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The Graveyard Killings by Wes Markin - The Yorkshire Murders, Book 4) ~ #CrimeThriller ~ @rararesources

The Graveyard Killings

A decades old case....

When the body of a young girl is found exhumed from her grave, DCI Emma Gardner knows there’s more to this grisly find than just misadventure. Penny Maiden was killed in a hit and run accident forty years ago, and her killer was never found…Could someone be trying to right an old wrong?

A DI on the rails...

Determined to bring a dangerous gang of drug dealers to justice, DI Paul Riddick is trying hard to play by the rules. After his previous reckless actions, he knows this is his last chance to stay in the job he loves. But when his private life takes an unexpected turn, Riddick begins to lose control again.

Emma needs Paul to help her with her case, especially when more bodies are found in the same graveyard. But hurt badly by Riddick once before, Emma's not sure she can trust him again.

But as Paul’s behaviour begins to spiral even more, Emma worries she may have left it far too late to save her old friend Riddick from his own destruction...

My Review:

The Graveyard Killings if the fourth book in The Yorkshire Murders. I have not read the previous books but I felt this book worked well as a standalone. There were some things I didn't understand but that's my fault for starting a series in book four and not at book one. I'm not one to penalize an author because I failed to do my research.

Bouncing between 1980 and 2023, The Graveyard Killings intertwines. The body of a young hit-and-run victim is exhumed and placed on a nearby grave. In the grave of the recently exhumed is the body of someone else. CDI Emma Gardner finds that she needs the help of self-destructive DI Paul Riddick. DI Paul Riddick is trying, and failing, to color between the lines, in his attempt to bring down a gang of drug dealers. As Emma and Paul dance around their connection, pieces of the puzzle connecting their cases together become evident. 

This book had me on the edge of my seat. The first flashback to 1980 evoked strong emotions, especially at the very end before switching to 2023. The Graveyard Killings is a suspenseful crime thriller with two seemingly separate cases - a cold case and a drug case - with unexpected ties. There are so many twist, turns, and shocking events and the author did a magnificent job weaving everything together and then systematically unraveling it all in a dramatic and exciting fashion.

I was provided a copy of this book.

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Wes Markin lives in Harrogate and is the bestselling author of the DCI Yorke crime novels set in Salisbury. He is also the author of the Jake Pettman series set in New England. You can find out more at

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