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Book Review: Mermaid Fins, Winds & Rolling Pins (Spells & Caramels, Book 3) by Erin Johnson @EJohnsonWrites @EJohnsonWrites #CozyMystery

Mermaid Fins, Winds & Rolling Pins: A Cozy Witch Mystery by Erin Johnson

Spells & Caramels, Book 3

Self Published 
November 21, 2017
Paperback: 286 pages
Paperback: 286 pages 
Kindle ASIN: B077CHVX8N


About the Book:

Murder at a Mermaid Nightclub

The enchanted village of Bijou Mer’s on high alert, with the villainous Horace on the loose. Imogen’s excited to escape the tension with a trip to the underwater Mermaid Kingdom to bake for the young mermaid queen’s engagement to the pirate king.

But when the mermaids turn out to be less French Riviera and more Jersey shore, the bakers are wrapped up in their world of clubbing in sea caves and fighting off seals for the best tanning spots, and are embroiled in a pirate smuggling scandal. It gets worse when a member of the mermaid court is found dead in a fishing net, and one of Imogen and Maple’s baked goods seems to be the murder weapon.

Imogen tries to fish out the real murderer to clear their names, while struggling with her romantic feelings for Hank. At the same time, she’s working with him to learn to control her magic and investigate Horace’s riddle and her own mysterious past.

As the mermaid court’s freewheeling lifestyle rubs off on the bakers, the gang lets loose and passions rise to the surface. But with a giant octopus crawling the ocean floor, the mermaid court filled with simmering secrets and scandals, and the ever present threat of the Badlands Army, Imogen must solve the murder before she ends up fish food herself.

The Mermaid Kingdom has requested the royal bakers to create all food wedding-related and everyone is reluctant to go but Imogen and Wiley. They, of course, have never attended anything below the surface of the water and are looking forward to it. All is not what they thought, though, especially when Imogen and friends are embroiled in another murder mystery. A member of the queen's court is fished up in a net onto the Pirate King's ship with a distinctly bruised neck. When the police enchant the body and a dessert prepared the night before by Imogen and Maple dislodges, all signs point to them.

Fortunately, if that's how you want to look at things, there are several other shady members of the mermaid court and the pirates that have motive whereas Maple and Imogen do not. Putting herself in danger, again, Imogen is determined to figure out who wanted a member of the royal court dead and why. As outsiders to the mermaid and pirate kingdoms, however, Imogen realizes that sleuthing isn't going to be easy.

Mermaid Fins, Winds & Rolling Pins has really interesting plot points that kept me engaged in the story - from the talk Imogen has with Princess Shaday before leaving for the Mermaid Kingdom, to the method of sending humans and other 2 legged air breathing creatures to the depths of the sea to hobnob with merfolk. The development of the mystery was steady and unfolded smoothly. The true culprit was masked well and hidden among all of the suspects without providing any clues to heighten the reader's awareness of who was actually to blame.

 Imogen is a fun, caring, and interesting character. She has embraced the magic she was born into and she's continually trying to harness and use the magic. Her skills are much better in Mermaid Fins, Winds & Rolling Pins. I'm intrigued by her past, which we do learn more about in this installment of the series. Maple is acclimating to the role of head baker much better and is working out ways to straighten up the problem assistants. Imogene and Maple are wonderful and I love their friendship. I love the dynamics between Imogene and Prince Harry. They are cute together and things really heat up in this installment. Iggy the flame is the best! He's mouthy but Iggy and Imogen have a great relationship. He is able to travel to the underwater kingdom, as well, and provides some of the best comic relief, even if he doesn't necessarily mean to.

I enjoyed the third book in this cozy mystery series and found the setting and characters to be interesting, and at times, exciting. The character development continues in this book and I enjoyed getting to know everyone better. The world building gets a bit more interesting with the underwater aspect and I found myself completely engaged in the story. There were some twists and turns in the quest to catch the killer. There are multiple threads woven through Mermaid Fins, Winds & Rolling Pins and I was surprised by a couple of them. The book was fast paced and easy to follow. I'm really rooting for Imogen and Hank and hope that the author finds a way they can be together that isn't quite like what Princess Shaday has in mind.  Can't wait for book 4!!!

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