Friday, July 12, 2019

#Book Review ~ Good Trouble (Alpine Valleys Book 2) by L. Simpson ~ #ContemporaryRomance

About the Book:


Annie Clarke knew fairy tales were only in books, and love was a disaster. Nothing could convince her to go down that road again. But local football hero, Erik Strathmore, wore her down. Too cocky by half, and too damn good-looking for his own good, when he suggested they give friends with benefits a try, she relented. At first, it worked. Erik was a great friend, and a fantastic lover. But then their hearts entered the field of play, and Erik betrayed her. Annie cursed herself for allowing it to happen again, she'd loved and lost for the last time. After realizing his mistake, Erik couldn't have agreed more. Annie would never love anyone else again. She was his, and he intended to keep her by his side forever.

Book Details:

Print Length: 268 pages
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Publication Date: March 27, 2019

My Review:

Good Trouble is a wonderful contemporary romance. The characters, the story, and the world are well developed. I really liked the Australian setting for the book. The character interactions, unique story, and likable characters made it very hard to put this book down.

I enjoyed how the author developed our British physio, providing and emotionally charged story behind her arrival in Australia. Annie is a strong, independent woman with reasons behind her lack of a romantic life. When she meets Erik, a local football hero, he insists they should go out and she resists him as long as she can. They make an arrangement that, as the story progresses, doesn't work for either of them but misunderstandings come between them.

I enjoyed the cat and mouse game between Annie and Erik. Their interactions were filled with snark, wit, humor, and chemistry. Both Annie and Erik have secrets and sad experiences that the author develops over the course of the book. There is also the obligatory pot-stirrer who causes her own fair share of problems for Annie and Erik. Good Trouble is a great read and highly recommended.

I was given the book to read. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My Rating:

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