Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The “Real” Life of a Book Reviewer, Blogger, and Promotions Company


I thought I would shake things up a bit on the blog and write about me.

I'm not vain or feel the need to become super popular; however, I thought maybe my readers might like to know who the person is behind Sapphyria's Books, Sapphyria's Book Reviews and Sapphyria's Book Promotions. I also co-own Sleuth Cafe with the owner of Babs Book Bistro.

First and foremost - I love to read.

Actually, I don't just love to read - I need books like I need air - books are my life force. Okay, maybe I'm over-exaggerating just a tad ...but seriously, books are as important to me as oxygen; I need them to live.

I can thank my grandmother for my obsession with Nancy Drew and those meddling friends of hers. Oh wait, that's a Scooby Doo line but that's okay - I dig the dog with a serious case of the munchies, too. If you've read my "About Me" on my social media platforms, you'll notice that Nancy Drew is a prominent part of who I am. I own almost the entire hardcover collection of Nancy Drew books. Some are originals, others are not. I also have most of the Nancy Drew Files paperback books. I've read all of the hardcovers and paperbacks that I own at least a dozen times or more each. I did a lot of reading as a child.

Next, I'd like to discuss my blog's name with you. I have many people ask me "Why Sapphyria?" Well, it's sort of a complicated story but I'll do my best not to confuse you. 

Part One of the story: My birthday is in September and the birthstone is sapphire. I love sapphires and dark blue is my favorite color.  

Part Two of the story:  I met my husband in 2007 (- yay for Myspace) and moved in with him after a short 1 1/2 month courtship (we've been married for 8 years now). His addiction to World of Warcraft (WoW) was really never an issue but it also helps that instead of getting upset about it - I decided to go with the old saying "If you can't beat 'em - join 'em.” In 2008, I created my very first WoW character, a Blood Elf Hunter named ---- Sapphyria - who just happens to have a kick butt sidekick named Orange Crush (after my beloved late kitty cat). So, yes...I'm a gamer girl. My husband and I stopped playing Wow a couple years ago but have picked up Destiny 2 for Xbox and well, I'm addicted.

Part Three of the story:  I decided that I wanted to try my hand at running a blog. I didn't really want people to know who I am so I decided to name my blog after my WoW character. Plus, it's unique enough of a name to maybe stick with readers, authors, and others. That is how my blogs and promotions company were born.

Lastly, here are some facts about me:

I am in my early 40’s (unlike others, I don't care if people know how old I am).

I am married, have one stepdaughter, one dog, and two cats.

I work full time outside of my home as a senior administrative secretary.

I have been attending college since 2007. In 2010, I transferred from a small University to a major Midwestern University and graduated with a dual major Bachelor of Science degree in Organization Administration and Psychology in May 2016. Then, my brain decided that a Master’s degree sounded nice. In the fall of 2016, I enrolled in a Master’s of Science: Acquisitions Administration program. At the end of this year I will be halfway done. So, if you are one of my tour coordinators and I miss a post – I truly am sorry. Working full time and attending college part time takes serious time management skills and sometimes my skills look at me, shake their heads, and flee.

I also design and create jewelry that I sell primarily on eBay. I do have a blog that highlights a few pieces and I sell on Etsy when I have time (haha) - one day I'll add more to them but for now eBay is my main outlet.

So there you have it. A bit about the person behind the blog!

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