Monday, July 17, 2017

Book Review: New Sins for Old Scores by Tj O'Connor

New Sins for Old Scores by Tj O'Connor

New Sins for Old Scores by Tj O'Connor

Black Opal Books

May 27, 2017

Paperback 370 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1626946750
E-Book ASIN: B071S213GB

About the Book:

Murder, like history, often repeats itself. And, when it does, it’s the worst kind of murder.

Detective Richard Jax was never good at history—but, after years as a cop, he is about to get the lesson of his life. Ambushed and dying on a stakeout, he’s saved by Captain Patrick “Trick” McCall—the ghost of a World War II OSS agent. Trick has been waiting since 1944 for a chance to solve his own murder. Soon Jax is a suspect in a string of murders—murders linked to smuggling refugees out of the Middle East—a plot similar to the World War II OSS operation that brought scientists out of war-torn Europe. With the aid of a beautiful and intelligent historian, Dr. Alex Vouros, Jax and Trick unravel a seventy-year-old plot that began with Trick’s murder in 1944. Could the World War II mastermind, code named Harriet, be alive and up to old games? Is history repeating itself?

Together, Jax and Trick hunt for the link between their pasts—confronted by some of Washington’s elite and one provocative, alluring French Underground agent, Abrielle Chanoux. Somewhere in Trick’s memories is a traitor. That traitor killed him. That traitor is killing again. Who framed Jax and who wants Trick’s secret to remain secret? The answer may be, who doesn’t?

My Review:

New Sins for Old Scores takes place in modern day but features a lot of flashing back to the 1940s. Detective Richard Jax - or just Jax - was just ambushed during a stakeout. He is wounded and his partner, Leo, is dead. As he lays dying, Jax attempts to make sense of what just happened, all while hearing voices. He awakens in a hospital room taken aback by the ghost he can see and hear. His new ghost friend is Captain Patrick McCall - or Trick - a former OSS agent from WWII. Together, Jax and Trick have a dual agenda - find out who killed Leo and shot himself plus find out who killed Trick 70+ years ago.

Tj O'Connor does a fantastic job with all of the misdirects he has written into New Sins for Old Scores. I found myself bouncing back and forth between characters trying to figure out who was responsible for the deaths in 1944 and the deaths now. I was certainly surprised at the outcome of the story and to finally find out who Harriet was and how the two time periods connect.

The world building, both in present times and in the past, is wonderfully descriptive. The development of each scene was done with precision and I was able to fully visualize everything that transpired. The author's writing style is easy and flows along nicely. Even with all of the angles, threads, characters, and time spans, the author does a great job keeping everything in check.

The author of New Sins for Old Scores is not new to me. I've enjoyed a couple of Tj's books in the Gumshoe Ghost Mystery series. I'm captivated by his paranormal murder mysteries and New Sins for Old Scores is another great addition to his published works.

I voluntarily reviewed a paperback copy of New Sins for Old Scores provided to me by the author.

My Rating:

5 Stars


  1. Many thanks for this fantastic review! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this novel and other of my paranormal mysteries. I look forward to hearing from some of your readers, too! Tj

    1. You're very welcome! I enjoyed all the books very much!