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Book Blast & #Excerpt ~ Daughter of Belial by Jennifer Juvenelle ~ Psychological Thriller @GoddessFish #Giveaway

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Some Family Trees Should Be Burned. . .

Greer Girls are special. Greer Girls are rare. Greer Girls are central to the secret Order of Belial.

Sophie Greer knows none of this. All she knows is that her now ex-boyfriend cheated on her, she’s alone working in Paris, and her mysterious billionaire boss, Edward Hughes, is way too interested in her life.

But when Sophie is kidnapped in Moscow while on a business trip, she’s plunged into the dark underbelly of the global elite and a sinister secret society with deep ties to her family; ties that lead to revelations darker than anything Sophie could have imagined.

Betrayed by the man who raised her, and targeted by the illustrious Hughes family, only one thing is certain—family history can be deadly. If Sophie is to survive, she must decide who to trust and what to believe, or risk being crushed beneath the weight of the all-powerful secret Order of Belial.


Psychological Thriller

Read an Excerpt:
The front door slams behind me with a clamorous thud. I jump, frightened. Marcella Belleville’s ominous laughter sails through the air while the cloaked beings descend the steps to encircle me. Turning to and fro, I try to slip through an opening in their ranks, but they close in so that not even a hairpin could find a fissure for escape. A low chanting starts up, like a rumble from some vile private inferno.
Testor ad sanguinem. Respondendum est in sanguinem.
The primal beating of the drums grows louder, drowning out Marcella’s maniacal laughter. Blood rushes to my face. I hear a whirring in my ears.
Testor ad sanguinem. Respondendum est in sanguinem.
All I see is darkness. My heartbeat keeps time with the pulsing of the drums.
Suddenly I feel another presence. Ephemeral. Sinister. It also laughs. Its guttural wails blend with Marcella’s tinny falsetto as it, too, encircles and envelops me. No one is touching me. I know that. And yet…
It feels like hundreds of hands are caressing my body. Sliding up and down the sides of my torso. Untucking my shirt. Unfastening my trousers. Cupping my breasts. Pulling my hair. Wrapping icy, tentacled fingers around my throat…
It feels awful—delectable—disgusting—delicious, all at once. I hate it. The chanting grows louder.
Testor ad sanguinem. Respondendum est in sanguinem.
Testor ad sanguinem. Respondendum est in sanguinem.
“Stop!” I cry out, finding my voice at last. “Please. Stop!”
But it’s too late. Wispy black smoke fills my nostrils. My mouth freezes into a silent scream as the smoke fills every orifice in my head—eyes, nose, ears, mouth. The sound of babies crying mixed with horrific images of children laughing and playing in blood assault my senses. I know it can’t be real, must be a trick of some sort, an illusion, but I’m powerless to stop it.

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About the Author:

JENNIFER JUVENELLE is a Native American/French author born in Hollywood, raised in Detroit, and fashioned in France. Formerly an actress and model, Jennifer now splits her time between crafting psychological thrillers and the magic of motherhood. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Jennifer made healing from trauma a priority when her life became untenable. Daughter of Belial is the unexpected product of her journey from trauma to triumph. An eager explorer, she currently lives in a remote Mexican seaside-jungle village with her debonair Aussie author husband and their young son.

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  1. Thank you for hosting my new book! If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. I'd love to hear from you!

  2. Hi everyone! The ebook for Daughter of Belial is currently on sale on Amazon for $0.99 cents! Six days only so it's a great chance to pick up your copy before the sale ends!

  3. I am so intrigued by this post. I love the name Sophie and I also love Paris, plus she has a cheating boyfriend? I can't wait to read this book.

    1. Haha Audrey, yes! I love your enthusiasm. I also love the name Sophie and used to live in Paris. The apartment where the main character starts out in is actually inspired by an amalgamation of two of my old apartments in the 11th arrondissement in Paris! I hope you read the book as I would love to hear your thoughts afterward!

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