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Book #Review ~ Tempted & Taken (Men of Haven #4) by Rhenna Morgan @RhennaMorgan

Book Information:

Print Length: 432 pages
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: November 20, 2017
Sold by: Harlequin Digital Sales Corp.

About the Book:

Live hard, f*ck harder and make their own rules. Those are the cornerstones the six Men of Haven bleed by: taking what they want, always watching each other's backs and loving the women they claim with unyielding tenderness and fierce passion.

There's no code Knox Torren can't break. He knows no limits when it comes to uncovering intel, especially on anyone who crosses his family. But a skip tracer with a sketchy history presents a puzzle he can't solve. When he finally meets the statuesque blonde with the intoxicating Russian accent, he'll try anything to unearth her secrets.

Darya Volkova has been living under an assumed identity for years. Searching for a job that will take her out of the dangerous life she's built, she has her sights set on Knox: the best hacker in the business. From their first meeting, though, something far more intimate than a professional connection develops.

Darya must overcome still-healing wounds to trust that Knox will take care of her in all the ways she needs. And Knox will do whatever it takes to make sure whatever—or whomever—she's running from never touches his woman again. 

Tempted & Taken is another 5-star edition to Rhenna Morgan's Men of Haven series. This book's hero is Knox Torren, tech extravaganza, brooder who thinks he's unworthy of love, and straight up sex on a stick. He keeps everyone but his brothers, their women, and mothers, at arms length. That all changes when a skip tracer walks into his life.

Darya Volkova made a daring escape from Russia and has been living under an assumed name trying to keep herself safe. While working as a skip tracer, Darya decides that she no longer wants to do that and takes a chance by emailing Knox. When they finally meet, sparks fly but Knox knows Darya is hiding something. 

Knox spends a good portion of the book denying his deep attraction to Darya, although it's apparent to everyone around him. He's protective of her yet tries to stay away. When Knox finally gives into the attraction, he lays out the ground rules that have been his standard - love em but leave out the emotional attachment. Except, things doesn't quite work out the way they have in the past. Afraid of hurting Darya, Knox backs off.  When Darya's past comes calling, he realizes that he can't live without her and does everything he can to protect her life.

This series is phenomenal. Rhenna Morgan has mad freaking skills. Everything about her books are wonderful. I love everything about Tempted & Taken. Knox is a sexy tech genius with a less than stellar background. He uses his past as a way to keep from building anything lasting with the various women he's invited into his bed. Darya is on the run and when her ghosts catch up to her it won't be pretty. She's been provided opportunities to separate herself from her former life but she knows it's only a matter of time before things take a nasty turn. Her hope is that she can change careers into something less dangerous and Knox is the man she wants to teach her. 

The character development and world building continues in each book with each main brother and their potential love interest while still making sure we get to hang out with the rest of family. The chemistry between Knox and Darya is instant, electric, and realistically written.  Both characters are unique, yet are perfectly paired in the author's brotherhood world. I was drawn into the story from the very beginning and everything about it kept me engaged. The love scenes were steamy and sensual and written well. Knox and Darya compliment each other in front of the computer and between the sheets.

The plot was smooth and the entire story was perfectly paced. I was never bored or overwhelmed with details. The dialogue between everyone was realistic and conversational - it was like I was there with them. There is a conversation later in the book between Beckett and Knox that is emotional and I found myself immersed in the feelings exhibited. The events and storylines were well thought out and eventually they all came together in an explosive crescendo. Be prepared to get lost in Tempted & Taken and not find your way back out into the real world until you get to the very last word in the story!

The author did a wonderful job writing Trevor’s story and I can’t wait for the next one in the series.

Content is suitable for ages 18 +.

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