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1-Week Virtual Book Tour, Exclusive Excerpt, & #Giveaway for Ascent: Unreachable Skies, Vol. 3 by Karen McCreedy @McKaren_Writer @MirrorWorldPub #SciFi #Fantasy #Adventure

Welcome to the 1-Week Virtual Book Tour for 

Unreachable Skies, Vol. 3 
by Karen McCreedy

About the Book:

Zarda, the Fate-seer, and the Drax she accompanied into exile have settled into a new life far to the north of their homeland, the Expanse. They have pledged their loyalty to Kalon, whose rightful place as Prime was stolen by his brother Kalis. 

Zarda’s one certainty is that Kalis’ wingless heir, Dru, is destined to defeat their old enemy, the Koth; but how is he to do that when he is no longer the Prime’s heir? And how can Kalis, his scheming adviser Fazak, and their followers be overcome? 

To find the answers and to help the rightful Prime take his place in the Spirax, Zarda must first find a way back through the Crimson Forest for the exiles – but danger and betrayal await them all.

Read an Exclusive Excerpt:

Elver seemed to think that Dru was spinning a tale right in front of us. “Nonsense. He’s pretending. He isn’t even a half-grown yet.” As Dru’s Vision left him and he looked around, bewildered to find himself on the beaten-earth floor, she leaned down and, without warning, bit him firmly on the snout. “That’s for seeking attention,” she said. “I suppose this ridiculous display is because we’d just confirmed that Urxov should go with Zarda to the Expanse?” 

Urxov’s snuffle of suppressed laughter stilled as I stepped across to help Dru to his feet and said: “He’s not pretending, Elver. He has the Sight, and he’s had it for some time.” 

Kalon grunted and rubbed his snout with a paw in a gesture I had come to recognise as signalling confusion or puzzlement. “It will be over a moon before Dru is a half-grown,” he said, ignoring the youngling and addressing me. “How is it that this gift is already apparent?” 

“I took him to the Dream-cave with me, Lord,” I explained, squeezing Dru’s shoulder as he stood up and opened his mouth to speak for himself. “I hoped that his presence there would make my own Vision of his future clearer. Instead, the Dream-smoke opened his own mind, and released his gift much earlier than would normally be expected.” 

“It was reported to the Council at the time, Lord,” Shaya said, and I saw her ears flick nervously as she realised she had reminded Kalon of the drax who served his shell-brother. 

Kalon ignored her remark and answered me instead. “Yet neither of you Saw your exile coming,” he said, “or knew of my survival.” 

I let go of Dru and spread my paws. “I can’t control what I See, Lord,” I said, remembering how often I had had to explain the same thing to others, and to Kalis in particular. “Nor can Dru. I believe that Vizan had attained a degree of control over his Visions, but he died before he could teach me how to master the skill. In any case, I believe he needed access to the Dream-cave to achieve the little control he had – and I do not have that any more.” 

Kalon grunted, and turned his attention to Dru. “So apparently you had a Vision,” he said, voice and scent indicating he was still sceptical. “What did you See?” Dru took a breath, blinking as he composed himself and marshalled his thoughts. “It wasn’t clear,” he said, rubbing his sore snout. “I couldn’t See who…” He moved one of his wingless shoulders in a shrug, his ears flicking with uncertainty. “Just…there was blood. Drax blood. And a sense of betrayal.” He turned his head to sweep his gaze over the adults around the table, turned briefly toward Urxov, who bared his teeth at him, and finally looked at me. “You mustn’t go back to the Expanse,” he said, his ears angled to emphasise his words. “It’s too dangerous.”

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Book Information:

Print Length: 229 pages
Publisher: Mirror World Publishing; 1 edition
Publication Date: August 17, 2020

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Meet the Author:

Brought up in Staffordshire, England, Karen now lives in West Sussex where she is enjoying her retirement. When not writing she enjoys reading, watching films, local WI and U3A activities, volunteering with the South Downs National Park Volunteer Rangers, and spending time with friends and family. She has also flown in a Spitfire!

Karen has written articles on films and British history for a number of British magazines including ‘Yours’, ‘Classic Television’, and ‘Best of British’. In 2009, her essay on ‘British Propaganda Films of the Second World War’ was published in ‘Under Fire: A Century of War Movies’ (Ian Allen Publishing). She also wrote a number of online articles and reviews for The Geek Girl Project (, as their British correspondent. 

Karen’s short stories have appeared in anthologies by Fiction Brigade (2012, e-book), Zharmae Publishing (‘RealLies’, 2013), Audio Arcadia (‘On Another Plane’, 2015), Luna Station Publishing (‘Luna Station Quarterly’ December 2015), Horrified Press (‘Killer Tracks’ and ‘Waiting’, both 2015; and ‘Crossroads’, 2016), and Reflex Fiction (‘Voicemail’, published online 2017). She also won second prize in Writers’ News magazine’s ‘Comeuppance’ competition in 2014 with her short story ‘Hero’.

‘Ascent’ is the third and final book in the ‘Unreachable Skies’ trilogy and Karen is now working on her next science-fiction novel.

You can follow Karen on Twitter @McKaren_Writer, or check out her website at

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