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Book Series Box Set Exclusive Excerpt & #Giveaway ~ Fey Guardian Box Set by Tiffany Shand ~ Urban Fantasy #UF @TiffanyShand

Welcome to the Virtual Book Tour for Tiffany Shand's Fey Guardian Series Box Set.

About the Box Set:

Our memories are who we are.

But for Zoe Finn, it’s all a blur. She has no memory of the first ten years of her life. The world around her is shrinking as she’s pushed up against her own inner demons. It’s a daily struggle just to breathe – until a handsome stranger enters her life.

Nick Trevelyan can help Zoe put her life together. As the last guardian, he enforces the law of The Circle, the council of races. With him by Zoe’s side, there’s no telling what they’ll discover. And as Zoe investigates the mysterious deaths of psychics, the truth about her own past slowly crawls into the light. As her unusual abilities come into focus, Zoe learns more about herself than she ever thought possible.

Will she succeed in unraveling her mysterious past? Or will this cruel world keep her shrouded in darkness?

Books in the Box Set:

Memories Lost, Book 1
Memories Awakened, Book 2
Memories Found, Book 3

Box Set Details:

Print Length: 333 pages
Publisher: Tiffany Shand
Publication Date: January 7, 2019

Read an Excerpt:

Zoe Finn pulled her leather jacket tighter around her and shivered against the cool air. She glanced over at Nick Trevelyan, a private investigator, friend, and all-around pain in the arse.
“Remind me why we’re hanging out in a graveyard at 2AM?”
She hated graveyards—they always seemed creepy. But she wanted to keep busy instead of moping around blaming herself for what had happened to Carmel, her foster mum. After their last encounter with the supernatural, Carmel had been possessed by a strange entity. She’d wound up in a coma and hadn’t regained consciousness.
“Because we’re watching for signs of vampires,” he muttered.
“Right. That.” She snorted. After all the things she’d seen and experienced over the past few months, Zoe wasn’t too surprised to learn vampires were real too. “So, guardians kill vamps too?”
“Vamps are a type of under fey. They’re more like zombies as opposed to the walking dead. And they don’t glitter either.”
She laughed. “Good thing I’m not a Twilight fan.” Zoe pushed her long brown hair off her face. She’d lost her hair band again and had nothing else to tie it back with. She rummaged through her pockets in search of one but found only a small compact mirror. When she used her phone’s light to check her face, she noticed her dark eyes had black circles under them.
“Remember the part about being quiet on stakeouts?” Nick said as he turned his attention back to the silent tombstones. His piercing blue eyes looked black in the darkness as he ran a hand through his short tousled black hair.
Zoe rolled her eyes. You’d be bored without me. Staring at tombstones seemed just as creepy as being near graves. She half-expected the graves’ occupants to come jumping up out of the ground at any second.
I’d probably get a lot more done! Nick said in thought.
She gave him a playful shove. Ha, you like having me close by, admit it! I’m the only other guardian around aside from you, she pointed out. Plus, you don’t have to keep watching over me so much now. I can take care of myself.
I still have orders to watch over you, Nick reminded her. 

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Meet the Author:

Tiffany Shand is a writing mentor, professionally trained copy editor and copy writer who has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Born in East Anglia, Tiffany still lives in the area, constantly guarding her work space from the two cats which she shares her home with.

She began using her pets as a writing inspiration when she was a child, before moving on to write her first novel after successful completion of a creative writing course. Nowadays, Tiffany writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, as well as nonfiction books for other writers, all available through Amazon and on her own website.

Tiffany’s favourite quote is ‘writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go’ and it is armed with this that she hopes to be able to help, inspire and mentor many more aspiring authors.

When she has time to unwind, Tiffany enjoys photography, reading and watching endless box sets. She also loves to get out and visit the vast number of castles and historic houses that England has to offer.

You can contact Tiffany Shand, or just see what she is writing about at:

Tiffany’s Website

Tiffany’s Blog




Fey Guardian Box Set

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