Friday, February 18, 2022

Stori App ~ Release Launch ~ Stori App is a brand new platform for reading serial fiction

Stori App is a brand new platform for reading serial fiction, and the go-to place to read today’s hottest authors! Check it out now, to read 30+ FREE reads!


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Exclusive Excerpt from Aletha Romig:

My mother’s fingers blanched as she gripped the steering wheel tighter with each turn. The traffic on the interstate seemed to barely move, yet we continued to swerve in, out, and around other cars. From my angle I couldn’t read the speedometer, though I knew we were bordering on reckless driving. I jumped, holding my breath as we pulled in front of the monstrous semi, the blare of a truck’s horn filling our ears. Tons of metal and sixteen wheels screeched as brakes locked behind us, yet my mother’s erratic driving continued. “Listen very carefully,” she said, her words muffled by the quagmire of whatever she was about to say, the weight pulling them down as she fluttered her gaze between the road ahead and the rearview mirror. “Mom, you’re scaring me.” I reached for the handle of the car door and held on as if the seat belt couldn’t keep me safe while she continued to weave from lane to lane. “Your father,” she began, “made mistakes, deadly mistakes.” My head shook side to side. “No, Dad was a good man. Why would you say that?” My father, the man I called Dad for as long as I could remember, was the epitome of everything good: honest and hardworking, a faithful husband, and an omnipresent father. He was. He died less than a week ago.  

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