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Hangmen by Dale Arenson

Riding With an Outlaw Motorcycle Club in the Old Days


Memoir/ Motorcycle History

Date Published: 01-09-2021

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About the Book:

Take a thrill-packed ride with the outlaw bikers of the Hangmen Motorcycle Club during the wild days of the 60s and 70s, and experience what it feels like to live on the edge.

When 15-year-old Dale drops out of school, he’s not sure if he wants to be a Marine or a biker. Neither of them pays well, but both fulfill his need for adventure and excitement. As soon as he gets his first Harley, the decision comes easily and the young man falls into the dangerous life of a 1% outlaw biker in Southern California.

For almost a decade, Hangmen Motorcycle Club becomes his family, and passionate yet kind-hearted Dale experiences true brotherhood with this extraordinary group of men. Caught up in gang brawls, run-ins with the law, partying and some romance, there is never a dull moment in his day. Perennial values such as honor, loyalty, and freedom also become part of his life. For Hangmen Motorcycle Club—a modern version of the gunfighters of the Old West—is all about living life to the fullest as free spirits, preserving one’s liberties, and protecting one’s kin.

With hundreds of raving reviews, Hangmen is a page-turner to be enjoyed from beginning to end whether or not you are a biker. It is packed with unexpected twists and turns and the author’s sense of humor brightens up even the bleakest situations. Ultimately, Hangmen is a book about humanity and probably the most authentic and raw immersion in the motorcycle club subculture of the 60s and 70s.


About the Author:

Dale Arenson is a bestselling author of gripping memoirs inspired by his risky and unconventional life. A high-school dropout, he found the supportive family he always craved as a member of the famous Hangmen Motorcycle Club. After many run-ins with the law and brushes with death and animated by the desire to better himself, Arenson reinvented himself as a commercial pilot and had a successful career in aviation for 35 years.

Always up for a good challenge, later on he became a World Champion and Record Breaker Rifle Shooter.

A big admirer of classics such as Plato, Hemingway, and Marcus Aurelius, Arenson is now taking his turn at writing books that entertain, inspire, and stand the test of time.


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