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Book Review: Cat Got Your Secrets: A Kitty Couture Mystery, Book 3 by Julie Chase

Cat Got Your Secrets: A Kitty Couture Mystery by Julie Chase

Cat Got Your Secrets 
A Kitty Couture Mystery, Book 3
Cozy Mystery 
Crooked Lane Books 
September 12, 2017
Hardcover: 320 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-1683312833 


About the Book:

Lacy Marie Crocker has settled into a comfortable groove back home in New Orleans, and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, she’s busier than ever running a thriving pet boutique, helping her mother organize the upcoming National Pet Pageant, and untangling her complicated love life. But when delivering a king-sized order of dreidel-shaped doggy biscuits for a Saint Berdoodle’s bark-mitzvah, Lacy stumbles into yet another murder scene—and the last person to see the victim alive was her own father.

It’s up to Lacy to clear her dad’s name from the suspect list before Detective Jack Oliver has to cage him for good. But just when she starts pawing at the truth, she receives a threatening letter from a mysterious blackmailer bent on silencing her with her own secrets. And Lacy’s not the only one with bones in her closet.

I'm going to start right out and let you all know that the Kitty Couture Mysteries Series is one of my favorite cozy mystery series' ever.  I love the author's writing style, the conversational tone with which she writes each book, and the her characters are a hoot.  

Upon delivery of a pet treat order, she finds out that the owner of the location of the delivery was found dead that morning; locked in a freezer.  Unfortunately, the last person to see the man alive is Lacy's veterinarian father, putting law enforcement's sights set on him.  Lacy knows she cannot just sit idly by even though Detective Jack Oliver is on the case.  He's extremely capable but this is Lacy's father.  She does some pretty dumb things in the book but I can't say I wouldn't do everything I could to help out my father if something like this happened.  

Cat Got Your Secrets is full of twists and turns as the author takes the reader on an adventure that opens up cans of worms in the lives of some of the more affluent members in the Garden District.  I love the background story of Lacy becoming more involved in society related events at the request (or demand) of her mother.  While, Lacy is from an affluent family in the New Orleans Garden District, she doesn't act like it. She is very down-to-earth and her character has been written wonderfully. She has the opportunity to never want for anything but she wants to make her own way in the world. Instead of falling back on family money, she worked hard to get through college and start her own business - a pet boutique. 

Oh, Detective Jack still thy fluttering heart. His character in this series is a fresh take on cozy mystery heroes. Sure, he's the standard potential love interest police officer but he's so much more. His banter with Lacy had me rooting for them through the entire book. The chemistry is spot on and can be felt by the reader.  His character has depth and emotion and he's oh, so patient with Lacy and her antics while trying to "help" solve crime.

Jack Oliver isn't the only potential love interest in Cat Got Your Secrets. Her friend Scarlet's brother-in-law, Chase Hawthorne, is back in town and has set his sights on Lacy. I still don't feel their chemistry like I do when Jack enters the picture. There's nothing particularly wrong with Chase but I just don't feel any of the right vibes when he's with Lacy. The sizzle and tension are non-existent; I actually get more of a brother-sister vibe from them (except when Chase mentions things about kissing Lacy). I'm giddy with delight at how things progress with the love interests though and can't wait for the next book.

I am still very impressed by the way the author was able to keep suspicion off of the true killer. I was none the wiser until the big reveal and didn't suspect a thing. The path to solving the murder was paved with several potential candidates that had means and motive. Bravo, Julie Chase, bravo!!

I voluntarily reviewed a copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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