Thursday, November 30, 2017

Book Spotlight ~ Nemesis (Immortal War Series, Book 1) by Suzanne Madron #Horror

Immortal War Series
Book 1
Suzanne Madron

Genre: Horror

About the Book:

When an amnesiac deity is accidentally resurrected by an ancient evil, his only hope of remembering who and what he once was is a vampire named Lamia. When she runs to him for protection, an inescapable fate is unleashed upon them both as they fight to survive.

NEMESIS is the first installment in the Immortal War Series.

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Meet the Author:

Suzanne Madron was born in New York City and has lived up and down the east coast. Currently she resides on a house built over a Civil War battlefield in the wilds of Pennsylvania where she has been known to host some interesting Halloween parties. She has authored several novels and stories under various names including Suzi M, James Glass, and Xircon.

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