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#Book #Review ~ Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips by M.G. Rorai ~ Cat Poetry ~ @pumpupyourbook #Poetry

Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips

If you loved Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers, this new collection of cat poems will tickle your whiskers and your funny bone.

Title: Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips: Cat Poetry: The Art of Being Feline
Author: M.G. Rorai

Publication Date: September 30, 2023
Pages: 178
Genre: Poetry/Cats

Ever wonder why there are “mews” in “amewzing”?

'This collection of cat poems will tickle your whiskers and your funny bone. They’re the purr-fect way to brighten your day and celebrate the furry friends in your life.

Prepare to laugh out loud as you read about cat adventures with magnets, candles, strawberry milkshakes, and plush balls—but don’t let me ruin the surprise, you’ll have to read to find out!

Get ready to laugh your tail off!

My Review:

Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips is a must read by all cat owners and cat lovers. Each little tale is an exact representation of each and every cat I've ever owned or had the privilege to know and cuddle. Cats are the cutest little monsters.

Each poem is title by the cat currently being described and the number of the entry. Socks #3 is why I didn't burn candles often. When I did have one lit and had to leave the room where it was residing, I picked the candle up (I only burn jar candles) and carried the candle with me. I can't imagine the scent of burning whiskers or fur is pleasant. While we never had an accidents, there was a close call. From then on, candles and cats were watched like a hawk.

Every little poem in this collection bring back a memory of one of the many cats I've owned or known over the years. While my husband and I are currently cat free (our last one left us to join his sister and brother last December 2022) I enjoyed reading about Elsa, Socks and the anonymous cats.

I was provided a copy of this book.

My Rating:

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Read a Book Excerpt:

The magnets are so cute

that I must knock them off

but get yelled at for this,

so the new approach is soft.

I sit by the fridge

staring at those squares

and when Human isn’t looking

I lick with tongue hairs.

All was going good

until one was quite sticky

leaving a bad taste,

and I’m not so picky.

I bite at the air

to get rid of the taste

then knock down that magnet;

good riddance, post-haste.**

About the Author:

M.G. Rorai enjoys hanging with her cats and annoying her husband. Her latest book is Catnip, Plushie Balls, and Q-Tips.

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