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Mirror World Monday ~ Rita Monette's Nikki Landry Swamp Legends Series #RitaMonette @MirrorWorldPub - #MiddleGrade #MG #Mystery

Rita Monette's Nikki Landry Swamp Legends series is current at 5 books and perfect for mystery loving middle grade children, young adults, and adults!

The publishing company currently has a holiday book bundle sale taking place. The book bundle contains paperback copies of the first four books in the series:

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Books in the Series:

The Legend of Ghost Dog Island
Book 1

Behind every legend lies the truth.

Moving is nothing new for ten-year-old Nikki Landry. Her fisherman father relocates their raggedy old houseboat several times a year in search of better crabbing spots. However, their latest move has brought her to a mysterious bayou where she feels something is watching her from a nearby island.

Nikki learns of a local legend about something sinister inhabiting those swamps, stealing the souls of dogs…which would explain the strange howling sounds. Papa reassures her there’s nothing on the island but gators and snakes. He would know. He’s spent his whole life trapping and fishing those bayous and swamps. But Nikki and her new friends uncover strange happenings from years ago that may have started the old legend, and town folks aren’t talking. Then her beloved beagle goes missing.

Join Nikki as she seeks to discover the real truth behind the legend of Ghost Dog Island…before it’s too late.

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The Curst at Pirate's Cove
Book 2

When one man’s treasure is another man’s Curse

Nikki Landry is turning eleven today, and besides getting chocolate cake, Papa had promised she could start riding her bike to school. But no sooner does she pedal away from her houseboat’s dock, than the entire front end of her severely-rusted ride falls apart. Papa can’t afford a new one, so she’ll have to put up with riding the smelly old school bus from now on…unless she can figure out how to get one on her own. Nikki’s friend Spikes has talked about an ancient ship sitting in the cove at Fog Island that he believed belonged to the pirate, Jean Lafitte. He tells her he’s heard a legend about pirates burying treasure in a swamp near the wreck. With every legend, there’s usually a dire warning…but legends don’t scare Nikki. While blowing out her birthday candles, Nikki makes a wish to find the pirates’ gold, and then writes it in her diary to seal the deal. But did that wish trigger a curse?

Join Nikki and her friends in the Louisiana bayous as they discover the truth behind the Curse at Pirate’s Cove.

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Mirror World Publishing paperback

The Secret in Mossy Swamp
Book 3

Things are never what they seem... in a foggy Louisiana swamp

Living in a tiny houseboat, Nikki is stuck with sharing a room with her little brother, Jesse, who does what little brothers do best...torture their sisters. Fed up, she decides to build a place of her own...a tree house where no boys are allowed. Meanwhile, something strange is happening on Bayou Platte. Things and people are coming up missing...and little stick dolls covered in moss, known locally as "signs" from the legendary Rougarou, are showing up in their place.

Is the Rougarou really to blame? Can Nikki get to the bottom of the mystery before things get worse? Find out in this third installment of the Nikki Landry Swamp Legends Series!

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Mirror World Publishing ebook
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The Mystery on Lost Lagoon
Book 4

Legend has it... if you go onto Lost Lagoon, you never return.

Nikki Landry and her friends are off on a quest to track down the prehistoric-looking bird that's been flying around a nearby swamp island. However, their plans get sidetracked when they meet a stranger in their small town who seems to have some secrets to hide.

The sleuthing group soon learns of a legend about a hidden lagoon. Is it all connected? Before they can find out, they are kidnapped by a mysterious scientist on a mission of his own.

Is there any truth to the legend that says if you go onto Lost Lagoon, you will never return? Is the eerie whirlpool that sits waiting to suck you in really a passage to another world?

Join Nikki, her friends, and one neurotic parrot, as they discover the truth behind the Mystery on Lost Lagoon.

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Mirror World Publishing ebook
Mirror World Publishing paperback

The Haunting Near Battlefield Ridge
Book 5

"I never believed in ghosts... then I met Oggie."

Nikki Landry and her friends discover strange white smudges in photos Patti's grandmother had snapped at an old gravesite. No one can explain what they are.

Did Nikki's little brother mark them up with a piece of chalk? Did a low-lying fog move in just as she snapped the photos? Could it be just a smear on the camera lens?

Spikes insists it's a ghost.

Then Mrs. LeBlanc remembers a legend her grandfather told her of a spirit that haunts the small family cemetery located near an old Civil War battle site.

Will Nikki and her legend busting gang discover it's just an old tale, or does the ghost really exist? If so, why is he there? What does he want?

Join Nikki and her friends as they go searching for the answers...and the truth behind the Haunting near Battlefield Ridge.

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Mirror World Publishing ebook
Mirror World Publishing paperback

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