Thursday, November 16, 2023

1-Week Virtual Book Tour Invitation for It Hurts Every Time by L.P. Mills @MirrorWorldPub ~ SciFi, Speculative Fiction, Political, Multiverse, Mystery #SapphyriasBookPromotions

1-week tour invitation for It Hurts Every Time by L.P. Mills. The tour is December 1-7, 2023.

About It Hurts Every Time:

“Death is not the end, sir,

No, sir, not the end of the line,

Just remember what I say to you;

It hurts, baby,

It hurts every time.”
Pluto Garcia is a lieutenant in the Community Militia of Morrisette, a post-communist city-state where a miracle drug has advanced enough to allow the dying a second chance at life by launching them into the nearest available universe in which they are still alive.

In his latest incarnation, Pluto is tasked with investigating the death of Krishna Klein, a brilliant but troubled philanthropist who has been found with a bullet in his head following a week-long bender. With the aid of his assigned partner, Esther Dupont, Pluto uncovers a techno-fascistic plot to plunge the flawed Utopia of Morrissette into authoritarian control once and for all.

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