Friday, May 6, 2022

Book Blitz & #Giveaway ~ The Wrong Woman by Cass Lennox ~ Contemporary Romance ~ @InkSlingerPR

Riptide Publishing is hosting a giveaway for THE WRONG WOMAN by Cass Lennox! Check out the gorgeous sapphic romance and be sure to download your free copy today!

Title: The Wrong Woman

Author: Cass Lennox

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Wrong Woman:

As an independent filmmaker, Katie Cherry is used to difficult shoots—but a band’s music video in a tiny lesbian bar is proving worse than most. Stress-busting, expectation-free sex with Zay, the calm, gorgeous bartender, seems just the ticket. But then she and Zay discover the band’s lead singer beaten into a coma in the bar bathroom. They need an alibi, but playing girlfriends is a role Katie’s never excelled at, so she can't see this ending well.   

Zay Fayed-Smith is finally getting her life back together after her junkie ex broke it apart. She’s working part-time while pursuing her dream of being a lawyer, and definitely keeping things chill on the girls front. Of course, that’s when a crime happens in her bar and her ex shows up wanting to try again. “Dating” Katie seems like the best way for Zay to keep her head down and teach her ex a lesson.   Except pretty soon, the charade begins to feel less and less like acting. And when the attacker turns his attentions toward Katie, they have to cut through the lies to discover what’s real.

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About Entanglement:

Love is worth a galaxy of trouble. Pann is a teeming city on the edge of habitable space, the final stop between a hostile Parliament and the safety of another solar system. Renée Bellevue, prefect of Pann’s police service and disgraced exile, has her hands full. That is, if she remembers to work and isn’t distracted by Lane, her favourite enigmatic bar owner. When a politician arrives on-planet to investigate a murder and capture two infamous activists, Renée knows trouble is incoming. Looking the other way will earn her a clean slate and return passage home—at a price that grows steeper each day. As an unwelcome “mod”—a human with implanted tech—Lane Kovacs fled to Pann with her sister. Running a bar isn’t the best use of her scientific background, but it’s mindless and uncomplicated. Until she’s stuck with a priceless ticket out, her thieving ex reappears, and a scheming Parliamentarian monitors her every move. Her ex offers escape and freedom. Tempting, if not for Renée, the unexpected emotional variable upsetting the equation. One misstep means arrest or death, but hope beckons bright as the stars. Lane and Renée must decide what they really want, even if it means parting for good.   

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