Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Happy Release Day ~ Awaken the Dawn by Ellis K. Popa ~ #YAThriller #YA #Thriller ~ @InkSlingerPR

Awaken the Dawn by Ellis K. Popa is out now! Check out the gorgeous YA debut about a family mystery, international scavenger hunt, and dark romance

Title: Awaken the Dawn

Author: Ellis K. Popa

Genre: YA Thriller

About Awaken the Dawn:

A cryptic puzzle. A family secret. A deadly betrayal. When her dad dies during a trip to Romania, Kat Barrett blames herself for their failed relationship. She's racked with guilt, haunted by strange dreams about the crash that killed him, and she’d do anything to have him back. Then a package arrives. It’s from her dad and contains a list of clues — one of his classic scavenger hunts. Desperate for answers, she follows the clues to Bucharest and meets Maksim, a local with a dark past who offers to help. Kat doesn't trust him, but when she hits a dead end, she’s left with no other choice. As they work together, decode the clues and trying (unsuccessfully) not to fall for each other, the scavenger hunt reveals a deadly secret the dreams have been pointing to, something Maksim’s old crime ring has been hiding all along, and Kat has walked into their trap. Can she beat them to the final clue — and solve it — before she suffers the same fate as her dad?

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About the Author:

When Ellis isn’t moonlighting as a coffee aficionada, you might find her adventuring through Transylvania, doing photoshoots in Old Town Bucharest, or trying to talk to her husband into moving to Easern Europe. She’s a history buff with a passion for World War II, and her favorite places in the world are Wallachia in beautiful Romania and the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. (She also happens to be an award-winning writer and budget-minded travel expert.)

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