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Book Review: Blood Dragons (Rebel Vampires, Book #1) by Rosemary A. Johns

Blood Dragons (Rebel Vampires, Book #1) by Rosemary A. Johns

Book Details:

Print Length: 296 pages
Publisher: Fantasy Rebel Limited; 1 edition
Publication Date: August 14, 2016
ASIN: B01JND7444

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About the Book:

How do you rebel in a family of vampires..?

In a divided paranormal London, Light is the bad boy vampire of the Blood Lifer world with a photographic memory, a Triton motorbike, and a love for the hunt. Since Victorian times he’s hidden in the shadows with Ruby - a savage Elizabethan Blood Lifer. But he’s keeping a secret from her that breaks every rule.

1960s London. Kathy is a seductive singer but she’s also human. Light is tempted by the danger, even though their romance is forbidden. When the two worlds collide, it could mean the end. For both species.

When Light discovers his ruthless family’s horrifying experiments, he questions whether he should be slaying or saving the humans he’s always feared. Unless Light plays the part of hero, he risks losing everything. Including the two women he loves.

A rebel, a red-haired devil and a Moon Girl battle to save the world – or tear it apart.

My Review:

Blood Dragons is a novel that completely surprised me. The story is written in a two-fold manner - Light, the main character tells a confession type story to Light’s human female companion, Kathy, while also trying to jog her memories. In Rosemary A. Johns’ novel, vampires are Blood Lifers and humans are First Lifers. Relationships between the two are forbidden but the connection between Light and Kathy is strong and their devotion to one another becomes unwavering. As the story progresses, the reader will be shown how Light is pushed and pulled between the immortal world and the human world.

His character is complex, as is the plot. The world building is spectacular. Light’s storytelling is romantic and full of different emotional tales of his life - some to remind Kathy of him and their time together, others a confessional of sorts. As Light relays his stories we are provided vivid descriptions of each time period and the characters and life he lived within each.  The book moved along at a pretty steady pace that kept me glued to the pages.

I was captivated from the beginning, drawn into the Light as it were. Light’s life hasn’t been easy and continues in a downward spiral, especially now that his love, Kathy, is near the end of life. As an immortal, Light is forced to watch Kathy slowly deteriorate to the depths of the dementia. For those who’ve watched a loved one go down that road I know it’s long, painful, sad, and ugly. I watched my grandmother battle Alzheimer’s disease for five year before succumbing to the dreadful ailment. It’s not pretty, it’s not without pain (on the part of the patient and the caregivers/family), and it rips a part of your soul away that you’ll never get back. The part taken from me is among her buried cremated ashes. Eventually, Kathy will take that turn and Light will be left to roam with earth without her physically. He will get to take with him the memories of the love they shared and the life they built together. 

Some of the language (not swearing or anything inappropriate but dialect, words used, etc.) was unfamiliar to me. The author used words and phrases that are clearly European, which makes sense since the setting is London, but it was distracting to me because I didn't know what they meant. Some I could figure out, others I had to look up - hey, I learned something new pretty much throughout the entire book.

If you are looking for a different sort of vampire book, grab a copy of Blood Dragons.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

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