffany Shand wrote a hit novella with great character development and wonderful world building. The characters are personable and the descriptions used in the book were easy to visualize. I'm excited to get my hands on the rest of the trilogy and can't wait to see how the story progresses in book 2.

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