Friday, November 17, 2017

Book #Review ~ The Wandering God (The Watcher, Book 3) by Joshua Pantalleresco @jpantalleresco @MirrorWorldPub

Greater Worlds than These

Following the events of Stormdancer, The Watcher receives a vision in a dream of a city in turmoil. The dream haunts him, as does the voice that insistently repeats, 'Help me,' night after night. Leaving the safety of the tower of scientists behind, the Watcher and his friends embark on their final journey to locate the source of the message and come face to face with their most difficult obstacle yet: doubt.
Though they trust the Watcher, Kristen and the others can't help but fear that the voice in his head is driving him mad and leading them all to their deaths. Even the Watcher is afraid. He knows that listening to this voice risks everything he has obtained up until this point, but he can't help but continue to follow it, driven forward by curiosity and an  instinctive need.

Beyond volcanoes, rock people, and deserts of nothing but crystal, lies the City at the End of the World. And there, the Wandering God awaits...

Tags: Young Adult, Poetry, Epic, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dragons

Kindle version of the book is 161 pgs. long.

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The Wandering God is the epic conclusion to Joshua Pantalleresco's The Watcher series. The journey begins with a vision of a city of unrest and the pitiful cry of a voice in The Watcher's head. He knows he has to seek out the city and voice in the vision but will his friends come? They have his back and Kristen, Nikki, and Will leave the confines of the tower. Their adventure is fraught with danger as they make their way to this unknown place. When they reach the city, they are feared and caged, yet the voice still calls. Welcome to the epic final battle that will leave you shaken to your core and pool your tears as you fight with them, feel their anguish, and feel their struggles to survive.  Along the way you will engage with the characters as they make the right choices and live with the choices they've made.

The poetry within The Wandering God (the whole trilogy, actually) is original and fresh. The length of the book is short but it is packed full of engaging words and imagery that is accentuated with artist renderings. What a wonderful blending of fantasy and post-apocalyptic poetry.

There is so much expression in this novel. Suspense is built up as the drama unfolds as the group decides to leave the safety of the tower and venture into parts unknown. The poetry form of The Wandering God, as it was in The Watcher and in Stormdancer, is beautifully written and engaging. The story kept my attention from start to finish.

I voluntarily reviewed this book.

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