Sunday, November 5, 2017

Book Review: Allegra's Song (The Drewe Sisters) by Alicia Rasley

About the Book:

The warrior returns… but he never really comes home. Allegra has longed for the return of her soldier husband. But when the war ends, he is more distant than ever. After months of trying to reach him, she leaves to chaperone her husband-hunting younger sister at a duchess’s house party. Only then does Nicholas know that to win her, he must leave the war behind and truly come home to her for good.

Note: First appeared in the Zebra Regency anthology Lessons in Love in 1994 under the title "Allegra"

Book Details:

Print Length: 106 pages
Publication Date: February 15, 2012

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Allegra and Nicholas were married young. After only a short time together as man and wife,  Nicholas left for war. During Nicholas' eight years away, Allegra was the perfect soldier's wife. She took care of their son and Nicholas' aging parents, and eventually the entire estate after the passing of her in-laws. In that time, Allegra also carved her own path. 

When Nicholas finally returns home, he's unsure how to re-insert himself into Allegra's life. His distress causes Allegra to take her son and move their house in London. While there Allegra also plays chaperone to her sister, who is in the market for a husband. Allegra has also attracted the attention of a another man, causing complications when Nicholas arrives.

Allegra's Song is a sweet historical romance novella.  I enjoyed the realistic emotional content the author infused into her characters. Both Allegra and Nicholas are strong characters. They each have their own separate experiences over the 8 years Nicholas was gone. Now that Nicholas is home, they have to get re-acquainted with each other and the author does a great job showing how things don't necessary go back to normal. This is a great historical romance novella.


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