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Petrified Prunella 

by Sophie Jupillat Posey

Children’s Book

Date Published: March 11, 2024



Join Prunella on a journey of self-discovery as she navigates the fears surrounding her first tooth loss in a new country in this new bilingual book, Petrified Prunella.


About the Book:

Sweet Prunella is soon to lose her first tooth. She dreads the pain and the Little Mouse who in France whisks your pearly whites away.

But as she relocates to the United States with her family and learns about new tooth traditions, will Prunella be able to conquer her fears and inhibitions?


Petrified Prunella motivates children to overcome their fears, inspires them to embrace change, educates young readers about different cultural traditions, and empowers them to make choices. This book will help you raise open-minded, confident kids.


Get your copy today and join Petrified Prunella on this heartwarming journey from France to the United States, as she discovers the magic hidden within every gap-toothed smile.

About the Author:

French-Venezuelan Sophie Jupillat Posey wrote a poem about spring in the 4th grade and started a mystery series a year later. She’s been hooked to creating stories ever since. She studied writing and music at Rollins College. She’s had numerous short stories and poetry published in literary magazines since 2014. She enjoys reading and writing anything from science fiction and fantasy, to paranormal and mystery novels. When she isn’t writing, she is composing music, creating albums, and teaching French to students in Central Florida. She can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, and her website.

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