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Happily Ever After: Twisted Versions of Your Favorite Fairy Tales by Elizabeth Black


Happily Ever After
Twisted Versions of Your Favorite Fairy Tales
Elizabeth Black

Genre: Erotica, Erotic Romance, LGBT

Publisher: Chained Hearts Publishing

Date of Publication: July 23, 2020


Number of pages: 205

Word Count: Appx. 65,000 words

Cover Artist: Chris Wallace 

Tagline: In this series of twisted fairy tales you'll learn about the steamy encounters the original writers left out. From a gay Pied Piper to Cinderella's Sex Coach and even a wild encounter on a hunt for bigfoot, these stories reveal a wild side of your favorite fairy tale characters.

About the Book: 

Acclaimed author Elizabeth Black is back with a collection of steamy retellings of your favorite fairy tales, but beware, not every ending is a happy one! Reinventions of Cinderella, Thumbling, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, The Pied Piper, Peter Pan, and The Shoemaker and the Elves round out this remarkable collection.

From a sexually frustrated Cinderella, to a troll with some very dirty riddles, we see fairy tales twisted and the secret sex lives of your favorite fairy tale characters revealed. Who would have guessed that the shoemaker and his wife were into BDSM, or that the fountain of youth could also change your gender?

Well written, carefully crafted, and super steamy, this is the ultimate collection of erotic fairy tales!

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Read an Excerpt – Call of the Piper :

"Kiss me there once more." Henry begged.

"Only if you let me fuck you again."

"I won't stop you."

Henry Mountjoy stretched on his bed as the young man's mouth wrapped around his engorged cock. He fisted the bed sheets, ready to burst for the second time that afternoon from the best mouth fucking he'd ever had. As that tongue flicked along his shaft, Henry arched his back, stirred by the expertise of his lover. Thin fingers fondled his balls, rolling them around like hacky sacks, and the man played Henry's cock as if it were a skin flute. Stars burst behind his closed eyes, and his pulse beat hard in his throat. Every nerve on his body tingled with excitement.

No one had ever made love to him with such finesse, certainly none of the village women. No matter now nubile they appeared they stirred no passion in Henry yet he pretended to enjoy their ministrations only to keep his father at bay. He'd enjoyed secret trysts with an occasional butcher and even one veterinarian, but none had affected him the way this man had. The man who tended to his ache arrived in the town only three days earlier, but the instant attraction drove Henry mad until the fellow accosted him in a deserted room in the manor house.

"I want you inside me again." Henry said.

"Of course, you do. Turn over."

Fragrant oil dribbled down his ass, and within moments the man entered him; first just the tip until Henry adjusted to his girth, and then he slowly slid his entire cock inside. Henry craved the filled-up sensation from this man whose cock was so huge it threatened to cleave him in two. Henry had entertained all manner of pricks, but this man's far surpassed the rest. Not only was he large, he knew what to do with it. After several swipes at his sweet spot deep inside, the build-up of arousal overwhelmed Henry, who shot his load all over the clean cotton sheets. His lover pounded hard, driving that stake home until he came with a cry. Warm cum dripped down Henry's ass and cooled against his thighs. The young man rolled off Henry and took him in his arms, two becoming one in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

"Was it good?" The young man asked.


"Your hearing is terrible. I asked 'Was it good?'"

"Are you kidding? You're incredible."

He smiled. "I try."

"So, when are you going to tell me your name? Even my father doesn't know your name and he hired you to drive away the rats in town."

"My name isn't important. You may call me the Pied Piper."

"That's not a name, that's a title. Aren't you called Lucas or Jeffrey or something more exotic like Erasmus?"


"So, what am I to call you?"

"Call me 'Master'".

Meet the Author:

Elizabeth Black's erotic fiction has been published by Xcite Books (U. K.), House Of Erotica (U. K.), Cleis Press, Circlet Press, eXtasy Books, Chained Hearts Publishing, Ravenous Romance, Riverdale Avenue Books, Scarlet Magazine (U. K.), and other publishers. She also enjoys writing retellings of classic fairy tales, including her two self-published fairy tales "Trouble In Thigh High Boots" (Puss In Boots) and "Climbing Her Tower" (Rapunzel).

An accomplished essayist, she was the sex columnist for the pop culture e-zine nuts4chic (U. K.). Her articles about sex, erotica, and relationships have appeared in Good Vibrations Magazine, Alternet, CarnalNation, the Ms. Magazine Blog, Novelspot, The Erotic Readers and Writers Association Blog, Sexis Magazine, On The Issues, Sexy Mama Magazine, and Circlet blog.

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